Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 678 - Do I Look Like Such a Narrow-Minded Person?

Chapter 678 - Do I Look Like Such a Narrow-Minded Person?

Aizen waved his Zanpakuto and retreated!

Within the prison cell, lightning flashed!

In this narrow space, the sound of the Fata Morgana in Uehara Naraku’s hands and Kyouka Suigetsu in Sosuke Aizen’s hand clashing rang out endlessly!

This battle was extremely dangerous!

Every time Uehara Naraku swung his sword, a white cloud would float out. Every white could give birth to danger and once it was touched, you may turn into a mirage!

Even the current Sosuke Aizen did not dare to be careless. He only relied on his own shunpo to dodge at high speed, and occasionally in Uehara Naraku’s blind spot, he would cut down the white cloud one by one!

“A meaningless battle.”

Sosuke Aizen’s figure flashed behind Uehara Naraku again. His voice was as gentle as spring water, “Even when you were fighting with me, you showed mercy everywhere… Naraku, your sword does not have any power.”


Uehara Naraku waved his Zanpakuto and hacked at Sosuke Aizen’s chest. A rare look of determination appeared on his face, “Captain… don’t look down on people too much!”


A smile appeared on Sosuke Aizen’s lips as he quietly stood in place. He watched as the sword approached his chest before dodging it.

After dodging the attacks one after another, he calmly continued, “Then… please tell me, why do you still call a traitor, captain?

Your reason for this battle is to let me return to Seireitei?

You should know…


If it’s just winning or losing, it will not make me change my mind. Only by obtaining Hogyoku in Kuchiki Rukia’s body and making me a being in another dimension, maybe I will return to this rotten world as you wish…


Sosuke Aizen’s voice slowly stopped. The smile on his lips became even wider as if he was talking to himself, “Of course… Why do you think that I will fight you for no reason… Naraku?”


Uehara Naraku’s attack suddenly stopped.

In the next moment, he suddenly raised his head and looked in Rukia’s direction!

Behind the young girl Shinigami, an illusory Sosuke Aizen had appeared at some point in time. He raised his hand and took out a sphere that emitted light from Rukia’s body

That was…

It was the Hogyoku that was hidden in Rukia’s body!

It was unknown when Sosuke Aizen released Kyouka Suigetsu’s Bankai!

Perhaps before they even fought, Sosuke Aizen had already released his Bankai. His battle with Uehara Naraku had attracted everyone’s attention, while he had used Kyouka Suigetsu’s Bankai, Suigetsu Kyozo, to seize Hogyoku from Rukia’s body!

Sosuke Aizen had never fought meaningless battles.

Sosuke Aizen’s goal had never been to show Uehara Naraku the gap between them. He only wanted to take away Hogyoku who was in Kuchiki and Rukia’s body!

“Give it back!”

Uehara Naraku flew toward Suigetsu Kyozo!

However, the illusory Aizen was like a god as he slightly tilted his head to look at Uehara Naraku. A hint of contempt flashed across his mouth as he brandished a transparent Zanpakuto and slashed!

This slash was only to block…

In the next moment, the illusory Sosuke Aizen grabbed the Hogyoku and quietly returned to the original body. After handing the Hogyoku to the original body, he returned to Kyouka Suigetsu on his own!

“I thought I needed to kill her before I could take out Hogyoku…”

Sosuke Aizen stared at the ball of light in his hand, and his eyes revealed a little sigh, “I didn’t expect it to be so easy to succeed… This should be the Hogyoku that Kisuke Urahara made.”


Uehara Naraku gritted his teeth and looked at this scene. He still turned around and reached out to catch Kuchiki Rukia.


Kuchiki Rukia looked fine.

Uehara Naraku retracted his palm.

Kuchiki Rukia fall to the ground and the sound of the heavy object falling to the ground was a bit dull.

Kuchiki Rukia tried their best to turn their heads to look at Uehara Naraku. Sosuke Aizen’s horror in her eyes gradually disappeared, and she was completely speechless to Uehara Naraku, “Hey, a little lighter…”

This guy…

Can’t he be a little gentler?

Uehara Naraku was not in the mood to deal with Kuchiki Rukia. He held Fata Morgana tightly in his hand and slashed at Sosuke Aizen, “Give it back!”

A slash filled with his anger!

Sosuke Aizen still had a smile on his face. He put the Hogyoku away with his sleeves, waved his hand, and use Danku(Airtight) to block the slash, and was about to disappear from everyone’s sight!

However, a figure jumped in from the window!

A reiatsu transformed into a jet-black slash slashed toward Sosuke Aizen!

“Getsuga Tensho!”

Kurosaki Ichigo’s voice was filled with anger!

When Sosuke Aizen’s mirror image took Hogyoku. He saw it clearly, so this slash contained Kurosaki Ichigo’s anger!

Sosuke Aizen calmly stretched out his finger and blocked the black slash. The corners of his mouth curled into a smile, “Young Ryoka… has finally come?”

Kurosaki Ichigo’s face was full of anger!

Ever since he and his friends infiltrated Seireitei, they had constantly encountered strong enemies. This forced him to spend a period of time practicing…

During this period of time, Kurosaki Ichigo also achieved his own Bankai!

Getsuga Tensho was Kurosaki Ichigo’s most convenient ability, but he never thought that it would be so easily blocked by Sosuke Aizen!

Even the enemy only used one finger!

However, this did not cause Kurosaki Ichigo to feel fear. Instead, the fighting spirit in his heart became even stronger, “Bastard… I don’t know what you took from Rukia… but… return that thing to me now!”

“Sorry, I can’t do it.”

Sosuke Aizen slowly shook his head, and the corners of his mouth still hung a smile, “Not bad… Your growth is also in line with my expectations… Compared to Naraku, it is more in line with my expectations… But I am still looking forward to our next meeting.”

Whether it was Uehara Naraku or Kurosaki Ichigo, both of them were opponents that Sosuke Aizen wanted to cultivate. In Sosuke Aizen’s view, these two young little guys had unlimited possibilities.

Uehara Naraku has the spiritual power and Zanpakuto accumulated by the successive generations of the Uehara clan’s family head. It might allow Sosuke Aizen to see the Shinigami limit…

On Kurosaki Ichigo’s body, there was the fusion power of Shinigami, Quincy, and Hollow, which was also the other road that Sosuke Aizen hopes…

They will meet.

But it shouldn’t be now.

Because Aizen himself also knew his shortcomings. He needed Hogyoku to make up for his shortcomings so that he could evolve further!


Sosuke Aizen looked at Uehara Naraku and then at Kurosaki Ichigo. Perhaps in the future, he could make these two little guys his audience when he sits on the throne.

“Goodbye, Naraku, Kurosaki Ichigo.”

Sosuke Aizen waved his hand and suddenly released Raikoho(Fiery Lightning Howl)!

The huge pillar of light raised a large cloud of dust!

When Uehara Naraku and Kurosaki Ichigo blocked Raikoho(Fiery Lightning Howl) at the same time, Sosuke Aizen had already disappeared from this cell.

Uehara Naraku jumped to the window and looked for Sosuke Aizen, but he found no trace of him.

“Did that guy… escape?”

Kurosaki Ichigo jumped to Uehara Naraku’s side and asked in a deep voice, “What did he take from Rukia?”

“He said it was Hogyoku…”

Uehara Naraku’s face was full of worry, and he slowly shook his head, “I once heard Mr. Tobirama mention that Hogyoku is an extremely dangerous item… It will let Shinigami get beyond the limit of strength… It seems that Hogyoku was placed in Rukia’s body by Mr. Kisuke.”

“Forget it.”

Kurosaki Ichigo shook his head. He didn’t know what was going on with Sosuke Aizen. He only cared about Rukia.

Fortunately, nothing happened to Rukia.

Kurosaki Ichigo landed beside Kuchiki Rukia. He reached out to grab Rukia’s body and wanted to take her out of this cell.

“There’s no need to take her away.”

Uehara Naraku stopped Kurosaki Ichigo and said softly, “Now that Captain Aizen is here, this matter is far more serious than that of she shared Shinigami’s power with you. Her crime should be cleared soon.”


“Forget it.”

Uehara Naraku looked at the alert Kurosaki Ichigo and waved his hand helplessly. His face was full of dejection and helplessness, “Up to you… I’ll heal Renji and the others first… If you want to take Rukia away, please do as you please!”

“Thank you!”

Kurosaki Ichigo carried Rukia on his back and was about to turn around and leave.

However, when he walked to the cell door, he seemed to have thought of something. He could not help but turn around and say, “By the way, where is Ishida’s father?”

This time, they sneaked into Seireitei not only to save Kuchiki Rukia but also to save Ishida Uryu’s father, Ishida Ryuken.

“Are you talking about that Mr. Ishida Ryuken?”

Uehara Naraku was surprised for a second. He shook his head and said, “I don’t know where he is locked up… Maybe he has been killed… Maybe somewhere…”

Speaking of this, Uehara Naraku suddenly raised his head and looked at Kurosaki Ichigo. He continued softly, “By the way, there is another thing… Your friend may not be as simple as you think… There are many secrets in Quincy… He sneaked into Seireitei not just to save his father, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“The ancestor of the Quincy has been hiding in Seireitei.”

Uehara Naraku’s face was full of solemnity, and he explained in a deep voice, “A thousand years ago, the ancestor of the Quincy, Yhwach, tried to destroy all the worlds including Human World.

A thousand years ago, Yhwach set off a big war in Soul Society. Yhwach was stopped by our Captain-Commander Mr. Yamamoto Shigekuni and the first and the second seats of our clan, but Yhwach was still alive and secretly used the younger generation to cause chaos in the world.

In order to make this world lose balance, hundreds of years ago, the Quincy began to massacre the Hollow, almost causing Human World, Hollow Society, and Soul Society to fall into chaos…

Not long ago, our clan got the news that Yhwach once again appeared in this world, and has been constantly guiding his descendants, the Quincy clan…”

Speaking of this, Uehara Naraku gave a strong dose of medicine, “If I am not wrong, your friend wants to come to Seireitei, perhaps not to save Rukia, but to meet the dangerous man Yhwach to obtain the power of Quincy from him…”

“Hey, stop talking nonsense!”

Kurosaki Ichigo quickly shook his head and said unhappily, “Ishida is not the kind of person you are talking about… I will go first!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Kurosaki Ichigo took Rukia past the window and fled into Seireitei’s street to meet his friends.

Uehara Naraku stood by the window and looked at his figure. He calmly raised his finger and a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

On the other side of Seireitei.

Ishida Uryu was in a great crisis.

Compared to the other people’s route, Ishida Uryu had almost never gone smoothly!

Along the way, there were countless Shinigami chasing after him, so he had no time to save Kuchiki Rukia and Ishida Ryuken!

Just when Ishida Uryu was in the most dangerous situation, a black shadow appeared beside him, grabbed his arm, and pulled him into the shadow!

“This is…”

Ishida Uryu’s face was full of suspicion.

On a tall throne, a dark figure sat on it. His voice was somewhat gloomy as he said, “A pure-blooded descendant? It’s getting rarer and rarer…”

This dark shadow slowly stood up and looked down at Ishida Uryu. He said somewhat arrogantly, “A few Shinigami can force you into a desperate situation… Ishida Uryu…”

“You know me?”

“Of course.”

The dark shadow slowly solidified.

A tall man appeared in front of Ishida Uryu and asked in a low voice, “Ishida Uryu, do you know where your bloodline came from?”


Ishida Uryu’s brows gradually furrowed.

Just as Ishida Uryu was communicating with the man who had saved him, Shinigami who were hunting in Seireitei stopped.

On the corner of Seireitei’s Street.

This Shinigami team that was chasing after Ishida Uryu stopped where they were.

Because Ishida Uryu had suddenly disappeared here, they could not even sense his location through their perception. How could they chase after him?

This group of Shinigami looked at each other and nodded at each other!

In the next moment, each and every one of Shinigami’s eyes suddenly became a little absent-minded, as if they were being controlled by someone.

In Uehara’s inner city.

Tobirama raised his finger. The space between his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and then immediately relaxed a little, “We can inform big brother and Madara… As long as we wait for Ishida Uryu to appear, we will be able to find out Yhwach whereabouts.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you.”

Uehara Naraku’s voice appeared in Tobirama’s mind. His voice was a little playful, “Before Captain Aizen merges with Hogyoku, don’t let Yhwach disturb us… completely get rid of him.”

After Uehara Naraku finished giving his orders, he opened his mouth and added, “Oh, by the way, let Ishida Uryu go forward with the darkness on his back!

Let me think about his character setting. A pure-blooded Quincy descendant who would resort to any means for power, in the name of saving people, let people help him sneak into Seireitei. In fact, he did not care about his friends at all, he just want to get powerful power from his ancestors…”


Tobirama was silent.

In this way, could that little fellow Ishida Uryu still have friends?

After thinking for a moment, Tobirama seemed to have thought of something. He sighed and said, “You treat him like this… just because that little brat scolded you?”

“Do I look like such a narrow-minded person?”

“… You don’t look like one. “

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