Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 502 - Naraku-Sama, You Can Start Capturing!

Chapter 502 - Naraku-Sama, You Can Start Capturing!

Whitebeard Pirates and Beast Pirates retreated at the same time.

Because Whitebeard and the Moby Dick left together, Admiral Kizaru and Kabuto naturally would not bite this hard bone. The marine set their sights on Beast Pirates’ flagship.

Because they spied on the battle between Sasuke and Naruto, they found that Kaido, Naruto, and Beast Pirates’ ships were separated. Kabuto immediately took the opportunity to formulate a plan to pursue Beast Pirates’s flagship and capture Jack.

Coincidentally, the three Shichibukai were already in position.

An Admiral of the Marine Headquarters, a Vice Admiral known for his resourcefulness, and three powerful Shichibukai. With a little time difference, it was easy to catch Jack.

No one had any reason to object.

The warship chased after Beast Pirates all the way until they arrived at a secluded island to rest. A strange change suddenly happened!

“Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation)!”

A red barrier suddenly opened up around the island. The barrier was thousands of meters tall, and one could not see the top of it at a glance!

Just as everyone was confused, an arrogant voice appeared from the sky and spread throughout the island, “Hashirama, this sealing technique is still flawed…”

“Madara, stop messing around. Hurry up and fill up the gap!”

“Humph… Uchiha Kaenjin(Uchiha Flame Formation)!”

As that arrogant voice entered everyone’s ears, another red barrier suddenly appeared in the sky, completely sealing the island!

The entire island was instantly surrounded by these red barriers!

And the marine and three Shichibukai who had just arrived on this island seemed to have not recovered yet.

Admiral Kizaru scratched his head and raised his head in confusion, “This old man just… seem to have heard Uchiha? Is the old man hallucinating?”


Kabuto’s face changed, and he shouted, “That voice… seems to be talking about Uchiha! Let’s leave this island first!”


Doflamingo waved his hand indifferently and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, let’s take a break first. Staff Officer Kabuto, I heard that you have a good relationship with Ms. Tsuru. How is she recently?”

Doflamingo had a smile on his face, but his mood was very complicated. He had indeed underestimated the lower limit of Akatsuki Organization members!

Damn it…

This Kabuto really acted like that!

Wasn’t this guy the one who set up the trap on this island?

It was said that in order to set up a trap to capture Admiral Kizaru, Kabuto applied to the top to mobilize five powerful forces and even delayed the battle between the Art Pirates and Moonlight Moria because of this.

It was really…

It made people feel ridiculous.

“Everything has to be done with caution.”

Kabuto looked at the lazy crowd and frowned slightly. Admiral Kizaru was still lying on the ground resting, and the other Shichibukai was too lazy to move.

Kabuto pushed his glasses and continued to urge, “Admiral Kizaru, Mr. Kakuzu, Mr. Kisame, Mr. Doflamingo, in order to avoid making a mistake, leave this island immediately!”

“I’m so sleepy…”

Kizaru sat up with a smile.

He shook his head helplessly and followed Kabuto. The other Shichibukai saw this and also followed.

Although Admiral Kizaru did not know what was going on because of the powerful strength in his body, Kizaru did not panic at all.

He even felt that Kabuto was making a fuss over nothing.

As for the Shichibukai, they naturally were even less panicked.

When a group of people arrived at the periphery of the island, they discovered that the island was completely sealed off from the sea by the red barrier. Even the seawater stopped flowing!


Admiral Kizaru touched his chin and could not help but look at the red barrier. He said in surprise, “This… what is going on?”

“I’m not sure.”

Kabuto shook his head. His figure slowly stepped across the shallow sea and walked toward the red barrier. He tried to extend his finger and land it on the barrier!

In the next second, his finger was instantly scalded!

“This is a flame-like barrier…”

Kabuto couldn’t help but frown. He reached out to grab a sword and hacked at the barrier, but there was no reaction from the barrier.

Obviously, the strength of these barriers was very high.

Kabuto pushed up his glasses and shook his head, “Impossible. I remember every island with a strange power in the Grandline. There should be no surprises on this island, and there should be no powerful person on this island…”

Kabuto turned to look at everyone present and asked, “Everyone, can you try to break this red barrier?”

“Then let me try it first!”

Kisame slowly closed his palm. He opened his mouth and spewed out a huge stream of water toward the red barrier, “Suiton: Suishoha(Water Release: Water Colliding Wave)!”

The stream of water fell on the red barrier, and as expected, it was blocked by the red barrier. It even turned into water vapor!

“Tamaito(Bullet String)!”

Doflamingo casually stretched out a finger and shot out a Tamaito(Bullet String), but it still did not have any effect on the red barrier.

Kakuzu’s methods were obviously more casual.

This Shichibukai casually picked up a stone and smashed it on the red barrier. He did not use any abilities at all. This guy was just doing things half-heartedly!

Because Kakuzu knew…

In the face of Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation), ordinary attacks would not work at all!

Everyone’s gazes could not help but stop on Kakuzu. These gazes had a faint sense of condemnation, and it was clear that they were somewhat dissatisfied with his perfunctory attitude.


Their gazes quickly fell on Kizaru again.

A laser shot out from Kizaru’s hand. The group of people could not help but look at this scene as if they were hoping that this laser would work. However, when this laser landed on the red barrier, it did not have any effect at all.

“It’s useless…”

Kizaru’s smile slowly disappeared, and he could not help but frown, “I feel that this barrier is more troublesome than Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki)’s defense…”

This barrier…

It was really strange!

Kizaru’s figure suddenly disappeared, turning into a ray of light that rushed toward the red barrier, kicking it!

As Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit)’s ability user, Kizaru could transform into light. His body could move at the speed of light and use the speed of light to attack!


This kick was enough to break a building easily, but it was useless in front of this red barrier!

When Kizaru transformed back, there was even a black burn mark on his shoes. It was the burning effect of the red barrier!

“It can’t be shaken…”

Kizaru glanced at the red barrier and slowly shook his head. He rubbed his chin and guessed, “It seems like it can’t be destroyed just by attacking! It feels like I kicked a mountain…”

“What should we do?”

Doflamingo grinned. When he looked at Kizaru, a smile appeared on his face, “Hey… We can’t stay here forever, can we?

I still have a lot of business to deal with, and I wouldn’t have left my country if it wasn’t for a call from the marine…”

“Could it be that Uchiha is up to something?”

Kisame picked up his Samehada and frowned, “After all, we just heard the word Uchiha…”

“I don’t know; I don’t know, don’t ask me.”

Kakuzu shook his head with a cold face. This new Shichibukai face was full of impatience.

This group of people discussed, but there was no result at all.

Everyone seemed to have tried their strongest attacks, but they were still unable to shake this red barrier. This way, it would be a bit troublesome.

Kabuto tried to use Den Den Mushi to contact the outside world, but it won’t connect at all. It seemed that everything here was sealed.

Kabuto pushed up his glasses and suggested, “Perhaps the internal barrier is too strong. Admiral Kizaru, can you try to pass through this barrier with elementalization and break the barrier from the outside?”

“Oh… It feels like an unreliable suggestion…”

Kizaru could not help but shake his head and softly say, “This barrier is somewhat similar to Haki. It is impossible to break through with elementalization…”


An arrogant voice suddenly came from the sky, “If you don’t try, how do you know if it will work or not!”


Kizaru couldn’t help but raise his head and look around. He asked curiously, “Sir… who is it?”

“Uchiha… Madara!”

When he introduced himself, this voice was extremely arrogant!

When everyone present heard this name, their eyes couldn’t help but change. Even Kizaru’s smile slowly faded.

This year…

All the Uchiha that appeared were a group of troublesome guys!

This guy called Uchiha Madara just revealed his head, and he actually directly targeted an Admiral and Shichibukai?

This guy…

It was indeed not that simple!

“Admiral Kizaru… leave immediately!”

Kabuto stood next to Kizaru. His expression was abnormally nervous as he slowly lowered his voice, “Please use your elementalization to get out of here immediately and quickly bring the information here back to Marineford!”


Kizaru’s expression was slightly puzzled.

This Admiral restrained his smile and narrowed his eyes as he looked at Kabuto’s expression, “Really… This is obviously a big crisis, but you still want to send back information in this situation…”


Kabuto looked at Kizaru calmly, pushed up his glasses, and slightly raised the corner of his mouth, “After all, I’m an intelligence-only marine staff officer!

“What a troublesome kid…”

Kizaru shook his head and sighed.

In the next moment, Kizaru’s figure split into countless light!

Balls of shining light quickly appeared in all directions of the island, looking for loopholes or exits from the red barrier!

This was the way for Kizaru to leave!

Kizaru had never been worried that he would be sealed off. He could rely on this ability to move at light speed and turn into light to find a suitable exit!

This world…

No one could seal off the power of light!

As long as there was a gap, Kizaru could escape!

Unfortunately, the Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation) was built from the sea and sealed the island. There may be a gap between the barriers, but the gap should be under the sea.

“It’s really troublesome…”

Countless lights gathered together to form Kizaru’s body.

The clothes of this Admiral were somewhat burnt black.

Kizaru rubbed his forehead and sighed faintly. He shook his head and said, “Staff Officer Kabuto, I can’t find any way to leave… It seems that we can only continue to think of ways to break these blockades…”


Kabuto frowned, and his expression was a little ugly, “Admiral Kizaru, can you confirm this?”

“I should be able to confirm it!”

Kizaru rubbed his forehead and continued slowly, “I can’t detect the bottom of the sea. Perhaps there is a gap under the sea…”

As for the remaining words, Kizaru did not continue to speak.

Even if there was a gap enough for them to leave, he, as a devil fruit person, was unable to touch the sea.

In that case…

If they wanted to leave this island, it seemed that they could only think of a way to break the red barrier in front of them or to defeat the person who set up the barrier.

Kizaru shrugged helplessly and looked at Kabuto in front of him. Obviously, he meant to let Kabuto, the staff officer of the headquarters, make the decision.

Who would have expected…

Kabuto slowly raised his finger and curled the corners of his mouth, “Preliminary judgment: Admiral Kizaru is unable to break free from the Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation). We can begin now!”


A question mark slowly appeared in Kizaru’s head.

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