Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 676 - Intruders, Meet Again

Chapter 676 - Intruders, Meet Again


Kuchiki Rukia was locked up in a high-tower prison.

Because Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni was not in Seireitei, the Central 46 judged Kuchiki Rukia at an alarming speed and sentenced her to be executed.

The date of the execution was two months later.

In these two months, news of Kuchiki Rukia was immediately spread. Whether it was Urahara Kisuke and the others in the Human World or Sosuke Aizen and his group in Hueco Mundo, they all received this news.


Sosuke Aizen also found news about Hogyoku.

Las Noches.

Sosuke Aizen sat on his throne.

Ever since he escaped from Soul Society many years ago, he had been living in this palace for a long time. Occasionally, he would hide in the Forest of Menos under the palace.

Because Soul Society once sent people to attack Hueco Mundo.

Moreover, the Death Servant of the Uehara clan, Uchiha Madara, would occasionally appear in Hueco Mundo then wantonly slaughtered Menos and even destroyed Las Noches several times.

It was only when Uchiha Madara and the others went hunting down Yhwach that this type of venting behavior stopped and allowed Sosuke Aizen to return to Las Noches.

Aizen’s fingers tapped lightly on the armrest of the throne, and his gaze fell on Black Zetsu who was standing below. He listened to Black Zetsu report information about Soul Society and Human World to him.

Among them, what interested Aizen the most was undoubtedly the news of Hogyoku.


Black Zetsu has a gloomy smile on his face while reporting the news he should report, “The Hogyoku created by Kisuke Urahara has been hidden in Kuchiki Rukia’s body.

Kisuke worried that Lord Aizen and Tobirama of the Uehara clan would get the news of Hogyoku, so he also planned to rescue Kuchiki Rukia on the day of the little girl’s execution…”

“That’s really interesting…”

Sosuke Aizen sat upright with a confident smile on his lips, “If that’s the case, it seems that Seireitei will be very lively on the execution day.”

When he said this, Sosuke Aizen narrowed his eyes slightly and revealed a dangerous look, “And there is one more thing… We haven’t had the time to intervene in Central 46. It seems that there are others who have their eyes on the Hogyoku in KuchikiRukia’s body.

It was not Mr. Orochimaru…

It was Mr. Tobirama of the Uehara clan.”

“Does it matter?”

Black Zetsu raised his head and looked at Sosuke Aizen on the throne. He laughed darkly, “Uehara clan 4 seats led by Yamamoto Shigekuni and Uchiha Madara have left Seireitei to investigate the enemy from a thousand years ago.

There is no enemy in the entire Seireitei that can threaten Lord Aizen… On that day, Lord Aizen is the strongest existence. No matter what they want to do, it doesn’t seem to matter, right?”

“Don’t be too careless…”

Sosuke Aizen shook his head and inserted his hand into the hair on his forehead. His smile gradually became stronger, “Although it looks like this…but don’t underestimate other people in this world…before I get the Hogyoku…”


Sosuke Aizen had always been cautious.

Before he got Hogyoku, Sosuke Aizen would never act rashly. He would make a plan to ensure that he could achieve his goal and also ensure his own safety.

Even after experiencing a crushing defeat against Uchiha Madara dozens of years ago, Sosuke Aizen still retained his strong self-confidence, because he knew the probability of victory between him and Uchiha Madara.

Perhaps the only thing he did not expect…

… was that Uchiha Madara was too powerful.

Even so, Sosuke Aizen still managed to escape unscathed and had already figured out the gap between him and Uchiha Madara. This made him even more cautious than before.

Everyone could be chess pieces.

Everyone could also be chess players.

While Sosuke Aizen closed his eyes slightly and began to think about his countermeasures, Urahara Kisuke in the Human World was also communicating with his source of information.

In the tea room of the Urahara Shop.

Urahara Kisuke carefully made a pot of hot tea for himself. He was listening to the information brought by White Zetsu. This was the foundation of his perfect plan.

“Hehehehe, our news has been leaked…”

There wasn’t the slightest bit of guilt on White Zetsu’s face, and he even took it for granted, “My three clones who were in charge of guarding this place were killed… Looking at the wound, it was killed by the Black Zetsu who beside Sosuke Aizen…”


Urahara Kisuke nodded and poured himself a cup of tea. He said softly, “If that’s the case, then Aizen should also know about Hogyoku…”

Urahara Kisuke did not blame White Zetsu.

Because he knew White Zetsu’s personality and ability, the fact that White Zetsu could bring this news could already provide him with a lot of ideas.

Urahara Kisuke also did not envy the very capable Black Zetsu under Sosuke Aizen. What he likes most is using limited cards to create a future with infinite possibilities.


White Zetsu was so idiotic and innocent, but it was actually quite funny.


White Zetsu continued with a smile, “Kisuke, this matter can’t be blamed on me… Under the ground, our combat power is too weak… Only I can barely fight with Black Zetsu… Those idiotic clones are not his opponent at all…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Urahara Kisuke shook his head and calmly touched his teacup. The corner of his mouth grinned, “In fact, this is not a bad thing… If it looks like this, Aizen, who got the news of Hogyoku, will not miss this opportunity…”

Just in time.

No, it should be said that it couldn’t be any better.

Originally, Urahara Kisuke was still thinking about how he should settle Rukia’s matter when he rescued her in the future…

Now, he had a better way.

If Sosuke Aizen wanted to interfere in this matter, then Urahara Kisuke could use Aizen’s interference to find a way to get Rukia out of trouble!

Right now, there are no powerful people in the entire Seireitei. More than half of Gotei 13’s team leaders can be persuaded by Urahara Kisuke. As long as they fight against Sosuke Aizen, the mastermind behind the scenes…

No matter what…

Everything can be forgiven.

Of course, Kurosaki Ichigo, this little guy must also enter Seireitei, so that he can gain Seireitei’s recognition in this event. Otherwise, he may not have the space to grow up.

There was still a wider possibility for Kurosaki Ichigo.


For thousands of years, Kurosaki Ichigo was also the only one who possess the power of Shinigami, Hollow, and Quincy. Urahara Kisuke also wants to see how far Kurosaki Ichigo will go…

“But before that…”

Urahara Kisuke narrowed his eyes. He slowly put down the teacup and whispered, “We must spread the news that Sosuke Aizen may invade Soul Society… to prevent Rukia from being captured by Aizen.”


There must be someone as the last guarantee!

If possible, of course, Urahara Kisuke hoped that it would be Yamamoto Shigekuni. Unfortunately, he did not know the whereabouts of Yamamoto Shigekuni. He could only think of a way to pass the message to someone he could trust, “… It seems that there is no more suitable candidate besides the young lord of the Uehara clan, right? “

At this moment.

Uehara Naraku, who Urahara Kisuke was talking about, was watching a good show where old friends reunited. This was also arranged by Uehara Naraku.

Ishida Ryuken.

Kurosaki Masaki.

The meeting of two pure-blooded Quincy.

When Kurosaki Masaki saw Ishida Ryuken, who was caught by Itachi and others, she was a little dull, “Ryuken, how can you be here?”

Kurosaki Masaki and Ishida Ryuken were childhood sweethearts, and even once engaged. It was not until Kurosaki Masaki and Kurosaki Isshin met that they gradually separated.

To be honest, it was indeed a very happy thing to see an old friend, but to see an old friend in Uehara’s inner city made people feel a little flustered.

Ishida Ryuken, who had been caught, was even more surprised than Kurosaki Masaki!

Who could tell him…

Why was Kurosaki Masaki still alive?

Moreover, she seemed to be doing well in Uehara’s inner city!

Before Ishida Ryuken could catch up to his old friend, Uehara Naraku yawned and slowly, “Forget it, I feel that it’s not good for Mr. Kurosaki Isshin to let you two continue to talk.

If you two want to catch up, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future… Mr. Itachi and Mr. Obito, help me put Mr. Ishida Ryuken into the dungeon.”

After saying that, Uehara Naraku seemed to think of something and turned to look at Kurosaki Masaki, “Oh, by the way, Mrs. Kurosaki, don’t worry about your friends. You should worry about your son first… Your family will be reunited soon!”

“What did you do to Ichigo?”

“I haven’t done anything.”

Uehara Naraku waved his hand and smiled, “Moreover, I saved him when I went to Human World this time… Maybe when we meet next time, we will become friends?”

At least…

Kurosaki Ichigo should treat him as a friend.

As long as Uehara Naraku showed a good side, Kurosaki Ichigo would always accept this kind of kindness.

Uehara Naraku has always looked like a harmless guy to humans and animals… while Itachi and Obito would help him to perfect his act.

This feeling…

It was really not bad.

Time passed by bit by bit.

The date of Kuchiki Rukia’s execution was getting closer and closer.

Everyone in the world knew the specific date of Rukia’s execution. Everyone in the world was already prepared, and everyone was waiting for the date to come.

The first to act…

It was naturally Kurosaki Ichigo and his group who were supported by Urahara Kisuke behind his back!

Because they couldn’t wait for the time to arrive, they didn’t want to see Hogyoku appear, so they had to find a way to save Rukia before the day of execution arrived!

In the passage between Soul Society and Human World.

Kurosaki Ichigo, Yasutora Sado(Chad), Orihime Inoue, and Ishida Uryu, the four of them brazenly passed through the passage and invaded Soul Society!

Kuchiki Byakuya, Shihoin Yoruichi, and Urahara Kisuke hid in the dark, trying to create convenience for them, directly letting Kurosaki Ichigo and his group pass through the spirit-reducing stone’s door and enter Seireitei!

After this small team entered Seireitei…

Immediately set off a Ryoka Invasion!

Under the secret guidance of Kuchiki Byakuya and Shihoin Yoruichi, Kurosaki Ichigo, and the others quietly followed the loophole in Gotei 13’s defense and rushed to the tall tower prison that imprisoned Rukia!

In the sky above the tall tower prison.

Uehara Naraku stood by the window of the prison cell at the top of the tower. Looking at Seireitei who was in chaos, he whispered, “Miss Rukia, your friend is very capable… Now he has passed through the blockade of Sir Kenpachi Zaraki of the 11th Division…”


Kuchiki Rukia fell silent.

Only her forehead was sweating a little bit.

Even if Kurosaki Ichigo and his companions became stronger, there was still no way to break through the last line of defense, a line of defense personally guarded by 5th Division Captain Uehara Naraku.

“Please rest assured.”

Uehara Naraku turned slightly and looked at Kuchiki Rukia, “I won’t stop Mr. Ichigo and the others… If they could break through the encirclement and save you, this would be something I would be happy to see.”

Uehara Naraku met Kuchiki Rukia’s puzzled gaze and slowly shook his head. He continued softly, “I never felt that there was anything wrong in what you did, to the point that an outstanding Shinigami died in vain on the execution ground…”


Kuchiki Rukia held her fist in a somewhat restrained manner and said softly, “Captain Naraku… Won’t this bring you trouble?”

Just as she finished speaking, Kuchiki Rukia laughed in a self-deprecating manner, “I’m sorry… I was too self-righteous. Anyway, thank you very much.”

How could Uehara Naraku be in trouble in Seireitei?

Kuchiki Rukia raised her head slightly and glanced at Uehara Naraku who was standing by the window. A flash of realization flashed across her face. This kind of person really did not look like the head of a wealthy family at all.

Abarai Renji stood behind the prison cell and said with a face full of displeasure, “Hey, Uehara, you’re obviously against all of this, right? Why did you vote against us during our previous team leaders meeting? If you vote, wouldn’t Rukia be released?”

A few days ago.

Just as the execution approached, they, the captain and the lieutenant of Gotei 13, discussed Rukia’s matter. Many captains thought that Kuchiki Rukia did not deserve to die and planned to apply for a re-trial from Central 46.

Because Yamamoto Shigekuni was not there, they dared to do this.

Unfortunately, during the voting, the 5th Division Captain Uehara Naraku chose to give up. The 6th Division Captain Kuchiki Byakuya was not there, which directly led to the internal vote of Gotei 13’s captain to end with giving up and maintain the original state.


Uehara Naraku did not look at Abarai Renji. He shook his head and continued, “That day I got the news that Captain Aizen secretly manipulated some members of the Central 46. This execution was secretly controlled by Captain Aizen, and he will not give us a chance to change…”

“The former captain who defected?”


Uehara Naraku still looked out the window and said in a low voice, “I am here to guard against Captain Aizen’s surprise attack… This time, it will definitely not be the same as last time… captain.”

As his voice fell.

Uehara Naraku’s figure suddenly disappeared from where he was and appeared next to Abarai Renji. He waved his hand and sent Abarai Renji flying!

Just as Abarai Renji was a little shocked and angry, he saw a sharp sword stab in the place where he was just now. Someone hid his figure using Bakudo #26 Kyokko(Bent Light)!

Someone was hiding here!

After Uehara Naraku saved Abarai Renji, the air slowly distorted and a figure appeared in front of them out of thin air!


“Compared to the past…”

“You have grown a lot… Naraku…”

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