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Chapter 398: Fight Well, I Will Not Refund the Ticket

Chapter 398: Fight Well, I Will Not Refund the Ticket

The sea breeze is a little noisy.

Uehara sipped his fruit juice and looked at the two people standing in the arena. He then shouted, “Hey, let me enjoy the battle between you two. If I am not satisfied, I will not only refund the ticket but also beat people!”

“Are you… not worried?”

Nico Robin’s eyelids trembled, and she still looked nervously at the tall Aokiji in the arena, “That is an Admiral, Crocodile is definitely not comparable to him!”

“What is there to worry about?”

Uehara said with a relaxed face, “I just need to be sure that I am invincible. I don’t care how strong he is!”


This person was really too confident!

Nico Robin couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

After hearing Uehara’s words, Kisame still grinned, revealing his sharp teeth, “If it was an order from Uehara-sama, then I need to really give my all!”


Aokiji didn’t speak.

For him, he didn’t like what happened today.

In addition to the fact that Nico Robin joined a dangerous organization, there was another reason why an Admiral like him agree to have a battle performance.

No matter what happened, he can’t let this organization escape!

Aokiji looked at Nico Robin who was sitting next to Uehara. Staying in such an organization was also very dangerous for Nico Robin!


Aokiji came mainly for Nico Robin.

Until now, Aokiji wanted to destroy this organization so that Nico Robin would leave these dangerous people like Uehara, because only in this way can she continue to escape and live.

The unknown organization that Robin joined now is different from those small organizations, those organizations can be destroyed easily…

But this organization she join was unbelievably dangerous!

This organization would definitely set off a storm that could destroy the world. In that case, the World Government would definitely not tolerate Robin, who had joined this organization to live.

Taking a step back…

Even if Robin only wanted to find a hiding place, such an organization was not suitable, because there was a possibility that someone might casually kill him…

This woman was really troublesome…

If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have accepted this troublesome task…

Just as Aokiji was still thinking, Uehara’s voice entered their ears, “Hey, you can start now!”

With the announcement of Uehara, the air suddenly became heavy!

Aokiji standing in front of the stone wall with the marine logo slowly stretched out his palm to the empty space. An ice sword suddenly spread out from his palm, then a black thing slowly wrapped around this ice sword!

Standing in front of the stone wall with the Akatsuki logo, Kisame didn’t care about what he saw. He waved Samehada in his hand and rushed forward!

The next moment, the two suddenly collided!

A shock wave was emitted from the collision of the two!

The two of them held the weapons with Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) wrapped around in their hands, each of them waving their sword in an attempt to attack the opponent’s weakness!

It had to be said that Aokiji’s height was indeed an advantage.

Especially since this guy was also a monster, even if he didn’t rely on his fruit ability, he could still fight with Kisame!

The more they fought, the more shocked they became.

The next moment, the ice sword in Aokiji’s hand was suddenly cut into pieces. The Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) that was wrapped around the ice sword gradually dissipated!

Kisame’s Samehada cut Aokiji’s body and was narrowly avoided by him!

Just when Aokiji thought that he dodged the attack, Samehada suddenly came to life,

One after another, thorns pierced his shoulder.

This was the Samehada with Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki)!

Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) was able to directly ignore elementalization and attack the body of Logia-type, even Aokiji could only hurriedly cover his shoulder with a layer of Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki) to resist the thorn.

What surprised Aokiji was…

Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki), who had just covered his shoulder, gradually dissipated after Samehada touched it!

No, or rather, he was sucked away!

“This is…”

Aokiji’s face changed.

This Admiral took a few steps back and retreated from Samehada’s range of attack. He then frowned and said, “A sword can actually absorb a Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki). Is it a weapon that eats Devil Fruit… It seems like he isn’t someone to be underestimated!”

“You guessed right!”

Kisame waved his Samehada and pointed it at Aokiji. He smiled and said, “Samehada can indeed absorb your Haki… Although it is not as delicious as chakra, it can still be eaten.”

A trace of confidence flashed on Kisame’s face. He continued with a smile, “After all, I can follow Uehara-sama. Even if you are an Admiral, you shouldn’t underestimate me.”

“Well, that makes sense…”

Aokiji slowly nodded, he calmly spread out his palm and whispered, “I should apologize to you about this, I really shouldn’t judge a person based on his appearance…”

The next moment, an icicle suddenly appeared in Aokiji’s palm.

These icicles instantly rushed in Kisame’s direction, and the air they passed by was filled with cold air. When these icicles hit the enemy, they would instantly freeze the enemy!

“Suiton, Suijinheki(Water Release: Water Formation Wall)!”

Kisame quickly closed his palm and formed a seal. He opened his mouth and a stream of water turned into a water wall, blocking the incoming icicles!

The next moment, the water wall was directly frozen!

“It seems to be a ninja from Wano Country?”

Aokiji looked at Kisame’s action and couldn’t help but frown again, “It’s more troublesome than I thought!”

“No, it should be you who is more troublesome to me!”

Kisame once again grabbed Samehada and directly smashed the ice wall and rushed in Aokiji’s direction!

Kisame waved Samehada in his hand and rushed forward. His face revealed a ferocious smile, “I really miss Itachi-san… If he was still here, maybe I wouldn’t have to face such a troublesome opponent like you!”


Aokiji heard a very strange name, a bit like their own kind. That Itachi-san should be the code name of a character from their organization.

But soon, Aokiji didn’t have time to think about it.

Because Kisame is faster than he imagined and the sword in his hand was so strange that it can absorb Haki, making it very difficult for people to deal with…

If it was an ordinary person…

No, or rather, if there was no special fruit ability, just the vice admirals who like swordsmanship and physical skills would almost be perfectly restrained in facing Kisama.

Even if he has the fruit ability, it was useless…

The Vice Admirals’ intelligence was almost always semi-public.

This person called Kisame has a lot of Haki in himself, plus he could absorb Haki of others…

It was simply unimaginable!

No, in addition to absorbing Haki; it seems that he can also absorb physical strength because Aokiji felt that his physical strength consumption seemed to be a little faster.

Among all the vice-admirals, the only one who can rely on Haki and physical skills to suppress this Kisame was Garp

“Kisame, you are indeed very surprising.”

Aokiji’s palm was cold. He looked at Kisame who was rushing toward him and constantly dodging the attacks of Kisame, while he continued to say, “It has been a long time since a pirate as strong as you appeared in the first half of the Grand Line…”

The next moment, Aokiji’s face suddenly became cold. He stared at Kisame who was waving his Samehada and continued coldly, “But you guys shouldn’t underestimate the power of an Admiral.”

Aokiji suddenly squatted on the ground after dodging Kisame’s attack. He reached out and put his palm on the battle arena.

“Ice Age!”

The next moment, Aokiji’s body suddenly turned into ice and the ice instantly appeared from his hand and quickly spread to the whole arena!

In just a few seconds, the entire arena turned into a world of ice and snow, it was simply unimaginable!

The whole area was under Aokiji’s attack range!

This guy just relied on his freezing ability to directly change the terrain and environment, making this arena completely become his home ground!

In the face of this situation, Kisame felt a little powerless.

Kisame felt cold air blowing on his face. His body was covered with frost. Now, he could only cover his body with Haki.

The frozen ability of Hie Hie Mi(Ice-Ice Fruit) was too restrained for him!

Because Kisame couldn’t use water release ninjutsu which was his best because any water release ninjutsu would be instantly frozen.

Moreover, this arena had completely become a world of ice and snow. If Kisame fought in this area, he would need to maintain his Haki to avoid being frozen…

Now, he was at a disadvantage.

Just as Kisame closed his palm and was about to try Great Shark Bullet Technique, a voice stopped him.

“Stop, Kisame, you have already lost.”

After Uehara stopped Kisame, he calmly patted his palm. He looked at Kuzan and continued with a chuckle, “As expected of an Admiral… He can easily change the environment of an island.”

After saying this, Uehara stretched out his palm and place it on the ground, “But Miss Robin is wearing very little clothes… I don’t want my subordinates to get sick.”


Aokiji looked at him in surprise.

The next moment, steam instantly came out from Uehara’s palm, and the entire island was quickly covered by the steam in just a few seconds!

The arena that had just turned into a world of ice and snow began to evaporate under the effect of this hot steam, gradually revealing its original appearance.

More than ten seconds ago, Aokiji showed his powerful strength, which made Nico Robin and Kisame somewhat shocked.

However, just after more than ten seconds, the power that Aokiji had just displayed was easily resolved by Uehara, making Aokiji unable to help but be shocked.

This was not something an ordinary person could do!

What kind of fruit ability does this guy have? It seems to be a little like Atsu Atsu no Mi(Hot-Hot Fruit)?

In the arena, water mist filled the air.

Uehara waved his palm, and a gust of wind swept over, blowing away all the floating water mist in the arena and revealing the figures of everyone present.

“It’s not Atsu Atsu no Mi(Hot-Hot Fruit)… It’s a more terrifying ability!”

Aokiji stared at Uehara who was still smiling, and a shadow slowly appeared on his face.

This person…

He must be stronger than he imagined!

What a troublesome guy… Where did Robin find such a person?

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