Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 5: I Also Want to be an Official Member

Chapter 5: I Also Want to be an Official Member

Konan interrupted their battle.

The woman with light blue hair picked up Naraku Uehara by the collar and put him next to her, and said in a cold voice, “What are you doing?”


Naraku sighed in relief. After seeing the members of Akatsuki coming out, they pointed at the masked man and Itachi, and opened his mouth, “Konan-sama, these two people wanted to kill me…”

“No no no…”

The masked man came forward, shaking his hands, and exaggeratingly explained, “We are just testing the battle strength of the organization interns. We didn’t expect him to defeat a person who was strong enough to become a full member!”

‘Although Itachi did not use Mangekyo Sharingan Dojutsu, even under normal conditions, Itachi’s strength is not something an ordinary ninja could compare to.’

‘Unexpectedly, this kid relied on his weird skills to suppress Itachi, and even had a chance to kill him before Itachi used the trump card!’

If the masked man thought that he was not mistaken, the last technique used by that little demon was likely to be a space-time technique, he saw it when space distorted.

‘This little demon is really amazing!’

You could think of him as a powerful pawn that could be used to collect Tailed Beast for the Akatsuki. The members of Akatsuki had been replaced again and again. Many positions were vacant and their manpower had never been fully gathered. Occasionally, some members exchange their teammates for the sake of money.

As for the possible strength Naraku might bring, the masked man only considered it for a second and chose to give up.

‘This little demon doesn’t seem to have any Kekkei Genkai in his body. He seemed to only have a little more Chakra than normal and was not a promising Shinobi at all.’

‘But his innate talent is really good. He was able to develop a Ninjutsu that could be released instantly, unfortunately, that’s all he has going for him.’

‘He should know very well that only those with powerful Kekkei Genkais could go further.’

As for Naraku’s use of distorted space, there was still an inevitable time delay. As long as you understand his techniques, you could easily avoid them.

Just now, Itachi was hit by the Command Shock Wave just now because it was too sudden.

‘If Uchiha Itachi had just used his Dojutsu and directly activated his Mangekyo Dojutsu, the battle might have ended long ago!’

‘Fortunately, he didn’t do this.’

‘Otherwise, Akatsuki might have lost some strong future combat power, it might also cause Konan’s disgust.’


Konan’s gaze was slightly confused. She looked down at Naraku, who was standing next to her, stroked his hair, and asked aloud, “Is this true?”

I don’t believe that, a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy and a wandering ninja, how could he have the power to fight against the Akatsuki’s official members?

However, hidden in his words an important piece of information was mentioned, Naraku seemed to be a very talented child.

“There are truths and falsehoods.”

Naraku’s face was very serious, and he stared at Itachi, who had stood up now, and said softly, “I used the secret Jutsu I created. I fought with him, but this guy was not serious at all. His Sharingan… it’s very strong!”

Naraku pondered and continued to add, “After he used his Sharingan, I immediately fell prey to his Genjutsu, and couldn’t break free…”

“I see.”

It was indeed easy for ordinary ninjas to be at a disadvantage when facing Kekkei Genkai ninja.

Especially when it was the Uchiha Clan, there were rumors of them being invincible in one-to-one battles.

Konan nodded and believed his words.

When she first met Naraku Uehara, she had doubts about his identity and if someone had sent him as a spy. But after the meeting, Zetsu provided them with information about Uehara Naraku. That little fellow’s father was indeed a ninja named Uehara Yechu, whose hometown was in a small village in the Land of Rain.

Uehara Yechu’s information was also discovered. That person was a common member of the first generation of the Akatsuki.

Uehara Naraku had always lived in a small village in his father’s hometown, occasionally claiming to be a ninja to take over some of the villagers’ missions, and he did not leave the small village until his mother passed away more than a month ago.

Since there was no problem with his identity, so there were no problems.

Konan lightly patted Naraku’s shoulder and then instructed, “Naraku, you should go and rest first, we have something to talk about with Mr Uchiha Itachi…”

In any case, twelve years old was too young.

When they were twelve years old, they didn’t really have a way of surviving. Now that Akatsuki had the ability to, it would take good care of the next generation of the organization.


Zetsu interrupted Konan’s words, smiled, opened his mouth, and said, “Konan, I think this little fellow can become an Akatsuki Official member…”

Naraku’s father died when he was protecting Konan. The murderer was one of Konoha’s Anbu, and Konoha’s Hokage had assisted the team led by Shimura Danzo.

Now it seemed like his innate talent was also good. He would become excellent combat power with a little guidance if they let him fall into the darkness.

“His age is too low, and his combat effectiveness is a bit too poor, right?”

Konan retorted, she had other arrangements for Uehara.

The feelings of this woman naturally were a bit softer than those of that man, and Konan wanted to conceal the darkness of Akatsuki for a while.

“But his fighting strength is not bad.”

He absolutely disagreed with her opinion, with a cold smile. “And if I remember correctly, the new member we are welcoming today, he should be only thirteen years old, right?”

Yes, Uchiha Itachi was only thirteen years old this year.

It had to be said that the people of the Ninja World were all too precocious.

What did it mean to fight at the age of twelve? Uchiha Itachi followed his father to watch battles between ninjas at the age of four where he took the life of a Sunagakure ninja on the battlefield.

Pain pondered for a moment, then said, “Konan, let him join! Even with Uchiha Itachi’s fulfilling a position, there is still a vacancy in the organization…”

Konan lowered her head suddenly and said in a low voice, “Pain, we are about to attack Amegakure and take revenge for…they…I want Naraku to participate in it.”


Pain’s brow furrowed at those words, the Rinnegan in his eyes hesitated, and he slowly nodded and accepted the opinions of his friend.

Over the years, he had been developing Rinnegan’s Dojutsu secretly, waiting for his revenge on Hanzo of the Salamander, the leader of the Amegakure.

Now that Six-Paths of Pain had been completed, it was time to go to Amegakure and let them taste the fruits of revenge.

He and Konan were the only people who wanted revenge, but now there was one more.

“Then, I’ll be responsible for continuing to find the right man for Kakuzu!”

Pain glanced at everyone present. His eyes stopped on Itachi. He already knew some of the information on Itachi.

In Pain’s mind, he was a cruel youth, a man who killed his own clan, his Pain, his darkness. It must be immense.

Pain and Uchiha Itachi talked briefly before Pain pulled out a ring from his sleeve, “Welcome to the Akatsuki. Your code name is Suzaku. you will be Akatsuki’s Uchiha Itachi and in the future…you will act in the name of the Akatsuki!”


Itachi slowly nodded, reached out, and took the ring. He lowered his ninja headband, took it off, held a kunai, and made a neat notch on it.

Konoha’s whirlpool headband was like a mirror, reflecting Uchiha Itachi’s ferocious face. Nobody knew what he thought of when he looked at that headband.

Naraku stood beside Konan and watched all this. He suddenly lifted his head and said, “Can you give me a uniform when you give him one later?”

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