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Chapter 400: How Could an Admiral Be Your Spy!

Chapter 400: How Could an Admiral Be Your Spy!

“Shigan(Finger Pistol)!”

Aokiji’s finger was about to pierce through Uehara’s body.

However, Uehara suddenly disappeared in front of Aokiji, making Aokiji’s finger hit nothing. At this moment, Aokiji’s eyes tightened!

Uehara appeared next to Aokiji, his finger targeted Aokiji’s head. He narrowed his eyes and smiled, “It just so happens that I know a similar move. Mr. Kuzan, do you want to try it?”

Although Uehara seemed to be asking for Aokiji’s opinion, he didn’t hesitate at all.

A bullet of water comes out from Uehara’s fingertips.

This water bullet suddenly shot through Aokiji’s head but the body of this admiral turned into ice and fell to the ground!

The next moment.

Aokiji’s body slowly recovered its appearance.

The resting area of the arena.

Just as Uehara and Aokiji were fighting, or Uehara was suppressing Aokiji, Kisame slowly drank the juice.

The surprise on Nico Robin’s face didn’t disappear.

Although she knew that Uehara had enough strength to fight with Aokiji; now, she only saw that Uehara was completely suppressing a Marine Admiral…

Or it could be said that Aokiji had almost no strength to fight back!

At least from the current point of view, Aokiji had been in a state of being beaten.

“Mr. Kisame…”

Nico Robin looked at the two people fighting in the distance and could not help but ask, “What ability does Mr. Naraku have?”

“Who knows!”

Kisame thought for a while and grinned, “If you really want me to say it, you can treat him as a god walking in the world…”

“A god?”

Nico Robin’s eyes flashed.

In the Arena.

Aokiji’s battle style was completely crushed.

Because the only way for him to defeat Uehara was to use his rich combat experience to find an opportunity to defeat him in an instant…

But Uehara never gave him a chance!

This battle was undoubtedly the most depressing one for Aokiji. No matter what kind of enemy he faced, he had never felt as powerless as he was now.

“A boring battle.”

Uehara’s palm grabbed Kuzan’s throat.

The next moment, Uehara’s eyes suddenly turned to Rinnegan, and he quickly pulled Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) from Kuzan’s body!

Just when Kuzan thought that Uehara was going to kill him and was about to break free, he felt that his Haki was quickly leaving his body!

This guy was actually absorbing his Haki!

After Aokiji’s body temporarily lost its Haki, he was completely reduced to a big sandbag and could no longer resist.

“Mr. Kuzan, you have lost.”

A Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) condensed in Uehara’s hand, then he punched Kuzan in the face and knocked the tall man to the ground.

Aokiji was now lying on the ground.

This Admiral was in an unprecedented state.

“Let’s go.”

Uehara picked up his collar,

Just like that, he dragged the injured Admiral to their resting area.

Aokiji didn’t care about his image, he just looked up at Uehara and asked, “Hey, Uehara, what is your real purpose? Why did you take Robin in to join your organization?”

In any case, he could not resist now.

Moreover, whether he lived or died was not up to him for the time being.

If that’s the case, why don’t you just go back to the beginning and see if he could find out the truth before he died?

By the way…

He also wanted to see if this was now Robin’s real home.

The only troublesome part was that even if this was not Nico Robin’s home and only wanted to use her to do some dangerous things, Aokiji couldn’t help her.

Aokiji didn’t hear Uehara’s answer, so he could only continue to ask, “Hey, Uehara? You don’t know about Nico Robin’s past, right?

So far, all the organizations related to Nico Robin in the sea have perished. Only she was spared… “


When Uehara heard this, he finally couldn’t help but turn around and say, “Mr. Kuzan, those organizations that Robin once joined, didn’t you secretly destroy them?”

Aokiji scratched his head and whispered, “Anyway, that woman was born alone. There’s nothing good about getting involved with her. Just like what happened in Ohara, so is Saul, and you are no exception…”

After Aokiji said this, he continued, “From the age of eight, that woman, Nico Robin, used her clever mind to sneak into some organizations as her hiding place, and personally pushed those organizations to be destroyed…

Although her strength is not as good as yours, her brain is quite sharp. No matter what your purpose is, she will definitely mess up your plan. I think you should drive her out and let that woman die on the sea!”


Uehara nodded casually and suddenly touched his chin, “Join an organization? Then mess up this organization’s plan? And finally, destroy this organization…”

After thinking for a while, Uehara slowly nodded, “Why do I feel that this method is a little familiar…”

As for what Aokiji said it was dangerous…

Where was Nico Robin dangerous?

To be honest, the degree of danger of any members of Akatsuki’s organization was much greater than that of Nico Robin!

Finally, they arrived at the resting area. Uehara then threw Kuzan in his hand on the ground and sat on the stone chair.

Nico Robin also heard their conversation. Her face was pale and her eyes showed a touch of horror.

Just as Nico Robin was nervous, Uehara asked calmly, “Hey, Robin, is your past really like what he said?”


After a long silence.

Nico Robin finally nodded slowly.



Uehara touched his chin and suddenly said, “Then in the future, if I want to send you to join a pirate group to go undercover. Are you willing to go?”


Nico Robin was silent for a while.

This woman finally nodded slowly and said, “If it is Naraku-sama’s order, I will carry it out seriously.”

“Very good.”

Uehara patted her on the shoulder, and a smile appeared on his face, “Then… how about I give you a reward now?”


Nico Robin raised her head in confusion.

An ice blade suddenly appeared in Uehara’s hand. The ice blade in his hand rested on Nico Robin’s shoulder, only an inch away from her neck!

Aokiji’s eyes suddenly tightened!

He did not expect that Uehara would kill so brazenly!

“Mr. Naraku…”

After a second of panic in Nico Robin’s eyes, she regained her composure, “What do you mean?”


Uehara slowly melted the ice blade into steam. He calmly sat on his chair, crossed his legs on the table, and slowly said, “When I wanted to kill you just now, didn’t you notice Mr. Kuzan’s expression?”


Nico Robin turned around with lingering fear, only to see that the Admiral’s face was slightly complicated.

Seventeen years later, when she was still living in her hometown OHara, her only friend was a marine vice-admiral named Saul.

It is a pity that because of their study of the historical text that was forbidden study by the World Government, Ohara suffered a disaster.

One of the people who led the team was Aokiji.

However, after Aokiji killed her friend, he respected her friend’s wish and promised to let Nico Robin go.

The relationship between the two…

In fact, it was quite complicated.

Uehara calmly spread out his palm and said softly, “Alright, Mr. Kuzan, stop acting in front of me…”

Why was there always someone acting in front of him…

Did these people not know that he was the real Acting King?

Uehara reached out and took out his fruit juice. He waved his hand and said, “Forget it, you can resolve your affairs internally later. In any case, some members of our organization like watching a play like this the most. Especially the more bloody the story is, the more they like it!”

“Mr. Naraku, what does this mean?”

Nico Robin opened her mouth in surprise. She couldn’t help but look down at Kuzan on the ground and whisper, “Don’t tell me you want an Admiral to defect? How is this possible…”

“How can that be?”

Uehara shook his head and said with a smile, “This is an Admiral, how much information can he provide us in the future… It would be a waste to make him defect!”


Nico Robin’s expression changed from shock to subtle. At this moment, she looked at Uehara with a hint of disrespect.

This guy…

How whimsical was he?

How could an Admiral be Akatsuki’s spy?

Aokiji heard Uehara’s words and suddenly slowly said, “As long as you are willing to believe in me. Of course, I can…”


Nico Robin’s eyelids couldn’t help but tremble.

Although Aokiji’s lie sounds really perfunctory, you should at least be a little stubborn. This general was too spineless!

After all, how could an Admiral of the marine be a spy for a small organization, or he just wants to take the opportunity to be a double agent and wait for the opportunity to obtain information for the marine.

Nico Robin immediately found a chance to fight back against Aokiji. This Admiral has been deliberately poking at her scars…

Now, Nico Robin was glad that she joined Akatsuki.

Nico Robin looked at Uehara and whispered, “Mr. Naraku, Admiral Aokiji came from a marine training camp!

And Aokiji is the disciple of Z, it is said that he is most likely to be the next Fleet Admiral. He is somewhat loyal to World Government.

This kind of person will never sincerely agree to be our spy. I guess he wants to take the opportunity to escape and get our information!”

After saying that, Nico Robin slowly stretched out her finger, and a trace of coldness flashed across her face, “Mr. Naraku, why don’t you let me kill him!”


Aokiji’s expression was subtle.

In the Ohara incident, he let this woman go, but now he is going to die at the hands of this woman?

It seems…


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