Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 503 - Huh? Did You Beat Him?

Chapter 503 - Huh? Did You Beat Him?

If it’s possible…

Kizaru really wanted to throw a head full of question marks at Kabuto.

Originally, when Kizaru was unable to break through the red barrier and leave, he was thinking of fighting with the person behind the red barrier to protect Kabuto because Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s order was to protect Kabuto.

In the end, Kabuto seemed to know the truth about the island blockade…

It even sounded like this fellow was actually involved in this matter!

This matter…

It made Kizaru feel very confused!

At this moment, Kizaru suddenly felt as if he had fallen into an extraordinary vortex. Why was Kabuto so happy to know that he couldn’t leave here?

“Staff Officer Kabuto…”

Kizaru slowly pushed up his glasses and looked down at Kabuto in front of him. He narrowed his eyes slightly, “If I heard correctly just now, it seems that you have a secret on your body that we don’t know yet!”


Kabuto nodded his head and looked up at the tall Admiral. He still had a smile on his face, “It really is not easy… After all, if we want to deal with Admiral Kizaru, we, Akatsuki, have to pay a lot of manpower!”

Not to mention anything else…

Just the manpower in charge of setting up the Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation) and Uchiha Kaenjin(Uchiha Flame Formation) outside was enough to shock the hearts of those ninjas of Wano Country!

The First Hokage Senju Hashirama brought by Kisame …

Second Hokage Senju Tobirama transferred from the Art Pirates…

The Third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen brought by Doflamingo …

The Fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato brought by Kakuzu …

And Uchiha Madara!

If this line-up was taken out, they could even attack Marineford, but now they were only at the periphery in order to capture Kizaru and set up a blockade!

In front of these people who set up the blockade, Kisame, Kakuzu, and Doflamingo could only be considered extra cheerleaders.

Apart from that…

Uehara had also personally arrived!

There was even the strongest swordsman in the world who had recently joined Akatsuki by his side. This lineup would have no problem destroying any power in the world…

However, all of this…

All of this was just to force Kizaru, this Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit) user, to surrender!


Kizaru’s eyes narrowed more and more. He scratched his forehead and couldn’t help but say, “If I remember correctly, this organization is very secretive!

Our Fleet Admiral is also paying attention to this organization. World Government has been secretly searching for Akatsuki’s members. I really didn’t expect that our new staff officer is actually an Akatsuki member who is hiding in the marine!

What a terrifying spy…”

“Yes, I didn’t even think about it!”

Kabuto spread out his palm and smiled, “The person who the World Government and the marine to be in charge of searching for Akatsuki will be me.”

Speaking of this kind of thing…

Kabuto couldn’t help but laugh.

Since Kabuto became a staff officer of the headquarters, the intelligence organizations of the marine and World Government were under his jurisdiction.

The Fleet Admiral knew that after Kabuto analyzed any information, he could obtain more detailed information.

The marine and World Government was really helpless because Kabuto could use the intelligence to the maximum extent to achieve the strategic goal of the marine.


Kizaru’s expression was also very subtle.

Even if Kizaru was experienced and knowledgeable, he could not help but want to ask Marineford’s Fleet Admiral what was he thinking in his mind…

Sengoku, the Wise General of the last era, seemed to be played by the new Wise General Kabuto in the palm of his hand!

“Our Fleet Admiral is really old…”

The corner of Kizaru’s mouth couldn’t help but reveal a faint bitter smile. It seemed to be a bit self-mocking, and it seemed that he also wanted to calm his mood a little.

“This is also normal.”

Kabuto shook his head and calmly explained, “Because I have observed the entire marine.

The marine has three Admirals; they don’t need a stronger one. What they needed was a new Wise General, so I have been playing this role…”


After thinking for a while, Kizaru couldn’t help but nod, “I didn’t expect that the problem of the marine would become a loophole for an enemy to sneak in…”

“Then… what about these people?”

Kizaru’s eyes slowly fell on the next few Shichibukai. These pirates did not show any surprise from beginning to end…

These guys…

They either knew or were indifferent to these things.

“It looks like…”

Kizaru’s eyes finally stopped on Doflamingo. He could not help but say, “Several Shichibukai may have a close relationship with Akatsuki!”

“They are my colleagues.”

Kabuto did not hide anything. He glanced at the people beside him and said with a chuckle, “Now… what should I say… Other than Admiral Kizaru, everyone present is a member of Akatsuki.”


Even though he had a guess just now, Kizaru was still a little speechless when he got the exact information from Kabuto.


In the past few days, all the powerhouses on the ship…

Other than him, everyone else was in the same group?

Kizaru sighed, looked at the few Shichibukai, and said in a low voice, “The three of you are actually all members of Akatsuki? What a terrifying enemy… Isn’t your Akatsuki handwriting too big!”

This organization…

It was definitely underrated!

In addition to Kabuto, who infiltrated the upper echelons of the marine, he didn’t expect that the three Shichibukai were also their people!

“You guessed wrong; Akatsuki’s style is beyond your imagination.”

Kabuto spread out his palm and calmly said, “In order to lure you to leave Marineford, Akatsuki deliberately created the war between Yonko(Four Emperors) pirates and succeeded in getting Fleet Admiral Sengoku successfully sent you…”

The biggest among them was also in the move!

It was Akatsuki’s leader Uehara Naraku!


There was a slight surprise in Kizaru’s eyes, but he immediately restrained it.

Even he didn’t expect that Akatsuki would use the war between Yonko(Four Emperors) just to lure out an Admiral!

But this was normal…

Unless Celestial Dragons were attacked, Kizaru wouldn’t easily move out.

Kabuto looked at Kizaru with a flash of surprise in his eyes and continued to say, “I have been adjusting all my plans along the way.

I carefully guessed what you think, then supplemented my own plan according to your wishes and successfully lured you into this trap… “

“You really put in a lot of effort!”

Kizaru couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh, “It’s too much to deceive other people’s feelings!”

Along the way, Kizaru rarely made any suggestions. But whenever Kizaru made any suggestions, Kabuto always showed great importance.

Even the words of this staff officer were very pleasant to hear.

Even Kizaru, who was always good at hiding his emotions, could not help but have a little more affection for Kabuto.

Unexpectedly…𝙛𝒓𝙚e𝚠𝐞𝚋𝙣𝚘𝐯𝗲𝚕. c𝚘𝓶

These were all to lure him into a trap.

“Ehehehe… cheating?

Doflamingo reached out to hold his small sunglasses and could not help but laugh, “Borsalino, we have been hiding in front of you for several days!

Seeing you keep stirring our nerves every day, it’s really interesting to think about it now! “


Kakuzu just stays silent.

Obviously, Kakuzu didn’t approve of the fact that they had sent so many powerful people just to capture Kizaru.

Kisame grinned and chuckled, “Don’t say that, Mr. Doffy; you have to be a little more friendly to newcomers…”

“Hey… Hey… I know.”

Doflamingo nodded slowly, and the smile on his face became deeper and deeper.

Kizaru had always been very arrogant on this trip. From time to time, he would inadvertently create the intention to suppress them.

Now that he thinks about it…

His performance was really childish.

He really didn’t know how this Marine Admiral was feeling right now.

Would he feel ashamed in his heart?

Kizaru did not seem to mind at all. After he shook his head, his gaze stopped on Kabuto again, “Speaking of which, why do you want to capture me? Don’t tell me it is also for Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit)’s strength?”

“Of course not.”

Kabuto shook his head, and his voice gradually calmed down, “We sincerely invite Sir Kizaru to join Akatsuki and become one of us!”

“Only… like this?”

There was a hint of doubt in Kizaru’s eyes.

Was there something wrong with this Kabuto’s brain?

They took so much effort just to make him defect to the marine and join Akatsuki?

Kizaru almost thought that this guy was the same as the one who wanted to use him as a test subject!

“Then I will directly agree!”

Kizaru slowly nodded and continued, “It doesn’t seem to be a problem for me to join such a powerful and secretive organization…”

Don’t say anything else…

At least he can get information about Akatsuki.

And as a strong man who implements Unclear Justice, Kizaru really doesn’t really care about his identity, whether it is a pirate or a marine…

As long as he can carry out the justice in his heart, everything else doesn’t matter.

Kizaru’s words almost broke Kabuto and others’ defenses. This Admiral surrendered too quickly!

Wasn’t this wasting so many games they had set up?

“Ehehehe… Don’t joke around!”

Doflamingo’s forehead couldn’t help but jump, “You are a Marine Admiral; how can it be so easy…”

“I can leave the Marine; you can even put it in the newspaper.”

Kizaru slowly proposed another solution.

Regardless of whether this current Admiral really surrendered or not. Once he left the marine, it would be an unimaginable blow to the reputation of the entire marine!

Kabuto shook his head and sighed softly, “No, Admiral Kizaru, our real purpose is not to let you leave the marine, but to let you continue to use the identity of an Admiral of the Headquarters to hide in Marineford.”

“Eh? Is there a need for that?”

There was a slight surprise on Kizaru’s face, “Isn’t the information of the entire marine under your control? Do you need me to hide in Marineford to steal information?”

Every time he talks about this kind of thing…

Kizaru couldn’t help but worry about the future of the marine.

The intelligence of the entire marine had fallen into the hands of the Akatsuki Organization, and even the higher-ups of the marine were still smug about it that they had found a new Wise General!

A Wise General!

This was a super spy!

Kizaru looked at Kabuto, and his eyes narrowed again, “Come to think of it; you want me to continue staying in Marineford, don’t tell me you want me to attack the marine at a critical time in the future…”

“This is unlikely…”

Kabuto frowned and pushed up his glasses, “According to the character of our lord, he only needs you to admit that you are his subordinate willingly and to perform the tasks he gave you. It is usually very simple…”

To be honest…

The Three Marine Admiral was more like a collectible item that Uehara wanted to collect. Their strength is actually not that important.

“My lord?”

Kizaru’s eyes slightly flashed.

“That’s right.”

Doflamingo seemed to have thought of something interesting. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly. “And only by receiving the approval of the leader can you join Akatsuki!”

“The leader of Akatsuki?”

Kizaru couldn’t help but raise his head to look at the sky. He remembered that when he turned into a light to find the exit, he seemed to see a very fierce red-eyed man!

That man couldn’t be the leader of Akatsuki, right?

In the next moment.

A spatial black hole suddenly appeared in the Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation).

Two figures slowly walked out from the black hole. One of them was the world’s strongest swordsman, Dracule “Hawk Eye” Mihawk, and the other was Uehara Naraku.

Kabuto took half a step back to make way.

Kabuto’s gaze swept across Mihawk’s figure. Through Uehara’s actions, Kabuto had already guessed that Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman, had already joined Akatsuki.

Uehara frowned as he looked at the few people who were still staying together peacefully, and his eyes stayed on Kizaru.

“Huh? Have you talked?”

Uehara looked a little surprised. He looked at Kabuto and the others and nodded. He couldn’t help but ask, “Then did you beat him? Why does this Admiral look so honest?”

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