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Chapter 504: Sure Enough, Let’s Have a Meal First!

Chapter 504: Sure Enough, Let’s Have a Meal First!

The situation was a little complicated.

As Uehara listened to Kabuto’s report, his eyes fell on Kizaru from time to time. He really didn’t expect this Marine Admiral to be so shameless…

Compared to Uehara, Kizaru’s mood was even more complicated.

This Marine Admiral also did not expect that the world’s strongest swordsman, Dracule “Hawk Eye” Mihawk, was also a member of Akatsuki. Now, most of the Shichibukai was Akatsuki’s people…

This Shichibukai policy made by World Government has now basically become the private group of the Akatsuki Organization, right?

This Akatsuki Organization…

How far has it penetrated?


When Doflamingo saw Mihawk, he couldn’t help but grin. He reached out to hold his small sunglasses and revealed a strange and evil smile, “I really didn’t expect that the always solitary Hawkeye would actually join our Akatsuki!”

Doflamingo slowly found the joy he gained after joining the Akatsuki Organization. The feeling of everything in this world being under Akatsuki’s control couldn’t be more wonderful!

Who would have thought…

He was actually a man who participated in the secret manipulation of the world!

“I didn’t care about joining any organization in the first place.”

Mihawk looked at everyone present with a sharp gaze. He then looked at Doflamingo and calmly said, “However, what I didn’t expect was that a person like you would actually be willing to be under someone…”

“No, no, no…”

Doflamingo looked at Mihawk, raised a finger, and shook it. There was even a smile on his face, “This isn’t under someone! Our leader… is a true god! A god capable of changing the world!”

Doflamingo smiled and spread out his hand, “If you want to be the victor of the world; of course, you have to join God’s command and stand on the right side. For me… it doesn’t seem like a difficult choice!”


Mihawk couldn’t help but glance at Doflamingo.

This Heavenly Yaksha, who was lawless in the sea, actually thought so highly of Uehara. He was actually so obedient at this time?

This guy…

He couldn’t have also been dragged into the cycle of life and death by Uehara, right?

“Hey, Mihawk! What kind of expression is that?”

When Doflamingo saw Mihawk’s expression, a hint of anger flashed across his face, “What are you thinking about? Your expression is very rude!”

“No, nothing.”

Mihawk shook his head and looked indifferent.

Doflamingo didn’t believe it at all. He suddenly turned to look at Uehara and sincerely said, “Leader, Hawkeye has no desires. We can’t guarantee his loyalty!”

A sinister smile flashed across Doflamingo’s face, “Why don’t we kill him and arrange for our people to take his place!”


Everyone could not help but look at Doflamingo speechlessly.


Uehara could not help but hold his forehead and shook his head helplessly, “Have you been learning bad things from someone recently… Why are you so petty!”


Everyone present fell silent once again.

Everyone’s eyes involuntarily fell on Uehara.

“You guys…”

Uehara’s gaze was slightly surprised. In the next second, he suddenly clenched his fist and coldly swept his gaze over everyone present, “This expression… what does it mean?”

“No, no, no. There is no special meaning.”

Doflamingo said with a smile and changed the topic, “Leader, why don’t we solve our current problem first? We, Akatsuki, spent a lot of effort to lock this Marine Admiral here…”


Uehara looked at Doflamingo with a subtle expression.

Did this Shichibukai perfectly integrate into the organization?

Compared to the two Marine Admirals, Akainu and Aokiji.

Doflamingo seems to have a stronger sense of belonging to the Akatsuki Organization…

Of course, this was not the time to discuss this.

The most important thing now was to deal with Kizaru.

“There is nothing to solve, right? I have already agreed to join Akatsuki…”

A smile appeared on Kizaru’s face as he looked at Uehara, “I really didn’t expect that Akatsuki’s leader would only be a Marine Captain in the marine…”

Although this Marine Captain’s identity was not ordinary…

After all, the SWORD unit was also a secret department that the marine had been focusing on nurturing during this period of time. It was originally used to send out members as spies to spy on some powerful pirates…


The Akatsuki Organization actually infiltrated here.

The members who were sent out by the marine with high hopes as spies were actually Akatsuki’s people. The entire marine wouldn’t have been infiltrated into sieves, right?

Especially this guy called Uehara Naraku…

If he remembers correctly, it seems that it was Fleet Admiral Sengoku who spent a lot of effort to rope in… Sure enough, their Marine’s Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s brain was broken because he was too old, right?

“Do you have any prejudice against the Marine Captain? Mr. Admiral?”

Uehara raised his head and looked at Kizaru. He frowned and said, “Do you look down on the marine whose rank is lower than yours?”

“It’s not like that…”

Kizaru’s lips curled into a smile as he slowly continued, “I’m just a little worried. This position really doesn’t fit the identity of the Akatsuki leader! The Marine Scientific Unit has a vacancy for Vice Admiral…”

This guy…

He really knew how to speak!

Even though he was slightly surprised to see that Uehara was Akatsuki’s leader, he immediately hid his emotions and adjusted his attitude!


Everyone’s expression became more and more strange.

This Kizaru seemed to be more advanced than they had imagined!

Whether it was the level of speech or the attitude of doing things… It really didn’t meet everyone’s expectations of the Marine Admiral!

As an Admiral, he should at least resist a little.

And it feels that so far, it should be Akatsuki’s advantage, but it seems that everything was in the rhythm of Kizaru’s conversation!

This guy…

Speak human language when you see people…

When you see God, directly kiss ass?

Uehara couldn’t help but be a little speechless. His brows couldn’t help but furrow, “I just heard Kabuto’s report. It seems that you don’t dislike joining Akatsuki…”


“Just by looking at the people in front of me, I can see that there is a powerful force behind Akatsuki.

Only a wise man can live long. The future of this sea is destined to set off a huge storm. Joining Akatsuki might be the right choice for me…”

“Stop acting…”

Uehara rubbed his forehead.

This Kizaru…

What a natural actor!

Uehara felt that Kizaru was really suitable to join Akatsuki. This guy was also a person who wanted to stir up chaos in the world. He was also a good and evil person.


This guy used his acting in the wrong place!

Uehara’s expression gradually turned cold. He raised his head to look at Kizaru and said, “Admiral Kizaru, I forgot to tell you. People who say half the truth and half lies in front of me usually do not have a good ending…”


Kizaru’s expression suddenly became a little strange.

What Kizaru said was indeed half the truth and half a lie.

Joining the Akatsuki Organization was actually not a big deal for Kizaru…

After being exposed by Uehara, Kizaru quickly restrained his expression and grinned, “No, no, no. What I said is actually the truth…”

“Admiral Kizaru.”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses, and his eyes gradually became serious, “Naraku-sama has the power to see through people’s hearts… If you want to deceive our lord, you are too ignorant!”

“… This is not considered deception!”

Kizaru shook his head and continued with a smile, “I roughly understand how Akatsuki exists… I really have a good impression of this organization. Since you let me continue to stay in the marine, you won’t let me give up some justice that needs to be carried out, right?”

“You are right.”

Uehara rubbed his temples and sighed, “But I’ll beat you first! After that, let’s talk about these things!”

“… this doesn’t make sense.”

Kizaru could not help but sigh and rub his forehead, “Can it still be solved by force? I hate these the most…”

However, the next moment, this Admiral suddenly turned into a ray of light and rushed toward Uehara, “Speed is weight… Have you ever been kicked at lightspeed?”

In the face of an unknown person like Uehara…

Kizaru actually took the initiative to attack; everyone present couldn’t help but be surprised!

This Marine Admiral’s courage was too big?

Who gave him the courage to attack Uehara?

“Mr. Borsalino, it’s best not to make a fearless sacrifice!”

Before Kizaru could make a move, Kabuto sensed something. His figure suddenly blocked in front of Uehara, “If you want to offend Naraku-sama, you are overestimating yourself!”

A spatial vortex appeared in front of Kabuto!

This vortex could not be touched. Inside was an unknown domain!

When Kizaru was about to touch the spatial vortex, he suddenly stopped, and his figure flew to the side!

This Marine Admiral was a bit enlightened, “What a hidden person… No wonder you dared to be a spy in Marineford… Staff Officer Kabuto, you also have unimaginable power!”

“Move aside, Kabuto!”

Uehara’s voice was cold, and a strong wind blew Kabuto to the side.

In the next moment, Uehara suddenly raised his palm and suddenly stretched it in the direction of Kizaru. A majestic gravitational pull emitted from Uehara’s hand!

“Bansho Ten’in(Universal Pull)!”

This gravitational pull instantly pulled Kizaru and flew toward Uehara!

“Is it the same ability as Sasuke?”

Kizaru’s expression changed slightly. After Kizaru realized the existence of this gravitational pull, he immediately turned into countless light particles!

He wanted to try to break free from this gravitational pull!

If he remembered correctly, this gravitational pull would directly suck the enemy into the enemy’s hand. Unfortunately, if he didn’t prepare in advance, it would be very difficult to escape!

Sure enough!

Kizaru was unable to break free from this gravitational pull even though he used elemetalization. Countless motes of light still flew toward Uehara!

“Shinra Tensei(Almighty Push)!”

Uehara frowned. A huge repulsive force emitted from his hand and directly sent Kizaru flying!

Countless rays of light were instantly sent flying by the repulsive force that was directly released. The rays of light quickly converged back into Kizaru’s appearance, and his body directly smashed a boulder!

Uehara’s figure sped up. Just as he was about to do something, Kabuto’s voice suddenly fell into his ears.

“Naraku-sama, please be careful.”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses and explained softly, “The Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation) and the Uchiha Kaenjin(Uchiha Flame Formation) can resist Admiral Kizaru’s attack, but they can’t resist Naraku-sama’s attack. Even if Naraku-sama just moves a little, he might directly destroy the barrier…”

Kabuto was not worried about the battle between Uehara and Kizaru.

Kabuto was only worried that Kizaru would escape from this area after the Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation) was broken. If that happened, it would not be good for Akatsuki Organization.

“I got it.”

Uehara’s figure turned into a golden light. He used the power of light elements and quickly turned into light and rushed toward Kizaru!

“Can you also use Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit)’s power? Ama no Murakumo Sword(Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven)!”

Kizaru looked a little suspicious. In the next second, the light in his hand bloomed and turned into a golden light sword. He then slashed at Uehara, who was flying over!

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