Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 43: He's a Hopeless Brocon!

Chapter 43: He’s a Hopeless Brocon!

A thundercloud appeared!

Uehara smiled lightly as the Chakra in his body quickly flowed into the thundercloud in his hand, and the thundercloud billowed out.

“Let me find where you are!”

Uehara’s voice had barely fallen, but the area of ​​the thundercloud storm had already covered the entire ball of water, with lightning bolts flashing within it…

A bolt of lightning broke away from the clouds and struck a particular position in the water, revealing a faintly discernible face!

Mangetsu could only bear the blow as his head slowly appeared, his expression a little odd, “I didn’t see any hand seals…”

However, Mangetsu didn’t have time to be distracted!

Beyond the thundercloud created by the Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison, a layer of arcing lightning swum, converging into a cage. Within this cage, lightning fell, one after another!

One after another, lightning struck Mangetsu’s body!

“This ninjutsu is not that strong.”

Mangetsu passively endured the lightning attack, lowered his head, and continued to analyze, “But it’s continuous? Plus, the frequency of the attacks is very high…”

After enduring for a few seconds, Mangetsu was forced to exit the hydrification state.

This was a flaw of the Hohzuki clan’s hydrification technique. Encountering lightning meant that their bodies could not be fully hydrated, which would force them to manifest themselves.

This caused the massive ball of water to lose Mangetsu’s Chakra, so it turned into a wave of water that flowed into the lake, revealing Uehara and Mangetsu silhouettes.

“Water-Release ·Water Prison Technique!”

Just as the massive ball of water was about to dissipate, Mangetsu began to form hand seals quickly, releasing defensive Ninjutsu.

The stagnant water on the ground surged up quickly, forming a hollow water prison that was just enough to envelop Mangetsu, resisting the lightning falling in the thundercloud.

One after another, lightning smashed into the prison!

Uehara walked towards Mangetsu step by step, looking at him through the water prison, before finally deciding to persuade him to surrender, “Do you want to save your younger brother? As long as you surrender to me now and join our organization, I will let you live with your younger brother.”


Mangetsu lifted his head and gazed in the sky covered by thunderclouds as he gradually fell into a long silence.

If he died here, his eight-year-old younger brother Hohzuki Suigetsu would definitely not survive in the cannibalistic Kirigakure.

But he still bore the last wish of revitalizing the clan!

After a while, Mangetsu slowly lifted his head and looked towards Uehara, “Hozuki clan is a ninja clan that participated in the creation of the Kirigakure. Our clan’s ancestor, Hozuki Gengetsu, became Kirigakure’s Second-Kage Mizukage…”

“Oh, I know him.”

Uehara said, “I heard that Second-Kage Mizukage led the Land of Water back then. The Kirigakure troops failed to attack the Land of Fire and turned around to attack the Land of Earth. As a result, they and the Second-Tsuchikage perished together ….”

Not only that, their corpses were buried together before death.

Later they were all dug up by a tomb robber named Yakushi Kabuto.

Uehara suddenly laughed and said softly, “Does your family background have anything to do with your surrender? We also have one of the Uchiha in our organization, so the Hozuki clan doesn’t seem to be particularly noble?”

“It’s not noble.”

Mangetsu frowned, his face some hesitation said, “Hozuki clan has only me and Suigetsu left, and I still bear the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the clan. I cannot become a Missing-nin…”

Not only can I not, but I dare not.

If his big brother was a Missing-nin, how could his younger brother Hozuki Suigetsu survive in the Kirigakure?

He would definitely be killed!

While Mangetsu was talking, he proposed another solution, “If I can, I am willing to reach a cooperative relationship with your superiors, I’ll even send you information on the village.”

Mangetsu was really worried about his younger brother, so he even violated his ninja principles and became Uehara’s spy within Kirigakure.

Once Mangetsu became the Mizukage, Uchiha would replace Obito as the new mastermind behind the Kirigakure. However, Mangetsu would not survive until seventeen years old. Why would he stay in the Kirigakure?

Moreover, Uehara didn’t know how to use Genjutsu, so what could he use to restrain Mangetsu?

This guy only had his younger brother and the Hohzuki Clan in his mind. Mangetsu would not care about other things!

Wait, younger brother?

Uehara suddenly thought of another brother in Ninja World who had a strange relationship with their elder brother. He looked at Mangetsu and lightly said with a smile, “Do you want your brother to become stronger than you? I have a way but do you want to hear it?”

“What way?”

Mangetsu raised his head subconsciously. As an older brother, he certainly believed that his younger brother would surpass him!

“Will it be worth it if your younger brother becomes a ninja who takes revenge on you in the future…?”

Uehara’s face showed an evil smile, “What if he becomes stronger at an unimaginable speed and becomes the one who revives the Hozuki clan? In the future, he might even have a chance of becoming the Fifth Mizukage!”


Mangetsu was confused for a moment before he shook his head and said, “If Suigetsu is the only one remaining in the Kirigakure, he won’t survive… Many people in the village are hostile to the Hozuki. clan.”

“Then entrust him to someone worthy of trust.”

Uehara thought of the brown-haired female ninja who gave him cookies and softly suggested, “Now that I’ve killed Yagura, the blood mist will end! Think of a way to entrust your younger brother to the ninja named Terumi Mei in Kirigakure. Do you think she will take care of your younger brother? “

Terumi Mei, a woman with a sour look, seems to like to take care of Kirigakure’s younger generation. Chojuro, the third successor of the ninja sword Hiramekarei, was well cared for by her.

“Senior Terumi Mei?”

Mangetsu’s eyes suddenly lit up, but he still felt some hesitation and said, “Terumi Mei senior does take good care of the village, but she will be 23 years old this year, she should be married soon…”

“Oh, is she 23 years old?”

Uehara remembered that the Terumi who gave him cookies looked youthful and beautiful, but this did not stop Uehara from saying following up, “Don’t worry about that! Not to mention twenty-three years old, even if she is thirty-two, she won’t get married!”

In order to increase his persuasiveness, Uehara continued, “Terumi Mei’s double Kekkei Genkai is very vicious. No one in the Kirigakure would dare to marry her, right?”

“…You… make sense.”

Mangetsu unexpectedly nodded unconsciously. Many ninjas who admire Terumi Mei gave up on her after seeing Terumi Mei’s battle style.

Currently, Terumi Mei has no suitors.

Some of the more gossipy men in the village had mentioned that Terumi Mei was more likely to become the Mizukage first before getting married!

Mangetsu didn’t think too much about Terumi Mei, as he always paid more attention to his younger brother.

Mangetsu solemnly looked at Uehara and pleaded loudly, “Now, please tell me how to make Suigetsu stronger! Right now, he is aiming to kill Senior Zabuza, so his vision is a little limited…”

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