Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 49: Why are You Talking so Much

Chapter 49: Why are You Talking so Much

“So, who the hell are you?”

Kakashi reached out and touched his tool pouch and asked quietly, “Why do you know his identity? Why is he trying to kill you?”


Uehara’s face turned unsightly.

Kakashi must be mentally retarded, right?

Why aren’t you asking about Obito and keep asking about his identity? This invalidated many of the stories Uehara had concocted in his mind!

Uehara didn’t want to do anything to Kakashi since he wanted to hide behind the scenes. Using Kakashi, who had found out about Obito’s identity, he would be able to give Obito some trouble and let everyone know that Obito was still alive.

If he could, he also wanted to leak Obito’s abilities…

If this happened then, how would Obito compete with him? The mastermind would be ousted as one of Konoha’s Missing-nin!

It was a pity that Kakashi didn’t want to cooperate!

The way this white-haired guy kept asking questions was really annoying. Didn’t he understand the truth? It was enough for him to know a little. If he knew too much, he would attract a disaster!

Orochimaru’s eyes flickered, he looked at Uehara and Kakashi playfully, and a sudden idea popped up in his mind. He opened his mouth and said, “Kakashi-kun, do you need me to introduce him?”

“No one will think you’re dumb if you don’t speak!”

Uehara interrupted Orochimaru coldly, patted his palm, and told everyone behind him, ” You guys, please entertain Konoha’s Orochimaru!”


“Yes, Uehara-sama!”

“Got it, kid!”

Kisame and the others jumped out, brandishing their swords. They surrounded and attacked Orochimaru altogether!

“Seven Swordsmen of the Mist of the Kirigakure…”

Orochimaru’s eyes turned to look at the three Swordsmen of the Mist, and he couldn’t help saying with a sneer, “Your reach sure is long!”

“Senior Orochimaru’s reach is longer.”

Uehara glanced at Orochimaru and asked Kisame and the others, “Don’t let him interrupt my conversation with Mr. Kakashi.”

“Yes, we understand!”

Hoshigaki Kisame and Hohzuki Mangetsu both brandished their swords and rushed forward first. Momochi Zabuza coldly snorted before following closely behind!

Seeing Orochimaru being forced back by Hoshigaki Kisame and the others, Uehara glanced at Kakashi and the girl next to him and said softly, “Mr. Kakashi, I hope we can be honest. “


Kakashi was a little hesitant. He didn’t know much about the situation. All he knew was that his friend was still alive.

The only information he got from Yukimi was that Obito wanted to use her to control the youngster in front of him but failed.

Kakashi calmed his mind, reduced his cynicism, and assumed the negotiating posture of one of Konoha’s Anbu, “Sorry, I can’t disclose the ninja information about the village.”

After speaking, Kakashi continued, “But I can tell you that you are in extreme danger now. If you are willing to cooperate with Konoha and tell us all the information, then I will try to save your life.”

This was very standard.

Most of the time, Konoha’s ninja would talk to people who asked them for help. After learning more about what happened, Konoha’s ninja would then decide whether or not to help. This would typically go very smoothly.

Unfortunately, Kakashi met Uehara today.

Uehara couldn’t help but curl his lips when he heard it. Kakashi, the son of Konoha’s White Fang, didn’t know anything but still wanted to gain information from him?

Uehara raised his head and looked at Kakashi with a sneer, “Haven’t you realized that your power is not equal to mine? Konoha’s Copy Ninja…”

“I represent Konoha.”

Kakashi’s face was calm as he continued quietly, “I know that Obito conspired against you. If we can cooperate and tell me what you know, I can help you thwart his conspiracy.”


Uehara rubbed his forehead, secretly glanced to the side at the fierce Zabuza. He always found Kakashi’s behavior to be a bit inexplicable yet familiar.

If Uehara really couldn’t fight back against Obito…

If Uehara didn’t understand Kakashi’s strength…

Maybe, Uehara would have believed him.

“You’re too insincere, Mr. Kakashi…”

Uehara sighed in frustration. He glanced suspiciously at the girl who came out behind Kakashi.

She had walked to Kakashi’s side and looked directly at Uehara.

Yukimi’s eyes trembled slightly as she observed Uehara carefully. She wanted to invade Uehara Naraku’s mind silently.

That was her unique skill.

Yukimi was able to make hand seals with her eyes and was capable of using a Secret Jutsu to extract information from the target’s brain. She wanted to help Kakashi using that technique.

Unfortunately, she picked the wrong person.

In the next moment, Uehara’s figure suddenly violently and swiftly hit Yukimi’s abdomen with a swift punch, smashing the girl who could make hand seals with her eyes into the air!

Kakashi pulled out a kunai and stopped Uehara’s next move, “Hey, what do you mean?”

“You should ask her.”

Uehara ignored Kakashi’s kunai, pointed at a girl lying on the ground, and said coldly, “Mr. Kakashi, your partner’s eyes were doing something suspicious…”

Yukimi retorted, “Want are you talking…”

“Shut up!”

Uehara interrupted Yukimi with a cold light in his eyes, “Do you think that I don’t know how to form seals with my eyes either?”

After speaking, Uehara blinked his eyes sharply, his eyelashes moved slightly, and a huge wave floated from his feet out of thin air, rushing towards the position of Kakashi and Yukimi!

It was his Water-Release Ninjutsu, Howl of Raging Waves!

“Earth-Release ·Mud Wall!”

Kakashi flew back to Yukimi’s side and quickly formed hand seals to release an earth wall in front of them.

There was a dog head carved into the wall.

However, the waves at Uehara’s feet continued to surge forwards, wave after wave, tumbling and quickly smashing the earth wall, rushing Kakashi and Yukimi into the distance!

Uehara looked at Kakashi and Yukimi, who were washed away by the waves, and he coldly said, “Did you see it? Did you think that only you could make hand seals with your eyes in this world?”


However, Yukimi, who was swept away by Howl of Raging Waves in the distance, had no time to answer his words. She and Kakashi were swept away by his Raging Waves!

Waves crashed into their bodies one after another!

It wasn’t until Kakashi and Yukimi were washed into the mountain forest by the waves did they manage to firmly grasp a big tree that they could barely anchor their bodies.

Uehara’s body appeared out of thin air and slowly flew to Kakashi and Yukimi. He opened his mouth and said contemptuously, “Did you really think that I didn’t know how to hand seal with my eyes?”

Uehara lowered his body, pinched Yukimi’s cheek with one hand, and continued in a cold voice, “Idiot. How dare you show off your skills in front of me, AND you want to explore my memory? You idiot! Who do you think I am?”


He looked at the pouting Yukimi. She looked a little cute.

The Kakashi next to him was afraid of what would happen to Yukimi, so he rushed up, trying to rescue her from Uehara.

Uehara moved his hand down and grabbed Yukimi’s throat. He coldly gazed at Kakashi, “Mr. Kakashi, it seems like we don’t need to continue talking…”

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