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Chapter 50: Is Konoha Trying to Steal Our Village's Treasure

Chapter 50: Is Konoha Trying to Steal Our Village’s Treasure

Kakashi’s eyes flickered with hesitation for an instant, so he tried to persuade Uehara, “Don’t be hasty! You want Obito’s information since you’re afraid that Obito wants to kill you, right?!”


Uehara changed his stance suddenly.

Seeing Uehara’s expression, his emotions gradually calmed down, and he assumed a calm and composed attitude while handling the tense situation. “Then I ask you to put Yukimi down. Only I can help you!”

After speaking, Kakashi even started to praise his old friend in order to ensure the quality of his conversation, “Obito the strongest genius in Konoha’s history. Without my help, you can not escape Obito’s chase!”


Uehara’s facial expression collapsed again. He looked at Kakashi and barely managed to say, “Mr. Kakashi, do I look like a fool to you?”

“Don’t be impulsive!”

Kakashi saw Uehara’s fingers move slightly. He repeatedly calmed Uehara for fear of him impulsively killing Yukimi, “Put her down first, we can talk this out slowly…”


Uehara hesitated for a while but kept holding Yukimi’s neck tightly. He solemnly asked, “If senior Tobi is Obito from your Village Hidden in the Leaves, he would be a spy sent by Konoha, correct?”

“… “

Kakashi shook his head abruptly, saying solemnly, “No, Obito is now the village’s… Missing-nin, he left the village twelve years ago.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Uehara clenched his teeth and continued, “Whether or not he’s Konoha’s spy or Konoha Missing-nin, Konoha must take him back !”

“This is what I am doing.”

Kakashi immediately agreed and asked, “But you always have to tell me where he has been active recently.”

Uehara shook his head and said in confusion, “I don’t know… Senior Obito just wanted me to perform a mission that requires me to lure a ninja from Hidden Mist Village into defecting, so I suspect he may have been active in the Land of Water. “

Kakashi eagerly absorbed the information, “But why did Obito ask you to lure a Kirigakure ninja into betraying them? Is it because he hates Kirigakure? Why would he let you come? What is your relationship? “

And obviously, he asked you to recruit a single Kirigakure ninja, but you seem to have lured three of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist into turning coat!

“I’m… just a minion. “

Uehara was silent for a while, scolding Kakashi in his heart before he whispered his own story, “I want to be a high-ranking member of the village, so I have to complete difficult tasks.”


Kakashi felt a little surprised. After hearing Uehara’s words, he should have guessed Uehara’s identity as the next leader of a Ninja Village, right?

Uehara checked to ensure that there were no loopholes in his words and continued, “Senior Tobi recommended me to the village’s leader for this kind of mission. My teacher, an elder in the village, did not want me to be in danger, but the leader agreed…”

“I understand. “

Kakashi nodded and continued quietly, “Why do the leaders in your village agree with Obito’s dangerous opinions?” “

Uehara gritted his teeth, with a touch of grief and anger on his face, “It may be because the leader in the village does not want me to get into that position… and senior Tobi has an excellent relationship with the leader. The leader listens to everything he says. We suspected that Genjutsu has been used to control our leader, but we don’t have any clues. “

Uehara slowly lowered his head, with a sad expression, “Actually, before me, only senior Tobi could get that position, but then I…”

This was very vague.

In a sense, there was nothing wrong.

After all, there were only two interns in the Akatsuki, Uehara and Obito, and both of them seemed to want to become an official member of the Akatsuki.

And even if Kakashi confronted Obito in the future, would Obito take the initiative to leak the Akatsuki’s information?

“I roughly understand what you mean. “

Kakashi sighed in his heart. Combining this with the information he kept concealed and Uehara’s mixed words, he began to analyze the situation he was in.

More than ten years ago, in the Kannabi Bridge battle, Obito did not die in battle. He didn’t know how Obito escaped from his predicament, but later, Obito witnessed Rin’s death at his own hands and became angry with Kirigakure Ninjas in pursuit and was now taking the opportunity to get revenge.

Later, Obito joined a Small Ninja Village in order to hide and used Genjutsu to control the leader of the Ninja Village.

This was not too difficult to imagine.

If Obito’s Sharingan’s power greatly increased, controlling a small Ninja Village’s leader would not be difficult. Even a Tailed Beast could fall under his control!

Kakashi remembered the first time he met after Obito took off his mask. He personally confessed that he killed teacher Minato and his wife…

Perhaps, that was also true.

Since Itachi could kill his parents and his whole clan to gain his strength, why was it impossible for Obito to kill his own teacher?

Kakashi finished analyzing the information he had and wanted to get one last piece of information, “So, your excellency… which ninja is it? Which ninja village is it? “

Since Uehara had been hiding his identity, Kakashi was still a little confused. He added from the side, “If I want to take him away from your Ninja Village, I need this information.”

“Mr. Kakashi. “

Uehara stood up slowly, looked at Kakashi, and spoke coldly, “You don’t have to ask me any more questions. I have told you as much as I can… Even if we meet again in the future, I won’t admit that I leaked senior Tobi’s information to you. “

When he said this, Uehara’s face flashed with contempt, “Forgive me for speaking bluntly. You should get the Third Hokage of Konoha to send other people to deal with this matter. Mr. Kakashi’s strength… I don’t think you will be enough… “


Kakashi’s eyes flashed.

Their third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen of Konoha, also didn’t know about Obito’s reappearance. Well, Kakashi didn’t want to tell him, but once Hiruzen learnt of the Akatsuki, he would choose to seal off the news and send someone good at moving in the darkness and troubleshooting.

For example, the leader of the Root, Shimura Danzo.

Not long ago, Danzo was inexplicably imprisoned. If this old matter was revealed, wouldn’t it be possible for Danzo to come out again?

“Let’s go. “

Uehara waved his hand, turned, and walked towards the battle between Orochimaru and Kisame, Mangetsu, and the others, “I also met Orochimaru who stole our village’s treasure here, so I want to take back the treasure from him.”


Kakashi glanced at Orochimaru. He suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Your Excellency, Orochimaru a Missing-nin of Konoha…”

“Kakashi! “

Uehara turned his head abruptly, stared at Kakashi coldly as a murderous aura began to emanate from him, “Does one of Konoha’s ninja want to steal the treasure from our Ninja Village? Leave! Don’t force me to kill you guys!”

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