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Chapter 399: Return to the Most Primitive State of Battle!

Chapter 399: Return to the Most Primitive State of Battle!

In the face of such a strong enemy, Uehara was still relaxed.

Even Uehara looked at Kuzan with interest and took the initiative to ask him if he needed help.

“Mr. Kuzan, do you need me to help you heal and restore your strength? To a certain extent, I can actually be considered a good doctor.”

This sentence was not wrong.

Because of the existence of Astral Infusion, Uehara can become the strongest ship doctor in the world. In addition to life energy, he can also help to restore Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki).

[Astral Infusion: Consume 10% of your current life energy and Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki), to replenish a certain amount of life energy and Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) of the target. No cooldown time.]

“Well, there is no need.”

Aokiji scratched his head and refused Uehara’s proposal.

As an Admiral, Aokiji’s bodily functions were far better than ordinary people’s and he also didn’t fight with Kisame for a long time. Except for the Ice Age that transformed the entire island out of thin air that consume a bit of stamina, there was nothing serious.


Uehara’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Uehara clenched his fists and charged toward Aokiji almost like a fly, “Then let’s… start the battle now!”


Aokiji’s palm suddenly released a wave of cold air!

This cold air landed on Uehara’s body in a blink of an eye, but it didn’t hinder Uehara at all!

Uehara Naraku also has the ability to freeze in his body. As the same ability, Aokiji’s devil fruit ability will not have any effect on him at all!

Uehara smiled and spread out his palm. He then smiled and said, “You must like this trick very much…”

The next moment, a ball of magma appeared on Uehara’s palm!

This scene changed Aokiji’s face again, and there was a shadow in his eyes because the power that Uehara used was what he hated the most.

“He can even use Sakazuki’s Magu Magu no Mi(Magma-Magma Fruit) ability?”

“This is the ability of your colleague, Admiral Akainu. Don’t you like it?”

Uehara waved his hand and threw the magma to Aokiji. This magma then turns into magma rain.

A blast of cold air erupted from Aokiji’s body, and he waved his hand to quickly cool down the dropping magma rain, and freeze it all!

Just as Aokiji easily resolved this move, his face suddenly became serious, because he saw Uehara’s body turn into golden light particles!

This was…

Borsalino’s Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit) ability!

“What should I say…”

Uehara’s body was shrouded in golden light. The next moment, his figure become light particles and suddenly appeared next to Aokiji. He raised his foot and kicked Aokiji in the chest, “Have you ever been kicked at lightspeed? Is that it?”


Aokiji silently raised his arm to block the attack.

At this moment, Aokiji was in a bad mood. As one of the three Admirals, Aokiji was very clear about how troublesome Borsalino’s ability was.

He really didn’t expect that…

Uehara was actually able to use Pika-Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit) ability!

Was this guy able to use the ability of all Logia-type Devil Fruit?

The corner of Uehara’s mouth curved, his figure suddenly turned into light particles and dissipated, and these particles floated in the air again and gathered!

“In fact, I like Kisaru’s ability…”

Uehara’s figure reappeared and he crosses his arms in front of him while having a golden light between his finger, then he fire a torrent of deadly light particles towards Aokiji’s position!

Countless dazzling light bullets fell from the sky!

The power of each light bullet was absolutely not to be underestimated!

Every light bullet that fell to the ground could quickly cause a violent explosion!

Aokiji’s body turned into ice.

He raised an ice shield in front of him and muttered to himself, “This is really troublesome… He can even use Borsalino’s Yasakani no Magatama(Comma Jewel of Eight Shaku)?”

The problem was a bit too big!

Why was someone with this ability still in the first half of the Grand Line!

Shouldn’t a pirate who has such a powerful fruit ability go to the new world? Why was he in this place?

“Uehara Naraku.”

Aokiji looked up at Uehara in the air and directly asked, “What is the meaning of you staying in the first half of the Grand Line?”

“Of course, it’s for Mr. Crocodile!”

In the air, Uehara showed a solemn face. He looked at Aokiji and said seriously, “To make Mr. Crocodile the Pirate King is my belief!”


Aokiji looked at Uehara and scratched his head, “Hey, if you want to kill Crocodile, it should be easy, right?”

It has already reached this point…

It has been exposed by him for a long time…

Don’t act at this time!

“Haha, then you are wrong!”

Uehara cross his finger and shook his head. He smiled and continued, “If one day you really see the real hidden power of Mr. Crocodile, then I believe you will be shocked!”

It was as if he was really terrifying.

Aokiji didn’t hear the truth, he helplessly stretched out his hand and pointed at Uehara in the air, “It seems like I have to find a way to get the secrets out of you… And an Admiral is not as simple as you think!”

The next moment, a surging shock wave suddenly appeared!

This was the advanced usage of Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki), Emission!

As the strongest fighter of the marine and as the three people at the apex of the marine, in addition to the powerful Logia-type Devil Fruit, they also had the extremely powerful Haki!

Uehara’s eyes suddenly turned into Rinnegan!

Uehara stretched out his palm and directly absorbed the Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) released by Aokiji into his body!

Uehara smiled and said, “Mr. Kuzan, even if you release your Haki to me, it will be useless…”

“This guy can actually absorb Haki?”

Kuzan stared at Uehara. At this moment, he finally recognized what kind of enemy he had encountered. The pupils of this Admiral suddenly shrank.

No, or should I say…

The speed and method Uehara used to absorb Haki were even more terrifying than Kisame!

Because in the perception of Aokiji Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki), Uehara just stretched out his palm and absorbed the huge shock wave he released!

Where did this monster come from? Not only could he use many Logia-type abilities, he even has the ability to absorb b Haki!

If Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) was ineffective against Uehara…

Then there was basically no way to restrain Uehara’s various elementalization abilities, not to mention that Aokiji’s devil fruit ability was also ineffective against Uehara…

How can he fight?

Does he really have to learn from Sakazuki? No matter what enemy he encounters, he must stubbornly resist to the end of his life?

When they first met, Aokiji already knew that Uehara was not easy to deal with, but he didn’t expect that this guy seemed to be more difficult to deal with than he imagined.

It was really… unimaginable!

At this moment, Aokiji finally understood why a powerful person like Kisame would submit to this man Uehara…

This guy can simply perfectly restrain anyone on the Grand Line!

Even Aokiji couldn’t think of anyone who could defeat Uehara. Just these abilities alone made him have almost no weaknesses.

On the Grand Line, a strong enemy was not scary because no matter how strong he was, he will have his weakness.

Then would Uehara have a weakness?

Aokiji’s eyes became serious.

Uehara looked at Aokiji with interest and whispered, “In addition to Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) and devil fruit ability, what else do you have? Aren’t you going to show me Marine Rokushiki(Six Powers) or something?”


Aokiji, who was originally calm, finally couldn’t help but tremble when he heard Uehara’s words.

How could Rokushiki(Six Powers) be useful to such an enemy?

But there seems to be no better way now, right? Then he could only rely on pure physical skills, and quietly use Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) to inflict heavy damage on Uehara in battle.

Aokiji was too lazy to run his brain. He then estimated his win rate and it would be good to have ten percent!

Just as Aokiji’s brain began to work, Uehara suddenly disappeared in the air and appear in front of Aokiji!

Uehara tilted his head, narrowed his eyes, and said with a smile, “I really overestimated you, Admiral. We only fought for a few minutes, are you going to make me lose interest in fighting you?”

Uehara’s smile suddenly became gloomy, “Mr. Kuzan, I prepared a luxurious arena for this battle!”


Aokiji slowly shook his head.

Although Aokiji’s mood was actually very heavy, his face gradually regained its calm because life had to continue.

Aokiji’s eyes moved slightly and saw the sea outside the island. No matter what Uehara’s Devil Fruit was…

As long as he was a Devil Fruit user…

He was destined to be hated by the sea.

But it was not easy to do this… Because Aokiji can freeze the sea at any time so he was not afraid of the sea, let alone Uehara who has so many powerful Logia-type abilities…


Finally, he found a way to crack this weakness!


Aokiji’s figure instantly disappeared in front of Uehara!

By stepping on the ground dozens of times in 0.36 seconds, the recoil force was used to achieve high-speed movement!

Rokushiki(Six Powers) was one of the top physical skills in this world.

It’s just that these physical skills have been sealed in the memory of the Admirals because the enemies they face are solved with Devil Fruit abilities.

Now, he could only rely on Rokushiki(Six Powers) instead of Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki)…

As well as the experience of an Admiral for many years!

Even Aokiji never thought that one day he would be forced to give up his devil fruit ability he was proud of and Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) that he had cultivated for many years…

Instead, he would return to the most primitive state of the battle.

“Oh, it has been many years since I last used it…”

Aokiji’s body flashed and appeared behind Uehara as if he teleported. His finger suddenly fell on Uehara!

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