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Chapter 500 - One Hundred and One Deaths; One Hundred and One Resurrections

Chapter 500 - One Hundred and One Deaths; One Hundred and One Resurrections

Mihawk’s life could be said to be wonderful.

In this life, he had seen the death of Gol D. Roger with his own eyes, witnessed the opening of the era of pirates, and also witnessed the establishment of Yonko(Four Emperors).


Mihawk had never seen a person like Uehara.

Because Mihawk never thought that a person who has mastered the ability to revive people would actually use this ability to punish others in luxury…

No, this guy absolutely can not be called a human!

In other words, should he call Uehara a demon, or should he be called a god?

Twenty minutes later.

Mihawk’s consciousness revived once again. He closed his eyes again and began to count silently, “The 100th death and the 100th resurrection. When the Susanoo sword cut my body, it was one centimeter away from the last time…”

After saying that, Mihawk spread his arms and quietly waited for the Susanoo sword to cut off his life again.

This strongest swordsman completely gave up resisting.

Because after one of the resurrections, Mihawk chose to pull out his black sword and commit suicide before the Susanoo killed him.


He was still resurrected.

This also made Mihawk thoroughly understand one thing. His life and death were indeed not in his control; all of it depended on Uehara’s mood.

At this moment, Mihawk started to regret what he had said. Why was Uehara so strong but his heart so small?

Back then…

Did he say something wrong?

This guy Uehara, after reviving him, then killed him and then revived him again, causing him to fall into this kind of life and death cycle that he could not break free from…


This was not his fault, right?

After all, the Akatsuki Organization had always been hidden deeply.

Even the dumb Shanks would think that this was an unknown organization after hearing the name Akatsuki for the first time.

Moreover, as the leader of Akatsuki, Uehara hid his identity and pretended to be an ordinary Marine Captain!

Who knew that this guy would be a character that was strong enough to destroy the world? No matter which Shichibukai, he definitely would not treat him well, right?

This guy…

Was he fishing?

Unfortunately, Mihawk himself had been caught.

Just as Mihawk was waiting for the light of resurrection and death to descend on him again, he found that none of this had arrived.

Mihawk couldn’t help raising his head, but he didn’t see the Susanoo. He only saw Uehara floating in front of him.

“Is it finally over?”

Mihawk heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Even after obtaining the honor of being the world’s strongest swordsman, he did not feel as relaxed as he was now.

“This matter is all about your attitude.”

Uehara’s voice appeared in Mihawk’s ear, “Mr. Mihawk, are you willing to join an unknown organization like Akatsuki?”


Mihawk fell silent.

After a long time, the world’s strongest swordsman stared at Uehara and calmly asked, “If I agree, what do I need to do for Akatsuki? If I refuse, what will you do?”


Uehara frowned. After thinking for a while, he said, “Let’s talk about the problem of your rejection first! I might still kill you and bring your soul from the underworld to be resurrected as a puppet in another way…”

At this point, Uehara spread out his hands and continued, “Of course, I might also let you go and cut off all your fetters, killing all your friends or something… Anyway, it will make you wish you were dead.”


Mihawk was silent.

Was this the way Akatsuki’s leader handled things?

To be honest, the Akatsuki Organization had not yet been destroyed might be purely because Uehara was too strong that people did not dare to resist, right?

After thinking for a while about the Akatsuki Organization member duties, Uehara rubbed his forehead and said, “If you choose to join Akatsuki… besides not revealing my identity, there doesn’t seem to be anything that you need to do?”

Other than the war of the best…

Was there really anything he needed Mihawk to do?

Mihawk continued to ask, “Alright, I roughly know… Then, what exactly is Akatsuki’s goal?”

“Let me think…”

Uehara was still rubbing his forehead and asked in confusion, “Now… Maybe it should be to bring peace and justice to this world?”


Mihawk had a strange expression on his face.

No matter who heard this sentence, it was impossible to believe it, right?

Mihawk temporarily skipped this topic and continued to ask, “Then… what is your true identity?”

“You talk too much.”

Uehara’s face turned cold. A ray of golden light from Chronoshift landed on Mihawk. This scene caused Mihawk’s expression to change slightly.

The next moment…

Uehara picked up Yoru, who was stuck in the ice, and with a swift and fierce slash, he cut through Mihawk’s throat and killed the strongest swordsman once again!

A few seconds later.

Mihawk came back to life.

Uehara threw Yoru in his hand to Mihawk and calmly asked, “Now, I only need to know your answer. Follow the real answer in your heart, and don’t try to hide it from my perception.”

After watching Mihawk take Yoru, Uehara continued, “As for what you want to know, you will slowly understand it in the future. If you want to pry into the truth of the world, at least let me see how much you can pay to pry on the truth…”

Uehara’s gaze gradually became complicated, and his voice slowly darkened, “Your life and strength are still not enough to see the truth of the world!”

“I got it.”

Mihawk looked down at the black sword in his hand and then looked at Uehara, who was close to him. He slowly took a deep breath.

If, after joining the Akatsuki Organization, he can clearly see the hidden mist on Uehara Naraku, it was worth him to join the Akatsuki Organization and become a member of this organization!

Mihawk put away his black sword, looked straight at Uehara, and said in a deep voice, “In the future… please advise me, Leader!”


Uehara nodded with satisfaction and raised his palm, “Then let’s go. Let’s welcome another new member of the organization!”

Following Uehara’s movements, the waves surged over.

A warship and a small coffin boat that was being dragged behind it slowly drove along the waves and stopped in front of Uehara.

This time, Uehara had gained a lot.

[Side Mission: Defeat the world’s strongest swordsman, Dracule “Hawk Eye” Mihawk(1/1).]

[Mission completed.]

[Reward: +200,000 Life Energy, +200,000 Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki), +200,000 Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki)]

This was the disadvantage of cheating…

Perhaps it was originally a skill or inheritance that rewarded well, but it was directly exchanged for a three-dimensional value. However, this was indeed what Uehara needed.

[Hidden Mission: Use a small knife to fight the world’s strongest swordsman, Dracule “Hawk Eye” Mihawk, and obtain victory(1/1).]

[Mission completed.]

[Reward: Passive Talent – Kendo(World).]

[Kendo(World): The most extreme kendo talent in the world!]

This description was really simple…

Uehara stood on the warship and thought for a while. He waved his hand and condensed an ice blade, then he swung his hand and sent out a slash!

In an instant, the sea in the distance was split open by him, creating a wave that was hundreds of meters high!

This was also useless…

Even the world’s strongest swordsman was defeated by him. Moreover, this strongest swordsman had joined Akatsuki and became his subordinate.

Mihawk watched this scene and slowly frowned. It was not that he could not rely on Yoru to do this, but not like Uehara, who could casually use an ordinary ice blade to do it…

Akatsuki’s leader…

His kendo was also very strong!

This Uehara has endless power. He can control any power, and even kendo was no exception?


Facing a man like Uehara, would those Yonko(Four Emperors) monsters standing at the apex of the new world be his opponents?

At least Shanks…

Mihawk thought it might not be too good.

“Sir Naraku.”

Mihawk frowned slightly. He remembered the purpose of his trip and asked, “Is the war between Whitebeard and Kaido over?”

“… Not yet.”

Uehara shook his head and said in a low voice, “I hope those two guys can end this war as soon as possible! They are no longer of any use now…”

After all…

The real reason why Akatsuki organized the war between Whitebeard and Kaido was to lure out Kizaru and Shichibukai.

On the other side.

The battle between Sasuke and Naruto was still going on.

The mood of Whitebeard Pirates and Beast Pirates became more and more nervous because they felt that this sea region seemed to be too dangerous!

Naruto controlled the Golden Kyuubi to open its mouth and gather chakra and Haki into a ball of continuously spinning Bijudama!

“Senpo: Cho Busoshoku Haki Bijudama(Sage Art: Super Armament Haki Tailed Beast Ball)!”

This Bijudama instantly flew toward Sasuke’s purple-colored Susanoo. Once hit by this Bijudama, even a Complete Body Susanoo would directly explode!

Sasuke controlled the Susanoo to pull out its ninja blade to deflect the Bijudama and send it flying toward the Golden Kyuubi!


That Bijudama actually fell near the Moby Dick!

Even though Moby Dick was getting farther and farther away from the battlefield, it was still inevitably affected. Whitebeard suddenly clenched his fist, and a ball of white light gathered on his fist. With a bang, he detonated that Bijudama!

After Whitebeard resolved this crisis, he lowered his head and looked at the shocked crowd around him. He could not help but laugh and say, “Gurararara… is really dangerous… This battle is not something that anyone can watch!”


Indeed, not everyone could watch.

After Beast Pirates’ flagship saved Jack and a group of pirates, it left the battlefield, leaving only Kaido alone on the battlefield…

In the aftermath of the battle between Sasuke and Naruto, Kaido was unable to protect his subordinates, so he could only let them retreat first…

This was the gap.

After all, Whitebeard Gura Gura no Mi(Tremor-Tremor Fruit)’s attack power was strong and could indeed solve many problems. Kaido only had the Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

If he wanted to protect the Beast Pirates…

Then he could only use his body to resist.

However, regardless of whether it was Naruto or Sasuke. If the two attacks landed on Kaido, they could actually break his defense…

On the battlefield.

Sasuke stood in Susanoo’s crystal. After seeing that Whitebeard had taken care of the Bijudama, he reluctantly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

Sasuke suddenly turned his head. His eyes firmly stared at the Golden Kyuubi, then Susanoo suddenly pulled the longbow in his hand!

“Naruto, let’s decide the outcome in one blow!”

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