Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 501 - Akatsuki's Fangs!

Chapter 501 - Akatsuki's Fangs!

Whitebeard Pirates…

In fact, they were really good to Sasuke.

Although, in Sasuke’s eyes, they were a bunch of brainless idiots. No matter how he looked at it, these idiots were now his companions.

Of course…

Naruto was also Sasuke’s companion.

But now, Sasuke felt that something had changed. The Whitebeard Pirates he wanted to protect were the same as when Naruto protected Konoha…

A purple arrow lit up!

The next moment, a black flame slowly wrapped around the arrow along with Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki)!


Sasuke controlled the Complete Body Susanoo to pull the huge bow in his hand slowly, and the long arrow on it was somewhat black, making people unable to help but raise their eyebrows!

Even Sasuke still felt that it was not enough!

A lightning bolt fell on the arrow; that was Chidori, and regardless of whether it was attack power or destructive power, it was absolutely far superior to the same group!

This was his strongest attack!


The expression in Naruto’s eyes gradually became solemn.

Under his control, the Golden Kyuubi’s body gradually grew giant claws, constantly condensing Chakra and Haki and creating Rasenshuriken with different shapes.

If there was no Uehara Naraku…

The two of them will be at the pinnacle of power in Ninja World!

Even in this world, they have power that ordinary people can not reach!

Because of this, in addition to the core members of the Akatsuki Organization, only Naruto and Sasuke have the right to move freely in One Piece World!


Whitebeard clenched his fist and grinned, “Seeing these two brats really reminds me of when I was young!”

It was like…

Back then, when Whitebeard was fighting with Gol D. Roger!

Even now, Whitebeard still maintains the Strongest Man in the World title, but he still inevitably grows old and making him unable to fight for a long time like Sasuke and Naruto…

On the sea.

Sasuke controlled Susanoo and completed his technique. A black arrow wrapped in lightning suddenly shot out, flying toward the Golden Kyuubi!



The one who welcomed the black arrow…

It was a pitch black Rasenshuriken!

The instant the black arrow collided with Rasenshuriken, a huge flame illuminated the night, and the next second, a violent explosion resounded throughout this sea!

The sea surface trembled violently!

This sea area seemed to have an earthquake!

After the first wave of the explosion, the second wave of explosion quickly swept toward the surroundings, and several hundred meters tall flames instantly spread outwards, instantly enveloping Sasuke’s Susanoo and Naruto’s Golden Kyuubi!

In the explosion, a black light seemed to be enough to destroy everything, quickly drowning Susanoo and Golden Kyuubi!

Two attacks that were enough to destroy a small island have a violent collision here; no one could predict the outcome of the battle between them…

Everyone couldn’t help but widen their eyes,

Everyone couldn’t help but widen their eyes, and they used Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki), wanting to see who won and who lost this time!

After a long time.

A huge semi-circular depression was directly created by the huge explosion on the surface of the sea, and the currents of the sea continuously circled in that hollow…

On the hollow semi-circular sea surface.

Sasuke stood on one side, and the Susanoo on his body was only left with a skeleton. His palm slowly covered his eyes, and blood tears slowly fell along the corners of his eyes…

The Golden Kyuubi on Naruto’s body was also damaged everywhere; even his body was only left with two or three tails that barely stuck to his body…


Sasuke raised his head and glanced at Naruto. He forcibly continued to be activated his Susanoo in his body and wanted to return it to the Complete Body Form!

At this moment, a voice came from Sasuke’s mind, interrupting his thoughts of continuing to fight, “Oh, Sasuke, why are you trying so hard to protect the Whitebeard Pirates?”


Sasuke’s expression stiffened for a moment.

This was Uehara’s voice. That guy was using the Rinnegan to contact him… Could that guy also be in the sea region?

In the next moment, Sasuke woke up.

In this battle between him and Naruto, obtaining victory was not worth celebrating. Because according to their agreement, after Beast Pirates made way, Whitebeard Pirates would enter a bigger trap.

It’s not worth being frustrated if you fail because this will give the Whitebeard Pirates a reason to go back and protect the idiots of the Whitebeard Pirates…

Sasuke was very clear that Whitebeard was powerful enough, but it did not mean that the old man could defeat Uehara… According to the power that guy showed in the Ninja World, he was an omnipotent god!

At this moment…

Sasuke slowly clenched his fists.

Now, should he choose to lose…

Or should he continue to fight until he defeats Naruto?

“This Naruto…”

Sasuke couldn’t help but look up at Naruto. He clenched his fists and slowly loosened them, “When I betrayed Konoha and joined Akatsuki… At that time, he should be more troubled than me now, right?”

The Uzumaki Naruto at that time…

He wanted to protect Konoha, but he didn’t want to hurt him. He was simply an idiot. There was nothing in this world that could satisfy both sides!


Naruto looked at Sasuke and slowly spread out his palm. His face was a little complicated, “Do you want to continue? In fact, there is no need…”

“I… admit defeat.”

Sasuke gritted his teeth and interrupted Naruto with a cold expression. He slowly closed his eyes and lay on the sea.


Naruto fell into silence.

“Sasuke, Pops asked us to go home!”

Marco’s voice suddenly rang in their ears.

Sasuke could not help but roll his eyes and glare at the Pheonix flying in the air, “Hurry up and grab me; I’m running out of strength!”

“Hey, hey, hey, hold on a little longer!”

The blue Pheonix spread its wings and flew to the surface of the sea. It grabbed Sasuke’s body and slowly flew away, leaving only Naruto standing where he was.

Naruto did not have the slightest joy in winning. He only lowered his head and looked at his chest. It was a ring, the symbol of being an Akatsuki official member.

Naruto sighed and looked up at the Pheonix flying in the air. The corners of his mouth suddenly curved up slightly, revealing a smile.

“That guy Sasuke… finally has a lot of friends?”

Because the entire Team 7 knew that Sasuke had nowhere to go. It was indeed a happy thing to be able to find a place to stay in this world.

This matter…

It was more worth being happy than the so-called victory.

The battle that lasted for a day and a night finally ended.

Unfortunately, Naruto did not know that after Sasuke returned to the Moby Dick, the division captains were curious about Naruto.

These idiots did not care about Sasuke’s loss.

They were just curious about the friendship between Sasuke and Naruto because, based on intuition, the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto should be good.

On the Moby Dick.

Sasuke sat on the deck and slowly mentioned the friendship between him and Naruto, “That guy is a dobe in the Ninja School… Oh… I am the first in the Ninja School… After graduation, we were assigned to the same team…”

(TL note: Dobe is the Japanese slang word for “Idiot” or “dead last”. Used along with usuratonkachi and teme in the Anime “Naruto.” )

“Hey, Sasuke, don’t brag too much about yourself!”

“Bastard, I’m serious!”

“Gurararara… Thatch, don’t interrupt him. Go prepare the banquet!”

“Yes, Pops! But I still think…”

“Idiot, go and prepare the banquet!”

Marco knocked on Thatch’s head and rolled his eyes, “Stupid Thatch, are you afraid that you will be too happy in the future?”

Sasuke can’t beat Naruto…

Can’t Thatch, a cook, be hung up and beaten?

Sasuke glanced at Thatch, who was walking away, and leaned back against the railing. He continued to chatter, “Although I don’t like that idiot Naruto, sometimes he is a little more reliable…”

“Really? He looks like a very serious person!”

“It’s probably because he’s been learning to become Hokage recently…”


“The village leader of our ninja village is called Hokage.”

“Isn’t the village too strict? Do you still need to learn?”

“If we include Naruto’s strength, a village probably has the power of a Yonko(Four Emperors) pirate group. There is a possibility of war at any time. Although they are under the control of Akatsuki now, Naruto also joined Akatsuki…”

“A Ninja Village…”

“If we defeat Akatsuki and save the people of that village, we will definitely be able to recruit many companions!”

“Idiot, stop dreaming. That is Akatsuki! Beast Pirates might have become their chess piece! Moreover, it is not without benefits for Akatsuki to take over the village…”


The entire Whitebeard Pirates was listening to the story between Sasuke and Naruto. Occasionally, Portgas D. Ace would also interrupt.

After Sasuke slowly mentioned the Akatsuki Organization, the atmosphere gradually became serious because Whitebeard Pirates knew that Akatsuki was the organization that Sasuke feared.

“My brother is a member of Akatsuki…”

Sasuke closed his palm and continued calmly, “Later, my brother asked me to join Akatsuki in order to protect me. After meeting Ace, I became a pirate. Because I violated Akatsuki’s will, I don’t want us to collide with Akatsuki…”

These words were half true and half false.

Sasuke slowly raised his head, looked at the night sky, and whispered, “The leader of Akatsuki, who was called God in the Akatsuki Organization, is a guy who liked to control others’ fate…”

“Control fate?”

Vista couldn’t help but be curious. He stretched out his finger and couldn’t help but shake it a few times, “How can something like fate be controlled?”

This matter…

It sounded unreliable.

Something like fate sounded a little illusory.

The members of Whitebeard Pirates in the crowd were also a little confused. Everyone wondered if Sasuke could not accept being defeated by his companion, who grew up with him. There was a little problem with his spirit…

Only Marshall D. Teach’s gaze changed slightly.

Because he had once come into contact with Akatsuki’s members and had seen the true face of Sasuke’s elder brother, Itachi, and that man had seen through his thoughts in a few words!

Something like fate…

It was not illusory!

“I don’t know…”

Sasuke shook his head. There was a heavy and complicated look in his eyes, “That guy is monitoring everything in this world. The encounter between people, the reincarnation of life and death, may all be under that guy’s control, making people unable to distinguish between reality and falsehood.”

For example…

This time, the war between them and Beast Pirates must be under Uehara’s control, but Sasuke does not know Uehara’s true purpose.

In order to thwart Whitebeard Pirates’ invincible momentum at sea?

Or was there some other reason? Or was that guy finally starting to target Whitebeard Pirates?


Whitebeard shook his head, laughed, and comforted Sasuke, “Little brat Sasuke, a person’s life will not stop because of the so-called fate. Do you want to drink a big glass of wine tonight?”

“Pops, I just put a drip on you!”

Marco could not help but interrupt Whitebeard and muttered, “And for the next week, no, month…”

Whitebeard Pirates was not depressed because of a loss. Beast Pirates also slowly withdrew from this sea area.

And the Marine who had been monitoring this sea area also made a new move after the two Yonko(Four Emperors) pirates withdrew.

Just as the Marine warship met up with Kakuzu, Kisame, and Doflamingo, they immediately chose to pursue the Beast Pirates under the command of Kabuto…

On the way to chase…

The Marine Admiral Kizaru…

Encountered the biggest crisis in life!

The real goal of Akatsuki’s organization to control the collision of the two Yonko(Four Emperors) Pirates has finally reached the stage of closing the net!

These members walking in the shadows finally revealed their fangs in the dark!

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