Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 39: Both Sides Seek to Hide the Truth

Chapter 39: Both Sides Seek to Hide the Truth

“But this guy wants more.”

Kisame’s facial expression gradually became dignified, and then he suddenly brandished his blade, “Unless Mangetsu wants to defect, he will definitely want to kill all witnesses!”

“One person can’t do two things at the same time…tsk, there are helpers.”

Uehara nodded, a card appeared at his fingertips, and his body flew into the air with the help of his Dancing Air Technique, floating into the sky to observe the surrounding situation.

“It seems like you’ve figured it out!”

Mangetsu’s sword slashed at the Fourth Mizukage Yagura as he smiled, showing his sharp teeth. “No matter who it is, you can’t escape!”

The Hohzuki clan’s nature had always been bloodthirsty. If Mangetsu had been a gentle ninja, he wouldn’t have been worthy of his sharp teeth!

Since Uehara and Kisame figured it out, Mangetsu didn’t even bother hiding it, instead shouting, “Come out, Zabuza senior!”


A faint silence suddenly filled the air.

Uehara’s expression turned a little weird, and he even wanted to laugh.

The name Mangetsu called out sounded a little familiar!

Uehara’s neck twisted stiffly and looked towards Kisame, “Do you Kirigakure ninjas always do things so sloppily? Why does he think that Zabuza can stop us?”


Kisame shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know it, but he would not underestimate Zabuza.

Kisame whispered, “Zabuza is proficient in Hidden Mist Jutsu. He does have the ability to stop me, but I don’t think he can beat Uehara-sama.”

“I don’t understand.”

Uehara looked at Mangetsu, who was still suppressing Fourth Mizukage Yagura, frowned and asked, “Shouldn’t you check the fighting strength of your helper before you go for it? That guy Zabuza ….”

“Hey, little demon, don’t look down on people!”

A silhouette suddenly rushed out, cursed in anger, and then jumped into midair with strength. Waving the greatsword in his hands, he struck Uehara. It was Zabuza.

Uehara did not panic either as he was much more flexible than Zabuza in the air, so he lowered his head slightly to avoid Kubikiribocho, then suddenly exerted force to slam into Zabuza’s chest!


Zabuza immediately fell into a difficult situation and dropped to the ground in an embarrassing manner!

Uehara looked at Zabuza, shaking his head and sighing, “Zabuza, I haven’t seen you in three days, yet your strength is getting weaker and weaker!”


Zabuza spat out mouthfuls of blood. Although it was partially due to the serious injuries he incurred in his assassination attempt on Yagura, Zabuza also clearly felt the increase of Uehara’s strength. He had become stronger again.

How long has it been since they met? Uehara’s strength, the little demon, seemed to have doubled. What was going on?

Mangetsu couldn’t help turning his head and looked towards Zabuza, whispering, “Senior Zabuza, do you know each other?”


Zabuza fell silent. It was shameful for him to admit that he was defeated by Uehara before.

Uehara slowly landed by Zabuza’s side. Seeming to understand Zabuza’s dilemma, he smiled and lightly explained, “Mr. Zabuza, there is no need to feel uncomfortable about our relationship… After all, many people have been defeated by me. But there are very few people who managed to escape.”


Mangetsu couldn’t help his surprise when he heard those words. The situation had spiraled out of his control!

Six hours ago.

Zabuza had determined that it was the perfect time to assassinate Yagura and quietly snuck to Yagura’s residence.

Unexpectedly, his strength was far from enough to match Yagura, so he was beaten and forced to flee. Moreover, the news of his actions had leaked out.

Mangetsu, who was in charge of the village’s defense, was the first to get news of an assassination attempt on the Mizukage by Zabuza, but he did not choose to send support. Instead, he killed the Mizukage’s guardian ninjas, who had returned to the village for help. Thus the news didn’t continue to spread.

Mangetsu found Zabuza and got Yagura’s information from him, so he planned to fish in troubled waters.

If Yagura was still fine, Mangetsu would continue to be one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist who were loyal to Mizukage-sama. If Yagura was seriously injured, Mangetsu wouldn’t mind sending him to hell. The Hohzuki clan had never been pacifists.

However, Mangetsu didn’t know that Yagura would have been slain by Uehara had he given him a little more time.

Mangetsu only noticed the seriously injured Yagura.

The current young head of the Hohzuki clan decided to take action immediately, planning to kill Yagura and Uehara.

Clearly, the situation had spun out of control.

“Okay, let’s sort out the current situation!”

Uehara clapped his hands. Pointing at Yagura, who was covered in serious injuries in the distance, he declared, “It seems our goals overlap. Everyone wants to kill the Fourth Mizukage, so you should have no objection to this, right?”


Three Swordsmen of the Mist glanced at each other, Zabuza coldly-snorted, Mangetsu nodded, and a smile appeared on Kisame’s face.

The time of sadness would finally end…

The strongest ninja team under the Second Mizukage, the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, only had three people now, and they all wanted to kill their Kage.

The Fourth Mizukage Yagura’s eyes changed. Looking at everyone present, he laughed sadly, “I didn’t expect you guys…”

“Sorry, I almost forgot. Mizukage-sama is still alive!” Uehara didn’t turn his head at all but continued to gaze at Zabuza and Mangetsu. He just snapped his fingers in the direction of Yagura!

Everyone looked on, stunned, as they watched the ground under Yagura’s feet suddenly warp, and a grotesquely shaped shark appeared, opened its mouth, and swallowed him!

After a moment, the shark plunged into the ground again, leaving the Fourth Mizukage Yagura’s corpse lying on the ground…

The Great Shark Bullet Technique was a weird skill, but the effect was unexpectedly powerful if it was used as a sneak attack!

Uehara just snapped his fingers to summon a weird shark that killed the Fourth Mizukage Yagura. Watching this scene, horror flashed across Zabuza and Mangetsu’s faces!

Kisame chuckled lightly, “As expected, Uehara-sama specializes in non-seal ninjutsu, right?”

Whenever Kisame looked at Uehara’s hand seal, he always found it a little strange because he would make small mistakes from time to time.

Now he realized that they were just used to disguise Uehara’s skills and to reveal a false weakness, right?

As a ninja who was skilled at hand sealing and a loyal subordinate, Kisame also suggested very empathetically, “If Uehara-sama is willing, I can help put together a beautiful set of hand seals for you. “

Kisame was good at hand seals.

Uehara nodded a little, then shook his head and said, “Forget it, we’ll talk about it later once I learn the basics… Let’s deal with this first! You, Yagura, killed the Fourth Mizukage. I don’t want anyone to know that Kisame was involved!”

“Looks like our ideas are the same.”

Mangetsu slowly pulled out a scroll from his bag and said softly, “Aside from Senior Zabuza, I don’t want anyone else to know that I wanted to kill Yagura.”

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