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Chapter 41: The outrageously strong teenager

Chapter 41: The outrageously strong teenager

The clash between Zabuza and Kisame was incomparable to the fierce battle between Uehara and Mangetsu. The strength of these twelve or thirteen-year-old youngsters was unbelievable.

The Hiramekarei in the hands of Mangetsu slashed down, the murderous aura left a deep chasm in the earth, but the blade was blocked by a circular defensive net that shone with a yellow glow!

It was Uehara’s defensive stance. The golden net tightly wrapped Uehara’s body, with a spike at every grid intersection!

“Is that all you got?”

Uehara’s mouth formed a smile. The bonus skill he got after defeating the Mizukage was all he needed to ignore the enemy’s swordsmanship in battle.

As long as it wasn’t Might Guy from Konohagakure, his taijutsu would be a match for any Jonin ninja now.

Mangetsu looked at Uehara’s smile and twisted his wrist, causing the pair of holes on the Hiramekarei to spew a gas that enveloped the entire sword!

“Hiramekarei ·Unleashing!”

Mangetsu snorted coldly, and Hiramekarei shot at Uehara!

As he finished his words, a ball of shining Chakra condensed on the Hiramekarei and slammed into Uehara’s body, instantly knocking Uehara away!

But he understood that just this style of swordsmanship was not enough!

Mangetsu quickly retracted his palm, pulled out the summon scroll beside him, and raised his fingers, “Summoning Jutsu, Bluntsword Kabutowari!”

Kabutowari looked very peculiar. It looked like an ax attached to a large mallet by a length of rope.

Mangetsu flew forward, grabbed the ax with one hand, and hit Uehara’s body. His other hand grabbed the hammer end and slammed it on the back of the ax!

Kabutowari claimed to be powerful enough to break all defenses precisely because of its two parts. They could be used in conjunction to crack open any defense, like a hammer and chisel.


Kabutowari cut the yellow circular defensive grid!

Unlike last time, Uehara’s body was sent flying. He couldn’t stand the superposition of the ax and the hammer’s power!

The Spike Defensive reflection also damaged Mangetsu’s body. A mouthful of blood surged into his mouth, slowly flowing out from the corner of his mouth…

“This ninja sword… isn’t it too noisy?”

Uehara stood up, patted mud off his body, and, ignoring his life energy consumption, pointed his finger at Kabutowari in Mangetsu’s hand, “A hammer and ax are not good enough. A scythe should accompany it!”


Mangetsu gazed at Uehara suspiciously, ignoring his insane rambling. He was still shocked by the defense technique Uehara used.

‘What the hell was that spherical yellow grid?’

‘How is the Kabutowari be unable to destroy his defenses?’

The Kabutowari in Mangetsu’s hand turned into smoke and dissipated. He quickly opened the scroll again and summoned another sword!

[Longsword · Nuibari.]

“I don’t want this one!”

Uehara’s voice entered Mangetsu’s ears, and he suddenly rushed to the enemy’s side, kicking away the ninja sword in his hand.

The Longsword in Mangetsu’s hand suddenly stopped despite being knocked away by Uehara’s attack, the steel wire behind Nuibari had caught Uehara’s ankle!

“Hmph, this time, you can’t escape!”

Mangetsu brandished the Nuibari and stabbed the sharp and slender ninja sword into a big tree. The steel wire attached to the sword handle wrapped around Uehara’s body and tied him tightly to the tree!

He truly was a genius who was proficient with all seven swords.

No matter how strangely shaped the sword was, Mangetsu could use it easily and at the most suitable time.

Mangetsu looked at the bound Uehara, stretched out his left hand, and shouted in a low voice, “Water-Release Arm!”

With a shout, Mangetsu’s arms became visibly thicker!

This was one of the Hohzuki clan’s Secret Jutsus. It could concentrate the water throughout their body into their arm, thereby enhancing any attacks using it.

Mangetsu glanced at the other battlefield, Zabuza lurked in the mist and entangled Kisame, so it seemed like he didn’t need to use his sword.

“Zabuza senior, the Kubikiribocho, let me use it!”

Mangetsu quickly clasped his hands and formed seals before spreading out his hands, “Summoning Jutsu…Seversword·Kubikiribocho!” “

“Scoundrel, give me more warning!”

Zabuza cursed while hidden in the fog. Ultimately, he had no objections as he also secretly observed Uehara and Mangetsu’s battle.

Although these two twelve or thirteen-year-old demons did not use any powerful ninjutsu with insane power, just the taijutsu confrontation between them was extremely intense!

Every time Zabuza thought that Uehara was going to die, he used a defense technique to block it, then he’d just casually brush off the dust and continue the fight…

On the other hand, Mangetsu, who was actively attacking, suffered many internal injuries. The little demon Uehara’s defensive technique was simply outrageous!

Seeing Mangetsu manage to seize a chance to win, Zabuza realized that he had to support him, not to mention merely borrowing his Kubikiribocho once.

Only Kubikiribocho could cut through his defense!


Zabuza thought of Uehara’s weird technique formula, loudly said, “Be careful! That guy seems to have a technique that makes him invulnerable. It’s stronger than the yellow defensive technique you’ve faced up to now…”

However, Zabuza’s reminder was too late!

After borrowing Kubikiribocho via Summoning Jutsu, Mangetsu didn’t want to miss his opportunity. Holding on to the handle of the Kubikiribocho moved towards Uehara, hacking towards him!

A dazzling golden shell emerged around Uehara.

The golden light filled Mangetsu’s vision as the light reflected off the Kubikiribocho into Kisame and Zabuza’s eyes…

Having fought with Uehara, Kisame, and Zabuza, they knew how powerful the golden shell was…

A single thought emerged in their minds.

‘Mangetsu will die.’

Will all seven Swordsmen of the Mist lose to Uehara?’

Uehara, bathed in golden light, calmly received the Kubikiribocho.

On top of the invincible shell created by the Moment of Sacred Judgment, Uehara created a spiked yellow grid as he prepared to face the Kubikiribocho head-on.


Countless blades of wind flew out!

Mangetsu, holding Kubikiribocho, reached Uehara’s first layer of defense, where he encountered a huge reflective force, causing the entire blade to break!

Even the sharp Kubikiribocho broke so, unsurprisingly, Mangetsu’s body was even worse off. The force of the shock injured his whole body. The genius ninja of the Kirigakure spewed out blood as uncountable numbers of bones broke…

Uehara opened his eyes and looked down at Mangetsu, lying on the ground, suffering a severe injury. He tilted his head, “Huh, I didn’t do anything. Why did you fall over?”


Mangetsu turned his head and looked down. He felt like he had been hit with Genjutsu. How could the Kubikiribocho only have a handle left?

Clenching his teeth, he stopped hesitating.

“Water-Release ·Hydrification Cure!”

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