Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 48: Uncle Snake Appears!

Chapter 48: Uncle Snake Appears!

Uehara glanced around at his team, three Swordsmen of the Mist and two people with Kekkei Genkai, one of which was still a seriously ill patient.

Uehara looked at Kimimaro and asked softly, “Did you see any weird people on the way here? For example, someone with a pair of snake eyes…”

Ninja World had an unwritten law.

Ninja World’s Number One Kidnapper, Orochimaru, would always appear next to those displaced youngsters with innate talent, and he would ride a big brown snake to abduct these children away.


After Kimimaro gave an answer, he lowered his head to reminisce for a moment and began to describe the person’s appearance, but he lacked the words to describe him, “That person is powerful, stronger than most of the people I have seen, and he looks good too.”


Uehara fell into a trance.

Is this that really Orochimaru? Why would you use good-looking to describe Orochimaru? Has he changed from Uncle Snake to Aunt Snake?

Kimimaro continued to add, “I remember that he said that if I can come back alive, he will bring me away from here…”

A smile appeared at the corner of Uehara’s mouth. He nodded and said, “Then let’s go take a look. I also want to know what he meant!”

If he could meet Orochimaru, he could take back Orochimaru’s ‘Void’ ring along the way. That ring symbolized his identity as an official member of the Akatsuki, and it could be used for magic lantern body art.

When Uehara thought of returning to the Akatsuki base with three Swordsmen of the Mist and the ‘Void’ ring, he couldn’t help but rub his hands. When he returns this time, he might be able to become an official member. Could he finally get one of the Akatsuki’s red cloud black robes?

As for the additional items like nail polish, he didn’t want to apply them.

Uehara wanted to put on that red cloud black robe, not only because it made him look more handsome but because there was a corresponding side mission.

According to Uehara’s understanding of his kind, there would definitely not be a small number of hobbyists who wanted to wear the red cloud black robe, and the rewards would definitely be very generous!

Unfortunately, Konan hoped that Uehara would have a bright future, so she didn’t want Uehara to mix with the current Akatsuki.

Every time Uehara and Konan talked about the Akatsuki, Konan tried to keep him away from the Akatsuki’s members.

This was one of the repercussions of his perfect performance.

Uehara’s identity and innate talent gave Konan the idea to ​​ cultivate him into the Akatsuki’s successor…

However, Uehara secretly just wanted to play with the suit.

In the mountain forest outside Kirigakure.

Thanks to Kimimaro leading party, Uehara’s entire group quickly found Orochimaru, Kakashi, and Yukimi, who were still in a stalemate.

When Orochimaru turned his head and saw Kimimaro, he couldn’t help showing a smile on his face, “It seems like the alternative container I wanted is back alive…”

A moment later, Orochimaru’s smile gradually stiffened.

There were a few more people behind Kimimaro. Apparently, the little demon had not arrived to go to him but had found someone to clean him up!

Three of the men, who stood closer to the group’s back, each carried a strangely shaped ninja sword on their backs. They were part of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist; Zabuza, Kisame, and Mangetsu from the Kirigakure. Orochimaru had also heard of these people.

Just as Orochimaru wanted to say a couple of sentences, a naive voice came out, “Look, it’s our senior! This is Orochimaru of Konoha, one of the Sannin. Usually, even if you wanted to see him, you can’t see him!”


Orochimaru’s face couldn’t help darkening.

Who said that?

Who dared to treat him like a monkey?

Orochimaru’s eyes tightened as he watched Zabuza and Mangetsu step aside, revealing Uehara.

He recognized Uehara!

As one of Akatsuki’s two interns, Uehara, the Akatsuki’s youngest member, had left an impression on Orochimaru.

Uehara walked in front of everyone, his eyes fixed on Orochimaru. The smile on his face shrunk a little and turned into a fierce look, “After seeing our senior’s demeanor … The next step is to send him off from the Ninja World!”


Orochimaru’s eyes flashed with anger as he snorted sarcastically, “This trifling little demon thinks he’s qualified…”

“Senior Orochimaru!”

Uehara interrupted Orochimaru’s words aloud, “You were defeated with a glance. What qualifications do you have to say that in front of me? Do you think that I’m easier to bully than the others?”

Uehara understood how to deal with a strong enemy, that was, to poke at his scars and reduce his fighting spirit!

If that happened…

Uehara’s imposing-manner would naturally rise in comparison.

“Hateful little demon!”

Itachi defeated Orochimaru with a single look, becoming a shadow in his heart, which was why he became obsessed with the Sharingan’s power.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t take the initiative to stop Kakashi…

But, as an experienced ninja, Orochimaru had a solid mental state. He just cursed with a sullen face and then regained the smile on his face, “Ho ho ho… Forget it. I still need to thank you for sending back the person I want!”

“Are you too old to see the situation clearly?”

Uehara looked at Orochimaru and Kakashi behind him and said, “It turns out that Konoha’s Kakashi is also here…”

Kakashi felt a little nervous when Orochimaru and Uehara began verbally sparring with each other just now. He couldn’t understand the situation and couldn’t speak easily.

Kakashi had also seen Uehara’s unique Lightning-Style Ninjutsu, which he could not replicate with his Sharingan. It had exterminated many Kirigakure Ninjas. Not only was the young man strong, everyone surrounding him was strong!

This young man also seemed to have something to do with Obito…

Kakashi finally couldn’t help but ask, “Who the hell are you? What is your relationship with the mask-wearing person??”

Orochimaru was right next to him, and Kakashi didn’t want to talk about Obito.

Uehara was different, but he wanted to expose the truth ruthlessly, “Mr. Kakashi wants to talk to senior Tobi… Well, I should call him Senior Obito, right?”


When Orochimaru heard this name, his face changed involuntarily. He knew how Kakashi got his Sharingan!

Orochimaru smiled faintly and glanced at Kakashi, and he turned to look at Uehara, “So that funny guy, Tobi, is the hero who died in the battle of Konoha…”


Kakashi’s expression was unsightly. If other people knew about Obito, it’s okay, but Orochimaru, with his mental disorder, liked to get involved in everything…

Uehara didn’t care about Kakashi’s opinion, everyone had their own business to tend to. He opened his mouth, “I don’t know why senior Obito concealed his identity, as for the relationship between him and me. …”

Uehara hesitated for a moment, pondering over what he could reveal to trouble Obito without impeding his own plans.

“Yukimi has already told me that you two had a battle.”

Kakashi wrinkled his frowned head and continued to press the topic of Obito and continued quietly, “Who are you?”

“There are some secrets that are better for you not to get into.”

Uehara glanced at Kakashi profoundly and brought the topic back to Obito, “If I didn’t know the true identity of senior Obito, there might not have been such a big conflict between him and me…”

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