Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 677 - Uehara Naraku's Zanpakuto, Fata Morgana... Genius Sosuke Aizen!

Chapter 677 - Uehara Naraku's Zanpakuto, Fata Morgana... Genius Sosuke Aizen!

Who would have thought…

Sosuke Aizen had already infiltrated the prison cell!

When everyone saw the man who had appeared, their faces were filled with panic. It was the man who had once used his own strength to stir up chaos in Soul Society!

When Uehara Naraku forced Sosuke Aizen out, his face was also full of seriousness. His voice unconsciously became a little more serious, and his eyes became a little complicated, “Long time no see, Captain Aizen.”

For the two of them, it was indeed a long-lost reunion.

Everyone present knew very well that Sosuke Aizen was once the person Uehara Naraku respected the most, and Uehara Naraku was also the most sad about Sosuke Aizen’s betrayal.

At least, Hinamori Momo, who has been guarding outside the cell, knows this.

The young Shinigami’s face was immediately filled with nervousness. She whispered to Sosuke Aizen and Uehara Naraku who were in conflict in the prison cell, “Captain Aizen… Captain Uehara… Don’t…”

Unfortunately, the two of them would not stop because of her words.

A playful smile hung on the corner of Sosuke Aizen’s mouth. He spread out his palm toward Uehara Naraku and said with a chuckle, “Naraku, can you leave with me this time?”

“Impossible… Captain.”

Uehara Naraku slowly clenched his fist and shook his head forcefully. He said in a deep voice, “This time… I will not let you leave… absolutely… I absolutely not let you escape again!”

“Much more confident… Naraku.”

The smile on the corner of Sosuke Aizen’s mouth was even stronger, and he praised softly, “Since you became the 5th Division Captain, I have been paying attention to everything about you. Compared to you in the past, now you are more and more excellent.

Whether it is your reiatsu or your character, we have not seen each other for so long, and you, Naraku, have become a qualified captain, this is really surprising. “

After he finished speaking, Sosuke Aizen’s fingers moved slightly, and a ripple appeared in the space. The corners of his mouth curled into a smile as he continued, “However, there are some differences that talent can not make up for. Just like how hard I work, it is impossible for me to surpass Mr. Madara over time.

The current you is still no match for me, Naraku…

Mr. Itachi and Mr. Obito, who have been protecting you, have encountered their old opponents again. It seems that no one is protecting you this time. Do you feel fear in your heart now? “


Uehara Naraku frowned slightly.

At this moment, he should indeed be wondering why Itachi and Obito had yet to appear. After all, if he encountered any danger, Itachi and Obito would directly appear.

“Can’t you remember?”

Aizen walked forward step by step and explained with a smile, “When I was planning the assassination, I sent two of my subordinates to stop them…”


It was just the same old trick.

However, everyone could not help but be worried. They have seen the vast reiatsu on Sosuke Aizen’s body with their own eyes, so they did not think that the people present could defeat Sosuke Aizen even if they join hands!


Sosuke Aizen looked around and smiled at the crowd, “Now you are the only one here to protect Rukia… Do you think you can protect her?”


Uehara Naraku gritted his teeth.

Abarai Renji pulled out his Zanpakuto with a displeased expression on his face. He looked at Sosuke Aizen and shouted, “Hey, don’t look down on others!”

“And… and me…”

Hinamori Momo slowly tightened her grip on her Zanpakuto.

However, Sosuke Aizen only shook his head slightly at their resistance. In the next moment, his figure suddenly appeared next to Abarai Renji!

“Be careful!”

Uehara Naraku warned loudly with a shocked expression.

It was a pity that Sosuke Aizen was so fast!

By the time Uehara Naraku reminded him, Abarai Renji’s eyes had already involuntarily widened. He slowly lowered his head and looked at the sword tip that had emerged from his lower abdomen…

That was…

Kyouka Suigetsu!

Sosuke Aizen heavily injured Abarai Renji with a single attack.

Then, he sent a palm strike toward Hinamori Momo. A burst of powerful reiatsu instantly heavily injured Hinamori Momo!

In an instant…

Uehara Naraku was the only one left in the entire prison cell… He had to face the mastermind who had once stirred up Soul Society!

“Don’t underestimate people too much… Captain.”

Uehara Naraku clenched his teeth and raised his right hand!

In the next moment, eleven Zanpakutos of different shapes and shining lights suddenly appeared in front of Uehara Naraku, and he grabbed one of them with his palm!

“Eleven of Zanpakuto?”

A hint of surprise flashed across Sosuke Aizen’s face. He seemed to be a little surprised in disbelief. Then, he slowly smile and said, “What an amazing talent. Although Mr. Orochimaru had told me that there was such a possibility…”

Orochimaru has given Sosuke Aizen a heads-up.

When the two of them chatted, Orochimaru often praised Uehara Naraku’s talent and claimed that Uehara Naraku was the most talented family head in the history of the Uehara Clan.

According to Orochimaru’s guess, Uehara Naraku has thirteen Zanpakuto. Perhaps he has already mastered ten or even eleven of them. This means that Uehara Naraku will master all of the Zanpakuto that he has before he is a hundred years old…


It might be earlier.

According to Sosuke Aizen’s analysis, Uehara Naraku mastered two Zanpakuto at the age of fifteen. Now, less than sixty years have passed and Uehara Naraku has mastered nine more Zanpakuto. This guy’s talent was indeed very strong…

“As expected, I can’t look down on you…”

Sosuke Aizen looked at Uehara Naraku’s serious expression and continued with a smile, “I really hope that you can stand with me… Naraku… You also have the qualifications to arrange this world.”

“There’s no need to say more… Captain…”

Uehara Naraku raised the Zanpakuto in his hand and pointed at Sosuke Aizen. He said coldly, “When the captain left Soul Society… I swore that I would bring you back… This Zanpakuto was prepared for you!”

The spirit particles in Uehara Naraku’s hand slowly covered the Zanpakuto in his hand. The Zanpakuto slowly revealed its original appearance…

The sword was extremely gorgeous…

There were all kinds of carvings engraved on the sword!

Just by looking at the sword, one couldn’t help but focus on it, as if they wanted to enter the sword and peek at the beautiful scenery!

However, behind the beauty, the Zanpakuto looks extremely dreamy as if it looks like a cloud without roots, and there was no entity at all!

“Do you need me to introduce it?”

Uehara Naraku glanced at the Zanpakuto in his hand and then looked at Sosuke Aizen who was facing him, “If I’m not careful… even if it’s captain’s Kyouka Suigetsu, it will completely sink under this saber!”

“There’s no need for that.”

Sosuke Aizen shook his head and reached out to support the hair on his forehead. He smiled and said, “Mr. Orochimaru has told me all the information he has… The fifth-generation Uehara Clan Head’s Zanpakuto, Fata Morgana…”

This was the information that Sosuke Aizen had obtained.

The Zanpakuto of the fifth-generation Uehara Clan Head, Fata Morgana. It is said that this Zanpakuto possesses the ability to turn all reality into a mirage…

This Fata Morgana Zanpakuto was the same mirage type as Kyouka Suigetsu.

And this Zanpakuto’s Shikai was also very terrifying. It was clearly a real reality, but it will become an illusory mirage under this sword…

Whether it was a real person…

Or any attack!

As long as you were contaminated by the clouds floating on the blade of Fata Morgana, it would be completely transformed into a mirage by this Zanpakuto at any time!

If you knew this weakness, Fata Morgana might not be so difficult to deal with. As long as you were careful not to be touched by clouds from the sword, you would be able to deal with it. However, this Zanpakuto could even manipulate the water vapor in the air to turn into clouds at any time!

On this point…

It was practically the same as Kyouka Suigetsu!

In Sosuke Aizen’s eyes, all of this seemed to be fate. If possible, Sosuke Aizen really wanted to fight against the former fifth-generation head of the Uehara Clan and see which sword between Fata Morgana and Kyouka Suigetsu was stronger…

Unfortunately, the fifth-generation head of the Uehara Clan had passed away too early.

However, this did not matter. Uehara Naraku, who had inherited the entire Uehara clan power, could also use Fata Morgana and fight him!

Sosuke Aizen suddenly drop the Kyouka Suigetsu from his hands, and the crisp sword sound rang out in this cell, “Shatter… Kyouka Suigetsu!”

“Close your eyes!”

Uehara Naraku shouted at Kuchiki Rukia and explained in a low voice, “Once you see Kyouka Suigetsu’s Shikai, you will become under Kyouka Suigetsu’s power!”

In the next moment, Uehara Naraku quickly waved the Zanpakuto in his hand and rushed toward Sosuke Aizen. With his footsteps, white clouds suddenly appeared under his feet, even in the space he passed!

In a short moment…

The entire prison cell seemed to have turned into a sky!

Sosuke Aizen waved the Kyouka Suigetsu and slashed at Uehara Naraku. This slash was like an arrow that shot straight at Uehara Naraku!

However, in the next moment…

Uehara Naraku raised the Zanpakuto in his hand!

A white cloud suddenly appeared in front of him, and the slash that was like a sharp arrow directly pass at him!

The moment the two collided, Sosuke Aizen’s slash turned into an illusion. Even if the slash hit Uehara Naraku, it directly passed through his body!

This was the horror of Fata Morgana!

Any attack would be directly transformed into a mirage!

“What a troublesome Zanpakuto…”

Sosuke Aizen slowly shook his head, his brows slightly furrowed, and in the next moment, his palm suddenly lifted toward Uehara Naraku, “Hado #90 Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin)!”

A black wall suddenly rose from the ground!

In the blink of an eye, Uehara Naraku was wrapped up by a black wall!

No, it should be said that his body was locked inside Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) by Sosuke Aizen!

A sharp thorn made of spirit particles suddenly stabbed toward Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin). These spirit particles’ sharp thorns were about to pierce through Uehara Naraku who was inside Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin). Hado #90’s Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) was like an ancient magic ten thousand sword piercing heart magic!

It was just that…

Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) would really pierce people’s hearts with thousands of swords!

However, before the sharp thorns could pierce into Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin), the entire Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) instantly became somewhat transparent. Uehara Naraku’s body rose up from the ground and leaped out of the somewhat transparent Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin)!

This guy…

He used the characteristic of Fata Morgana to turn Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) into an illusion!


Uehara Naraku waved the Zanpakuto in his hand and shattered all the thorns in the air. His face slowly relaxed as he looked at Sosuke Aizen and said, “No matter how strong the attack is, it will become ineffective in front of this Fata Morgana…”

Uehara Naraku waved his sword and sincerely said, “In front of this Zanpakuto, you have no chance of winning, Captain…”

“Is that so?”

Sosuke Aizen could not help but laugh. A crisp sound of water splashing flashed, and his figure instantly disappeared from the spot!

The next moment…

Sosuke Aizen’s figure appeared behind Uehara Naraku, and his gentle voice sounded in his ears, “This sword has a fatal weakness, right?… Naraku… only in places where you can see, the real existence will become a mirage, right?”

When he said this, Sosuke Aizen calmly stretched out his palm to grab a white cloud, and continued softly, “Even a mirage existence requires an audience… If the owner of the sword is also an audience, Fata Morgana will be meaningless…”

“You… How did you find out?”

Uehara Naraku clenched the Zanpakuto in disbelief, his throat turning bitter, “This should be the first time I use Fata Morgana…”

At this moment, he was not pretending…

Instead, it was Uehara Naraku who was truly surprised!

Because when Uehara Naraku successfully created this Zanpakuto, he discovered this shortcoming, but he never told anyone about this shortcoming…

Even Orochimaru!

Moreover, this Zanpakuto called Fata Morgana should be the first time it has appeared, and it should have never appeared before…

It should be said that…

As expected of the legendary genius?

They had only fought for a short time, and Sosuke Aizen had already discovered the flaws of Fata Morgana in just two rounds…

“I was just testing you. It looks like I guessed right.”

Sosuke Aizen slowly reached out and grabbed the white cloud. He squeezed the white cloud into water vapor, and his voice gradually became somewhat illusory, “It’s still the same as before… Naraku… The current you still haven’t learned to deceive your enemies…”

It was indeed just a test.

After Sosuke Aizen learned about the terrifying ability of Fata Morgana, he began to think about this Zanpakuto’s weakness. There was no doubt that a mirage-type Zanpakuto should be related to vision!

After his slash was easily blocked by Uehara Naraku, Sosuke Aizen used Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) as the second test…

Uehara Naraku could clearly use Zanpakuto to create even more clouds from water vapors and then destroyed both Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) and the sharp thorn, but because Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) had blocked Uehara Naraku’s line of sight, he had no choice but to first deal with Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) before dealing with the thorn.

Without a doubt…

Sosuke Aizen was a genius in Shinigami’s world. If it was only Shinigami’s world ability, Sosuke Aizen seemed to be able to find an additional weakness!

This point…

Uehara Naraku did not care.

Perhaps it was because he had too many cards in his hands.

“I’m really sorry. I might not be able to learn to lie.”

Uehara Naraku took a deep breath. He clenched the Zanpakuto in his right hand tightly, turned around, and slashed at Sosuke Aizen who was behind him. His voice gradually became agitated, “Even if it’s the enemy who would be deceived… it is still a bit disrespectful to them!”

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