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Chapter 42: So You Also Have a Brother Complex

Chapter 42: So You Also Have a Brother Complex

Mangetsu quickly formed a hand seal. His body suddenly turned into a ball of water, and he quickly slid into the lake next to him using his clan’s hydrification Secret Jutsu!

A short time later, he walked out of the lake again.

It had only been a few seconds, but Mangetsu had recovered his original appearance. Even the wounds and bloodstains on his body disappeared.

Aside from the huge consumption of chakra, Mangetsu, at this moment, had completely recovered. The Secret Jutsu hydrification Healing was magical!

This secret Jutsu was kind of similar to the Orochimaru-Style Body Substitution Jutsu. By consuming a large amount of chakra, he could heal all of the injuries in his body.

Uehara looked at Mangetsu and couldn’t help but exclaim, “If you had one of the Ninja World’s peak Kekkei Genkai could become a genius ninja comparable to Uchiha Itachi!”

These were Uehara’s true thoughts.

Mangetsu was only thirteen years old this year. He could already use the hydrification Secret Jutsu passed down the Hohzuki Clan flawlessly. He could use hydrification to ignore physical attacks and heal himself, and he had extremely strong swordsmanship.

Moreover, each sword’s unique ability was like an additional arm. In terms of battle strength alone, Mangetsu surpassed most ordinary Jonin.

He was definitely worthy of being the eldest son of a Noble Clan.

In some respects, Mangetsu and Itachi were very similar. This year, they were both thirteen years old, and they were both successors of Great Country Ninja Village’s Noble-Clan. In the future, Mangetsu, like Uchiha Itachi, would die early due to a serious illness.

“Konoha’s S-Rank Missing-nin who exterminated his clan, Itachi?”

Mangetsu glanced at Uehara in surprise. He was not sure why this guy suddenly mentioned Itachi, and the strength of that Konoha S-Rank Missing-nin was indeed strong.

When Itachi and Juzo sneaked into the Land of Water some time ago, it was said that the Fourth Mizukage had suffered a serious injury even after his Tailed Beast Transformation, causing great panic in the village.

For this reason, Yagura left the Kirigakure to hide and recover from his wounds. It also inspired Zabuza to attempt to assassinate Yagura.

The Kirigakure was, therefore, also quietly collecting his information.

Mangetsu remembered the description in the arrest warrant released by Konoha and some of the rumors he heard. Shaking his head, he said, “I will not kill my own clan and torture my younger brother like him!”


Uehara chuckled lightly and didn’t answer. He just found it funny. Were all ninjas with younger brothers in the ninja world in love with their younger brothers?

Just as Uehara thought of this, a smile appeared on his face, so he probed, “If you are willing to surrender now, I will consider sparing your younger brother’s life.”

After speaking, Uehara put a finger onto his temple and continued with a chuckle, “Let me think… His name is Hozuki Suigetsu. He should be eight years old this year, right?”


Mangetsu’s face instantly showed a touch of anger!

The Kirigakure’s genius, who was rarely angered, now clenched his fist hard enough to hear creaks!

Mangetsu looked at Uehara with a serious face and issued his own warning, “If anyone dares mention hurting Suigetsu… I will do my best to kill them!”

“I guess I was right!”

The smile on Uehara’s face became even thicker. He seemed to have found a way to capture Mangetsu. This guy really does have a younger brother complex!

He’s such a genius, so why not allow him to join the ‘Love and Peace’ Akatsuki rather than let him stay in the Kirigakure, where he would die sooner or later. Wasn’t it a reckless waste of natural resources?

It was also just fun to think about it!

During the meeting at Akatsuki base, Uehara solemnly vowed that he could recruit Kisame into the organization. Konan also advised him to place his own safety over the mission.

If he pulled the three remaining Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist in Kirigakure into the Akatsuki, wouldn’t he have more than met the mission’s requirement?

All they had to do was fight, right?

When Pain and Konan re-started their businesses, how did they recruit people? Did they just beat or threaten people? That was how their group was slowly established.

The smile on Uehara’s face strengthened and filled with provocative, “Even if you work hard, it will not help. I will kill you first, and then kill your younger brother…”

In order to increase his persuasive power, Uehara continued to analyze the situation, “If news of the death of Fourth Mizukage Yagura goes out, the Kirigakure will become very chaotic, right? In that case, think. It doesn’t seem to be too difficult to kill your younger brother!”


Mangetsu knew that the young ninja in front of him wanted to irritate him. However, when it came to Hozuki Suigetsu, he still found it impossible to restrain his anger, “Give up your ridiculous idea! I will kill you here!”

Mangetsu fumed angrily. After speaking, his body turned into a giant man made of water and charged towards Uehara with a punch!


The waves splash!

The water man’s fist smashed into Uehara’s body. The huge force almost instantly collapsed the earth, as the water turned into a flood and slammed into the ground!

“Can Hydrification really reach this level of power?”

Uehara floated in the water before stepping into the sky. Looking down at the water giant, he slowly opened his arms, “Unfortunately, there is no Ninjutsu that cannot be countered. Every technique has its shortcomings. For example, your Hozuki Clan’s hydrification Secret Jutsu is very weak to Lightning-Release Ninjutsu…”


Hearing Uehara’s words, the incarnation of Mangetsu paused, its huge palms began to clasp together, and the water on the ground surged into the water man’s body and fell from the water man’s fingers again, like a waterfall…

Mangetsu’s voice boomed out of the waterman, and it coldly shouted, “You won’t have a chance to release Lightning-Release Ninjutsu …Water-Release ·Water Shockwave!”

A surge of water spurted from the water man’s mouth, moving towards Uehara. The waves rushed and splashed, forming a massive ball of water, trapping Uehara!

Uehara glanced at his wet clothes, but just as he was about to emerge from the ball of water, he suddenly felt that the density of the surrounding water increase. It was actually squeezing his body!

That guy Mangetsu melted into the water!

In Ninja World, every Water-Release ninja could use the Big Bang Water Shockwave technique, which could change the terrain without consuming too much Chakra if they coordinated their attacks.

For example, after Senju Tobirama used the Big Bang Water Shockwave, he rode the waves to attack the enemy from under the water. After Kisame used the Big Bang Water Shockwave, he would enter the fusion Samehada form and hit the opponent in the water.

Mangetsu used Big Bang Water Shockwave and combined it with his hydrification technique. Within the massive ball of water, every drop of water was a part of his body!

He could manipulate every drop of water!

Mangetsu was able to develop his family’s hydrification Secret Jutsu vividly and thoroughly. No wonder he dared to appear here. In his current state, he could defeat the Jinchuriki with enough and to spare, right?

“Unfortunately…you found the wrong opponent.”

Uehara’s eyes suddenly became cold, and he raised his arm, “Take a look at my Lightning – Release Ninjutsu! Lightning-Release·Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison!”

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