Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 505 - Do You the Existence of Light?

Chapter 505 - Do You the Existence of Light?

The Admiral challenges Uehara Naraku.

In fact, everyone present didn’t think much of Kizaru.

This Admiral, who had been defeated by Sasuke twice, actually dared to attack Sasuke’s superior in this situation?

Admirals of the Marine Headquarters, were they all so brave?

Uehara’s figure becomes light particles and brushes past the Ama no Murakumo Sword(Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven) in Kizaru’s hand. He suddenly reached out and grabbed the golden Ama no Murakumo Sword(Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven)!

“So powerful, almost injuring me…”

The corners of Uehara’s mouth curled into a smile as he looked at Kizaru in front of him with a smile. He directly broke the golden light sword with his bare hands!

In the next moment, the Ama no Murakumo Sword(Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven) in Kizaru’s hand turned into countless light particles and disappeared into the air, illuminating Kizaru’s slightly astonished expression!

“Oh, hohoho…”

Kizaru shook his head slowly and put away his surprise. He smiled and teased, “No, no, no, no. Your strength is truly terrifying…”

“Is that so?”

Uehara’s right leg instantly turned into a golden light. He kicked at Kizaru and said with a light smile, “What a coincidence. I also feel that I am becoming more and more terrifying! Don’t you want to try your lightspeed kick?”

“Then I am really lucky…”

Kizaru’s eyes flashed. He suddenly raised his arm and blocked Uehara’s kick. His body turned into a meteor and quickly fell to the ground!

After Kizaru landed on the ground, he did not hesitate at all.

This Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit) ability user raised his head to look at Uehara, who was in the air. He raised his hand and shot out a laser beam, wanting to pierce through Uehara’s body directly!

However, Uehara was faster than him!

Uehara’s body instantly turned into light particles and quickly gathered toward Kizaru. Kizaru’s body also quickly turned into light particles and disappeared from the spot!

Golden light flashed back and forth in the Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation)!

In the next moment, the two figures returned to their human forms in the air at the same time, each shooting out a golden laser beam at each other, and their bodies once again turned into motes of light and disappeared!

This scene dazzled everyone present!

Doflamingo wore sunglasses and said with a smile, “As expected of the strongest fighting force of the marine. Borsalino’s fruit ability is really the most difficult one among the three Marine Admiral…”


Kabuto pushed his glasses and nodded, “If not for Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit)’s ability, I wouldn’t have deliberately sent the four Hokage and Madara-senpai to set up this barrier to block his movements…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Kisame shook his head and grinned, “Even if Kabuto-san doesn’t set up a trap and Shisekiyojin(Four Red Yang Formation), there is no doubt that the lord wants to capture him. How can the Marine Admiral escape the power of God…”


Kabuto was silent for a second. He slowly turned his head to look at Kisame. Suddenly, he smiled and said, “Kisame-senpai is right… But as Naraku-sama’s subordinates, we should try our best to reduce the trouble for Naraku-sama!”

Kisame looked at Kabuto and spread out his hand. He nodded and smiled, “Kabuto-san… is right.”

The atmosphere became a little strange…

Doflamingo couldn’t help but grin, but he didn’t speak. He had been learning about Akatsuki’s situation during this time.

This organization…

It was actually much more complicated than he had imagined.

Akatsuki Organization seemed to have more members than he thought.

For example, when Akatsuki Organization asked him to block Kaido’s trade temporarily, it seemed that it was a guy named Uchiha Obito who informed him… Later, when they asked him to resume the trade, it seemed that a guy named Hatake Kakashi contacted him.

According to Doflamingo’s speculation, Obito and Kakashi in the Akatsuki Organization have some awkward relationships. Could it be that Kisame and Kabuto were also the same?

It was said that they were the first two people to follow Uehara Naraku.

While the two of them were discussing, it was not good for the newcomers to interrupt; but Kakuzu, a senior in the Akatsuki, definitely dared to speak!

After all…

Strictly speaking, Kakuzu watched Uehara grow up.

Just as Kabuto wanted to continue speaking, Kakuzu suddenly spoke up, “Kabuto, Kisame, do you have any information about Sasori and Deidara? How have they been?”

Kakuzu held his arm and said in a low voice, “Hmph! When I came, that little brat Hidan was very concerned about their safety because he hadn’t seen them for a long time. Where have they been active recently?”


Everyone present couldn’t help but fall silent.

When did their Akatsuki Organization become an organization that loved each other? Didn’t Hidan always want Sasori and Deidara would overturn sooner rather than later?

It was clearly you who wanted the bounty in the Art Pirate!

Even Mihawk, a great swordsman who doesn’t deal with Kakuzu very much, has heard of Kakuzu’s name…

It was said that this bounty hunter Shichibukai could kill even the kings of the countries that joined the World Government as long as he was given enough money!

Coincidentally, there were no interesting newcomers during this period of time. The bounty of Art Pirates should be the highest in the first half of the Grandline…

“Kakuzu-senpai does not need to worry about this matter.”

Kabuto glanced at Kakuzu and pushed his glasses. He was a little glad that he was a marine, “Sasori-senpai and Deidara are still busy during this period of time…

I contacted them occasionally after borrowing Second Hokage. I heard that Moonlight Moria escaped from them. I guess they were still chasing after this Shichibukai!”

“Hmph, are you joking?”

Kakuzu asked in surprise, “In this sea, Sasori and Deidara can still let Moonlight Moria, a devil fruit user, escape?”

As a ninja….com

As long as his brain was not like that idiot Hidan…

In this sea, ninjas have a huge advantage against devil fruit users. As long as they can destroy the ship, that devil fruit user will be in a desperate situation.

And ninjas could walk freely on the sea.

“It’s not a joke…”

Kabuto shook his head. The corners of his mouth gradually curved up, and he revealed a curious smile, “It seems that one of Moonlight Moria’s subordinates caused them a little trouble, making them a little unhappy…”


At that time, when Kabuto heard Deidara and Sasori talk about chasing down the Thriller Bark Pirates, they seemed to be gnashing their teeth. They seemed to want to kill the entire Thriller Bark Pirates, especially a girl among them…

That girl seems to be called Perona…

It seems to be a ghost fruit power user.

This sea was not as simple as they thought it was. There are many strange abilities in this world, and everyone has the possibility of overturning the table…

Of course…

Except for Uehara, the leader of Akatsuki.

Kabuto looked up at the battle in the sky. Everyone noticed his movements and could not help but look at the two sides fighting in the sky.

Clusters of dazzling golden light made it impossible to see the figures of Uehara and Kizaru. They constantly transformed into motes of light and disappeared at light speed. Occasionally, they would reveal their actual bodies to fight…

Doflamingo held his sunglasses and said with a smile, “I feel that this battle is almost over, right?”

“It’s unlikely.”

Mihawk couldn’t help but frown. He said in a low voice, “Up until now, Mr. Uehara seems to have only been using Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit)’s ability… If he wants to use Kizaru’s fruit ability to suppress him, it should take some time.”

They did not doubt the result of Uehara’s victory.

Doflamingo had seen Sasuke’s power and also seen Sasuke’s reverence for Uehara. He knew that Uehara must have the power to surpass Sasuke.

What’s more…

Uehara had already defeated an Admiral with his own hands!

Mihawk’s guess was based on the fact that he had seen Uehara’s strength with his own eyes. He was also very clear about the evil taste and pride of this Akatsuki leader…

Uehara Naraku…

He seemed to prefer to defeat them in the enemy’s best field!

“It should be soon.”

Kabuto knew Uehara better than these two Shichibukai. He revealed a meaningful smile on his face, “Naraku-sama knows that we can’t waste time. He won’t delay the matter of his subordinates because of his interest…”

When he said this, the smile on Kabuto’s face became deeper and deeper, “Besides, not everyone can make Naraku-sama spend too much time… He is only willing to play with Admiral Kizaru for a while because Naraku-sama is a little interested…”


Mihawk’s expression was a little subtle.

This guy, he actually treated the battle with an Admiral as a game?

Kabuto looked at Mihawk; he pushed up his glasses, smiled, and continued, “Once Naraku-sama gets tired of playing or gets tired of it… there will be no time for suspense in this battle!”

Kabuto was worthy of being the one who knew Uehara best.

The next moment, the golden light in the sky suddenly gathered into the figure of Uehara. His palm suddenly stretched out, and a golden light appeared around Kizaru like a barrier!

These golden barriers instantly closed up!

Kizaru’s elementalized body was wrapped in these golden barriers, making him feel as if he was trapped in another cage!


These cages were constantly tightening!

“Yasakani no Magatama(Comma Jewel of Eight Shaku)!”

Two rays of light flashed between Kizaru’s fingers. Countless densely packed light balls fell as if they were going to penetrate this cage into a sieve!

However, just as he destroyed the golden barrier, another barrier quickly replaced it. The space in the cage shrank tighter and tighter, limiting Kizaru’s ability to move!

Even though this golden cage had completely transformed into a long square shape that could fit the size of Kizaru’s body, it still did not stop shrinking!

“Is he trying to kill me?”

A serious look flashed across Kizaru’s eyes. His body could only transform into motes of light to avoid being crushed by this cage made of light…

This move that Uehara had developed using Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit)’s ability was something Kizaru had never seen before. He could actually use light to create a cage!

Until the end…

The cage made of light by Uehara was only half the size of a person. It was filled with densely packed light particles. It was the elementalized Admiral Kizaru…

This Marine Admiral…

He was directly captured by Uehara!

“I don’t want to kill my collection…”

Uehara slowly stretched out his palm and controlled the cage to land in front of him before patting the golden cage.

Through the barrier of the golden cage, Uehara looked at the elementalized Kizaru in the cage and said, “Admiral Kizaru, do you believe in light?”


Kizaru, who was in the golden cage, did not answer.

Uehara slowly shook his head and sighed, “You, who can use the power of light, don’t believe in the existence of light?”


Kizaru, who was in the golden cage, still did not answer.

In the next moment, Uehara’s figure suddenly changed. Rays of light shone from his body. His body was instantly enveloped by the light and turned into a golden giant!

The golden giant’s light was dazzling!

The golden giant’s arms intertwined and shot out a dazzling golden ray of light from his arms, instantly destroying the golden cage that was holding Kizaru!

Actively maintain elementalization for a long time…

Consumed a lot of physical strength of those with Logia-type fruit ability!

The moment Kizaru, who was forced to elementalize in the golden cage, finally couldn’t help but recover his body the moment he left the cage and was immediately hit by that golden light!

The awkward thing was…

It did not seem to cause any damage.

The golden giant waved his palm down. A surging Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) was released from his palm and instantly crushed Kizaru’s body!

That Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki)…

It directly pierced through Kizaru’s body!

Kizaru’s body instantly fell from the sky!

The marine cloak on Kizaru’s body was in tatters, and he landed on the island in a sorry state. His body was covered in wounds, and he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood!

The golden giant slowly disappeared into the air…

Uehara’s figure landed. He lowered his head to look at the seriously injured Kizaru, and a hint of regret appeared on his face, “There really is no light in this world…”

Even if he used all his strength to unleash the power of light elements…

It was still not as useful as Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki).

Kizaru’s head was full of question marks. He first raised his hand to indicate surrender, then slowly wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

But Uehara’s words…

It was really confusing.

Not to mention Kizaru, who did not understand what Uehara meant; even those Akatsuki’s members were somewhat confused. But this did not mean that they did not have a suitable answer.


Kabuto walked to Uehara’s side and pushed up his glasses. He chuckled and said, “Maybe light existed in this world before. But now that the world has Naraku-sama, there is no need for light anymore…”

Kabuto glanced at Kizaru on the ground and continued calmly, “A God like Naraku-sama is the light that truly shines on this sea…”

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