Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 6: The Boy Carrying the Light of Akatsuki

Chapter 6: The Boy Carrying the Light of Akatsuki

The Akatsuki’s uniform looked quite good.

Perhaps it was because Uehara Naraku’s acting skills were too strong, but something led to Konan’s reluctance to let him become contaminated by the darkness of the Akatsuki and wanted him to have a bright future.

Naraku didn’t get any new clothes, so he could only look at Uchiha Itachi wearing the red cloud and black robe with envy.

Konan glanced at the envious boy, reaching out and messing up his hair, “Naraku, your future will be very bright.”

“In fact, staying like this is also good. “

Naraku curled his lips and murmured casually.

However, when he saw Konan took out two more bottles of purple nail polish and handed them to Uchiha Itachi, his face couldn’t help being twitch.

‘Does Akatsuki’s makeup have to be this thick?’

Do men apply nail polish too?’

Konan watched Uchiha Itachi calmly taking the nail polish and suddenly said to him, “Itachi…in the future, stay away from Uehara. If I see anyone who wants to hurt him, I won’t be merciful.”


Itachi lowered his head, glanced at Uehara Naraku, who was standing next to Konan, and nodded his head slightly.

“Senior Konan, sparring can make a child grow faster!”

The masked man standing next to Uchiha Itachi gazed at Naraku with great interest, opened his mouth, and said, “I feel that this little demon’s card throwing is very similar to Konan senior’s Secret Jutsu. Isn’t he your younger brother?”


The light blue-haired woman frowned. She neither answered nor denied and drove them away with a couple of words, “If you have nothing to do, you can leave.”

“Good, good! I’m leaving, I’m going to buy balls!”

The masked man held his head and left, whistling.

As for Uchiha Itachi, he had just joined the organization and would temporarily live in the organization’s secret base, waiting for Pain to assign him to a battle team.

Due to the words of the masked man just now, Konan suddenly became interested in Uehara Naraku’s abilities. She also wanted to know whether Naraku’s current strength was actually enough for him to force a draw with the well-trained Konoha Missing-nin in a spar while she wasn’t in the room.

When Konan saw the cards in Naraku’s hand, she reached out, took it and lowered her head to take a good look at the pattern on the card.

That was a king of hearts.

“Are these cards used in casinos?”

Konan’s face turned cold. She looked at Uehara’s eyes and, gradually a little dissatisfied, coldly asked, “Are you…addicted to gambling? ?”


The boy spread out his hands and explained, “I couldn’t afford shurikens at home when I was young, I could only practice shuriken throwing with cheap cards. Now I’m used to it, and I have also developed a technique that can allow me to use cards to fight. .”

Well, that was just an excuse but the truth was not easy to explain!

After all, the card master’s throwing technique was quite practical, not to mention the effects of the card explosion alone was equivalent to the power of an explosive tag.

“Is that so? Naraku, you will be my dísciple from now on!”

Konan spread out her hand, and sheets of origami floated out of her palms, turning into paper butterflies that flit around them.

Konan manipulated a paper butterfly to fall on her fingertips, whispering softly, “My paper Release Secret Jutsu and your playing cards are similar in nature, so I can teach you many ways to fight with paper.”

She was not only for teaching him so to protect himself but also so he could inherit the Akatsuki’s will.


Naraku was in a daze. Did he misunderstand something here? With his strength, did he really need a teacher?

The issue was, if he wanted to stay in Akatsuki, it didn’t seem appropriate to refuse Konan.

“Then, Konan-sama, please take care of me!”

A weird side mission popped up in Uehara Naraku’s head. It had been completed, but he hadn’t looked at it carefully before.

[Mission completed: become Konan’s Direct Disciple (1/1)]

[Reward: Gold Coin +150]

‘So little money… Am I a beggar?!’

According to Naraku’s understanding of the system side mission, although he barely understood the operating mechanism of the system, the more a mission was requested by the public, the more generous the reward was for completing it.

Konan squatted in front of Naraku, helping him organize his clothes. Her voice gradually softened, “Naraku, from now on…call me teacher.”

“…Yes, teacher Konan.”

Naraku blinked as he readily followed her commands.

Actually, Konan didn’t have an innate talent to be a teacher. The woman had thought about it, not sure what ninjutsu should be taught to Naraku in their first class, before deciding to rely on her previous teacher’s teaching method and conduct a battle test.

Although Konan’s teacher was a Konoha Ninja, she did not experience a bell-robbing test, instead, she had worked with her teammates to defeat the teacher’s shadow clone.

Apparently, she intended to do the same.

Konan brushed the hair off Naraku’s forehead and explained softly, “In a few days, I will test you by letting my paper clone fight with you, then we’ll decide which ninjutsu your teacher will give you. It’ll also be used to judge whether you can participate in our next mission…”



Konan nodded, put his palm on Naraku’s shoulder, and whispered, “Our Mission is to avenge Akatsuki’s former members and your father… I don’t want you to live for revenge, but I still needed to let you know. Some things shouldn’t be allowed to fade into the past.”


Uehara Naraku nodded with a cramped expression.

In fact, he knew all those things and even more about the truth, his sights were set deeper and farther than what Konan and Nagato could see.

‘So, it’s time to test my acting again.’

Konan’s face slowly sank, and her expression gradually became a little cold, saying every word, “Twelve years ago… the person who killed the other members of Akatsuki was Hanzo, the leader of the Amegakure, the Konoha Elder Shimura Danzo and the Village of Konoha.”


Naraku’s face was just right, with surprise mixed with disbelief before settling on determination. “So…are we going to attack Konoha or Amegakure?”

Pain, hearing this, walked over and stood beside them, and said solemnly, “Konan, tell him about the mission already! Uehara Naraku must participate in this mission. This is his birthright.”

“No, it may be too dangerous for Naraku to participate with his strength …”

Konan had a head-on conflict with Pain for the first time, “I have to test him first to ensure that he can survive the mission.”

“If he dies in this mission, it’ll be because his strength is too weak. It just means that he’s not worthy of surviving in this World!”


Konan lifted her head abruptly and stared at him fearlessly for a while. Finally, she bowed her head. She whispered softly, “I still remember Teacher Jiraiya’s teachings, young children are the embers of the future… and Naraku is the only one left.”

Since Yahiko’s death in battle, this was the first time she had disobeyed Pain’s will, this kind of thing hadn’t happened for a long time.

The appearance of this youngster was like a light, illuminating their past.

Konan knew that, from now on, she would bear a kind of responsibility. She wanted Akatsuki’s will, which once wanted to illuminate the Ninja World, to be inherited by Uehara Naraku.


The orange-haired man was silent for a while, turned and left, leaving only one sentence in the rain, “Whatever you want! We have been preparing for this war for twelve years. The participation of a little demon will have no effect on the results.”

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