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Chapter 40: I Want the Explosive Tags in the Shibuki

Chapter 40: I Want the Explosive Tags in the Shibuki

They fell into a stalemate once again.

Yagura’s death did not change the situation.

Aside from Zabuza, who was an outsider, Uehara and Mangetsu both wanted to kill all witnesses.

Uehara did not want Uchiha Obito to have any way of hearing of Kisame’s betrayal. He needed Kisame to be his spy.

Mangetsu didn’t want anyone to know that he was trying to kill Yagura since he was from the Hohzuki clan and wanted to inherit the position of Mizukage.

Kisame drew the Samehada Greatsword from behind him and spoke with a smile, “Uehara-sama, if you need me to kill them, I should be able to.”

“Don’t worry.”

Uehara waved his hand and decided to look at the reward for killing Yagura first.

[Hidden Mission: End Uchiha Obito’s control of the Fourth Mizukage Yagura (1/1)]

[Reward: Purification]

[Purification: Purge all negative effects affecting you. Cooldown, 210 seconds]

Uehara was puzzled. He had never encountered a hidden mission before, and he also didn’t expect to have completed it. Does killing Yagura count as releasing him?

Regardless, the Purification skill was excellent!

From now on, he didn’t have to worry about being controlled by a Sharingan’s Genjutsu, nor would he be killed with a glance like Orochimaru and Kakashi.

He also completed two ordinary side missions.

[Side Mission: Defeat Three-Tails Isobu (1/1)]

[Reward: Spike Defense]

[Spiked Defense: You enter a defensive stance. During this period, your life energy is doubled, and if you are struck by a physical attack, half of the damage will be reflected back to the enemy. The duration is equivalent to the amount of Chakra consumed with a minimum of 40 Chakra over 6 seconds. Cooldown, 4 seconds.]

Did I get a tortoise’s skill because I defeated a tortoise?

Why not just give him a summoning contract! Well, the Spiked Defense skill would greatly strengthen his taijutsu combat strength, so it wasn’t bad either!

The last reward he got was a largely useless skill since Kisame also had similar ninjutsu skills.

[Side Mission: Defeat Fourth Mizukage Yagura (1/1)]

[Reward: Howl of Raging Waves]

[Howl of Raging Waves: Summon a wave from under your feet that sweeps all enemies in front of you. The skill range’s range is equivalent to the amount of Chakra consumed with a minimum of 100 Chakra. Cooldown, 100 seconds.]

Isn’t this just a Water-Release Ninjutsu?

Uehara sighed, Kisame could also spit out Water-Release Ninjutsu like a broken dam. This skill could only be described as ‘better than nothing’.

“Hey, Mangetsu, what do you want then?”

Zabuza stuck Kubikiribocho on the ground and whispered, “Only the dead can keep secrets, but it’s too hard to deal with these guys!”

“We must keep them.”

Mangetsu held a scroll in his hand, opened his mouth, and said, “Suigetsu is still here in this village. I don’t want my younger brother to become a Missing-nin.”

“Suigetsu, that little demon…”

When Zabuza mentioned Hozuki Suigetsu, his face became unsightly. That kid constantly tried to take the Kubikiribocho away.

Isn’t he provoking him into killing him when he grew up?

If it weren’t for the protection of his big brother Mangetsu, Suigetsu wouldn’t even know how he was killed!

Kisame looked at the scroll in Mangetsu’s hands and exclaimed, “He really is a child prodigy loved by the seven swords. Even the Samehada in my hand recognizes you! Mangetsu!”

“Is that the scroll that summons the seven swords?”

Uehara curiously looked at the scroll in Mangetsu’s hand, opened his mouth, and asked, “How many ninja swords can he use now?”

“At present, it should be four.”

Kisame knew the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist well so he replied, “Samehada is in my hands, Kubikiribocho is in Zabuza’s hands, Thunder Knife is still in the hands of Kurosuki Raiga, who defected so he can use the remaining four.”


Uehara suddenly became interested, “I heard that there is a ninja sword named blastsword, Shibuki, which can summon countless explosive tags…Is that sword also in it?”

Uehara did not understand the mechanism of this ninja sword, it could be using an engraving or summoning explosive tags, but its abilities alone were attractive enough.

This ninja sword could be used in conjunction with his explosive tag skill!

Uehara had the ability to multiply explosive tags so, no matter how many explosive tags there were, it was not enough for him.

If it didn’t work, couldn’t he just give it to Konan as an ornament?

Kisame couldn’t hear Uehara’s thoughts, so he continued, “Yes, the explosive ability of Shibuki is very troublesome…”

Uehara’s face immediately became serious. Crossing his arms, he watched Mangetsu unravel the scroll coldly, “Then let him summon the Shibuki! I want that ninja sword!”


Kisame’s face warped a little. He thought back to Uehara’s explosive tag technique, but he was in Uehara’s camp now, so he nodded with a smile. “That ninja sword is indeed suitable for Uehara-sama.”

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he wants to hand it over!”

Uehara squeezed his fist and walked, step by step, towards Mangetsu as he whispered to Kisame, “I will take down Mangetsu. Mr. Kisame can take down Zabuza no problem, right?”

“Of course.”

Kisame laughed confidently and violently tore off the bandage on the Samehada Greatsword and continued with a smile, “It’s good that Uehara-sama is willing to deal with Mangetsu… After all, I’m not sure I can beat the Kirigakure’s genius ninja!”

Among the three remaining Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, although they have never directly fought, they more or less understood at heart that Zabuza’s fighting strength was the lowest.

As for Kisame and Mangetsu, there was very little contact between the two of them, and Mangetsu, who was only thirteen this year, had never lost.

Mangetsu never had to take on an enemy seriously during a mission since, no matter how strong the enemy was, he easily defeated them.

Thus Mangetsu had the alias the Mysterious Genius of the Kirigakure, a prodigy the Akatsuki never understood!

As for Mangetsu, the opponent he was facing was also very interesting.

Kisame had never seen exactly how much power Uehara hid since, whether he faced Obito or Fourth Mizukage Yagura, he was always so confident and calm.

Kisame laughed and turned his head to look towards the opponent he was assigned, “That duel is between two ninjas who have never been forced to show their true power. Who do you support? Zabuza?”

“Hhmph, the person I support has always been me!”

Zabuza waved his Kubikiribocho towards Kisame. The battle between the Swordsmen of the Mist had begun!

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