Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 401: Admiral Aokiji Who Was Forced to Surrender

Chapter 401: Admiral Aokiji Who Was Forced to Surrender

What a sad person.

The story of this world was also very melodramatic.

Aokiji, this Admiral, had always wanted Nico Robin to follow the wishes of her old friend to find a companion to rely on and live well. Still, Nico Robin wanted to kill Aokiji now and take revenge for Saul.

Nico Robin looked at Aokiji; her face was faintly excited, her eyes gradually accumulated water mist, and tears slowly fell down her cheeks.

“Saul is my only friend!”

Nico Robin wiped away the tears on her face and her voice gradually became gloomy, “Admiral Aokiji, I never dared to think about this. Today I have the chance to kill you, the devil who killed Saul…”

Yes, she never dared to think about it.

Nico Robin knew that she would never be a match for Aokiji, so she never dared to think about revenge and could only live like a mouse.

Once she found someone chasing her, she would directly escape.

“It’s good.”

Aokiji looked up at the blue sky and slowly said, “I really didn’t expect that you would still remember Saul. If you kill me now, you won’t have to bear hatred in the future, right?”.

After saying this, Aokiji suddenly looked at Uehara and said, “Hey, Uehara, you won’t let me go, right? This is the tomb prepared for me, right? Before I die, can you let me talk to Nico Robin alone?”.

“… Okay.”

Uehara slowly nodded, and when he left with Kisame, his mouth slightly curved.

After the two of them left.

Aokiji slowly sat up, looked at Nico Robin, who suddenly became nervous, and whispered, “Don’t be nervous, I won’t do it. Now that I have lost, I will only die. Rather than dying in their hands, it is better to die in your hands.”

“What do you want to say to me?”

The expression on Nico Robin’s face was still very vigilant.

Aokiji looked up at Nico Robin and suddenly lowered his voice, “The giant who fought for Ohara seventeen years ago, Jaguar D. Saul, is a good friend of mine.”


Nico Robin’s expression changed.

At this moment, Nico Robin suddenly understood why Aokiji let her go…

Aokiji’s expression was still cold, his voice was getting lower and lower, “I followed his will to let you go back then, so I have an obligation to pay attention to your life. I have always been observing you all these years.

Seventeen years have passed. You have never changed. It always bothers me that you didn’t think about finding a place to live. Instead, after hearing the news that someone is chasing after you, you would betray your companions and escape. After you saw me this time, I also thought you would betray them and run alone.

But now, you actually didn’t escape? Perhaps you saw their powerful strength, or perhaps you really found a place to live. I should be happy for you.

But that Uehara is very dangerous…”

When he said this, Aokiji suddenly rubbed his head and interrupted his words, “Huh? Forget it? At least you have found a place. Then don’t let Saul down. Live well!

As long as you are alive, Ohara has not perished.”

After saying that, Aokiji sat on the ground, bent his back, and slowly lowered his head, “I’m done; kill me now!”

These were Aokiji’s last words.

For so many years, he had been paying attention to Nico Robin, afraid that the little girl he had let go of would die in the sea.

After all…

In his heart, he thought of Nico Robin as a daughter, right?

Or rather, he was also atoning for the sins of the marine in Ohara.

Who knew!

This was the guy who wanted to give people warmth the most in the world, but he just got the coldest devil fruit in the world. This was really a great irony.


After listening to Aokiji’s last words, Nico Robin slowly clenched her fist and her eyes became watery again.

Nico Robin shook her head and said, “I can’t betray Akatsuki… Aokiji, surrender to us!”

Nico Robin looked at Aokiji and continued, “Uehara will never let you go back and leak the news! But earlier, Uehara was teasing you by making you a marine spy, didn’t he?

As long as you are willing to surrender and stay with me in Akatsuki, Uehara will definitely not kill you. Everyone in this organization treats him like a god!

Uehara also thought that he was a real god controlling this world. He was such a proud person; as long as you are willing to surrender, he will definitely accept you, a Marine Admiral. Because this is a toy for him to show off… “

“An Admiral can not surrender.”

Aokiji lowered his head and refused Nico Robin’s proposal. His voice was a bit stubborn and cold, “When I was defeated, I had already died here. Do it, Nico Robin; at least let me leave with peace of mind.”


Nico Robin was silent.

Nico Robin suddenly knelt down in front of him and looked up at Aokiji. Her voice suddenly became hoarse, and her cheeks were dripping with tears.

“Don’t just say death so easily! For 17 years, I’ve been worried that someone will kill me every day, but I’ve been trying my best to live!”

“What a naughty little girl…”

Aokiji reached out his hand and stroked Nico Robin’s hair. His forever cold face revealed a relieved smile, “I haven’t been able to take a good look at you all this time. Now that you have grown up don’t act like a child anymore…”


Nico Robin lowered her head and wiped away her tears.

At this moment, all 17 years of grudges had been eliminated here.

Nico Robin knew what the man in front of her did for her. Now she just wanted Aokiji to survive.

Nico Robin could understand the pride of an Admiral…

But she still wanted Aokiji to live, even if it were humiliating.

Just as Aokiji wanted to continue to say something, he saw Uehara looking at them in the distance, revealing a mysterious smile.

No, that guy is strange!

Aokiji’s expression suddenly changed, and he regained his indifference, “Nico Robin, hurry up, I don’t have any more strength in my body, I can’t kill myself…”

“Don’t be in a hurry to die!”

Uehara’s palm fell on Nico Robin’s shoulder, his mouth slightly curved into a smile; he looked at Aokiji and said, “In fact, both of you are wrong; what I said is true, as long as you agree to be my spy, I will let you go.”

After saying this, Uehara ignored the shock of Nico Robin and Aokiji, “What a headache, if I want to threaten you for your loyalty to me, I can’t find anyone suitable to be a hostage…”

After Uehara said this, he looked at Aokiji, and a strange smile suddenly appeared on his face, “Do I have to use your teacher Zephyr to threaten you? You must know that former Admiral Zephyr is definitely not my opponent…

And what about Smoker, who was guarding Loguetown? Is he your friend? But I don’t think you will care about him…”


Aokiji’s expression did not change.

In fact, he was a little panicked.

Because the two people that Uehara mentioned were really the people, he cared about the most, especially his teacher Zephyr.

Uehara lowered his head and thought for a while. Suddenly, he stretched out his palm towards Kisame then a dark green energy was pulled out from Kisame’s body!

That was the soul contract he signed with Kisame!

Although Fate’s Call had been exchanged for chakra energy, the soul contract was still with him and Kisame!

Uehara waved his hand and threw the dark green energy to the ground. A short green spear fell in front of Aokiji, “If you don’t want them to die with you, pick up this Black Spear!”

[Black Spear: Through the Black Spear, provide a cooperation agreement to other people. The Black Spear will enter their bodies and bind their souls if they accept the deal. If they betray the contract, the traitor’s soul will be put into the Black Spear to strengthen its power. (Only one person can be bound to it and can be removed.)]


Aokiji fell silent.

Kisame sighed.

Nico Robin whispered, “Aokiji, follow his order first; no one among Akatsuki’s members will resist his order… If he is angered, he will definitely do as he said!”


Aokiji slowly stretched out his palm.

Nico Robin was right; he had to find a way to stabilize Uehara no matter what.

The next moment, he slowly held the Black Spear on the ground.

When Aokiji held the Black Spear, a dark green energy wrapped around their bodies, and a sigh of God appeared in their ears.

The oath had been signed.

“Even if you are an Admiral, you will immediately die as long as you betray our agreement, and your soul will not rest in peace.”

Uehara waved his hand to treat Aokiji’s body before he continued, “In other words, even if you want to betray me, there is no chance for you to leak my information.”

After that, Uehara looked at Aokiji, and his face revealed a smile, “Don’t be so cold, be happy; at least you can take this opportunity to monitor me and even persuade me to give up some wrong ideas…”

What Uehara said was indeed reasonable.

At least after becoming this guy’s person, you can monitor his every move and stop his dangerous actions.

Aokiji’s expression eased a little, then he raised his head and asked, “Then can you tell me your real identity and purpose now?”

“Our real identity is Akatsuki, which means to bring the dawn(Akaktsuki) of hope to the world.”

After Uehara solemnly introduced their identity, he spread out his palm and continued, “Of course, my surface identity is an employee of the Baroque Works. The main purpose is to let the world know the horror of Mr. Crocodile!

We want the whole world to know that Mr. Crocodile is the most terrible pirate in the world. He is the man who is most likely to be the king of pirates!”

“Sorry, just wait a sec…”

Aokiji couldn’t help but scratch his head, he looked at Uehara and asked, “Well, can I ask, do you have any hatred with Crocodile?”

Wasn’t this the same as killing Crocodile?

This method of spreading horror was something that only pirates who wanted to die would do!

Crocodile, this kind of pirate who has conferred the title of Shichibukai and was very famous, if he dared to do this, he would definitely provoke a group of strong enemies!

Why did these two people, obviously so powerful, squat in a small place like the Baroque Works to slowly harm Crocodile!

What was the purpose of doing this…

If there was hatred, couldn’t you just kill him secretly?

“There should be no hatred, right?”

Uehara turned to look at Nico Robin, “Hey, Robin, did Mr. Crocodile say anything bad about me? For example, treating me as an experimental subject?”


Nico Robin thought for a while and shook her head. “No, Crocodile just said that he treated you, employees, as disposable tools.”

“Then now I have a grudge with him.”

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