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Chapter 402: Another Injured Admiral

Chapter 402: Another Injured Admiral

Uehara really didn’t have any moral integrity.

He obviously joined the Baroque Works to harm Crocodile, but now it was as if he and Crocodile had just formed a feud.

And this person was too narrow-minded!

“Well, Crocodile’s matter is your bad taste!”

Aokiji rubbed his forehead and continued to ask helplessly, “So what do you want me to provide? I advocate lazy justice; I don’t know much about the marine, and Marineford doesn’t seem to care about you…”


Uehara thought for a moment and shook his head.

At least now, it seems like he really doesn’t need this Admiral to do anything. After all, they were just a small organization…

Even if Kabuto had sneaked into the marine, there was no need to use Aokiji for the time being because Kabuto is only a third-class soldier… but he might need Aokiji’s help when he becomes a Vice-admiral in the future.

Aokiji, this chess piece…

What he needed now was to hide.

“Let’s go dormant first!”

Uehara turned to look at the black wall with red cloud and casually waved his hand, “An Admiral of the Marine Headquarters can’t be used for some trivial matters. When I need it, I will send someone to find you.”


Aokiji scratched his head and sighed, “It seems that when you look for me, it might be a big problem!”


After saying that, Uehara slowly stretched out his palm. A golden light flew out from his fingertips and shot through the white wall with the seagull symbol.

A smile suddenly appeared on Uehara’s face, “Mr. Kuzan, in order to avoid being too lonely in the marine, I will try my best to find more companions for you in the marine…”


Aokiji raised his head in confusion.

The Admiral thought for a second and immediately understood what Uehara meant. Was this guy going to continue to attack the Vice-Admiral or even an Admiral?

And looking at Uehara’s actions…

His next target… wouldn’t be Admiral Kisaru, right?

To be honest, Aokiji suddenly felt that Kisaru, who was always ambiguous in everything, really had the possibility of being on two ships.

After all, Kisaru…

He never had any moral integrity.

If two of the three Admirals in the Marine Headquarters were Uehara’s spies, then their Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, and his colleague, Akainu, would go crazy.

Bulu, pulu, pulu…

Bulu, pulu, pulu…

Just as Aokiji was about to say something, the Den Den Mushi on his body suddenly rang. In the eyes of Uehara, Aokiji reached out and picked up his Den Mushi.

This was a call from the Marine Fleet Admiral, Sengoku.

“Kuzan, where are you now?”

There was a hint of anxiety in Sengoku’s voice, “Portgas D. Ace refused the invitation to become a Shichibukai. When Borsalino rushed to Sabaody in advance to catch him, Ace was saved by a pirate named Uchiha Sasuke!

That bastard Uchiha Sasuke directly blew up some part of Sabaody Archipelago.

Borsalino was seriously injured protecting the three celestial dragons!

That Uchiha Sasuke is now a member of Spade Pirate. Go back to Marineford immediately. We need to redesign the plan to capture the entire Spade Pirate!”

This was not Sengoku’s fault for being too anxious.

Originally, Sengoku’s plan was well prepared.

As long as Portgas D. Ace accepted the invitation of becoming a Shichibukai would be fine, but if that guy refused the invitation, then he would send a general and Garp to arrest him and send him to Impel Down.

But now, not only did they not catch him, but even an Admiral was injured. More importantly, the pirate who injured the Admiral also joined the Spade Pirates!

“… Well, I got it.”

Aokiji hung up the phone and frowned slightly.

Was there something wrong with the sea? He was just beaten by Uehara without any strength to fight back, and Kisaru, on the other side, was also injured…

Aokiji turned to look at the people present, only to see that after Uehara and the other two listened to the call, their expressions seemed to be a little strange.

This situation…

There seemed to be something wrong?

Bulu, pulu, pulu…

Bulu, pulu, pulu…

Uehara reached out as if he wanted to say something to Aokiji, but the Den Den Mushi on his body also rang; it was Sasuke.

“Hey, Uehara, under Black Zetsu’s arrangement. I have successfully joined the Spade Pirate. These guys have low IQ and don’t doubt me at all.”

Sasuke seemed to be in a bad mood. When he talked about Spade Pirate, his voice sounded full of disgust, “Because I joined in as a ninja and a swordsman. That guy called Ace seems to be very interested in Ninjutsu? He has been pestering me all the time. I really don’t have time to contact you guys.”

The people of this sea were always interested in novelty.

Ace would certainly not give up a ninja like Sasuke to join his crew. Moreover, when Sasuke joined the Spade Pirate, he was warmly welcomed.

Uehara was silent for a moment, then softly said, “But I just heard that you injured the Admiral Kisaru, and you almost killed three Celestial Dragons… Didn’t anyone suspect you?”

“Don’t worry.”

There was a trace of indifference in Sasuke’s voice, “I joined this pirate group for less than two days, and I became the vice-captain of this ship… I can make the decisions on most of the ship.”

Sasuke’s voice became more and more disdainful. “And these guys’ brains… do they really have the ability to doubts about that kind of thing? Now they are pestering me to learn ninjutsu… Do I have to hide among these idiots? Their IQ is not as high as that idiot Naruto!”

To tell the truth.

Sasuke really disliked it now.

Although there were a lot of funny people in Akatsuki’s organization, most of them have normal level IQ. This Spade Pirate has no IQ at all!

They would run away when they saw a marine warship…

They even ran after seeing a marine female second lieutenant…

But when they faced the attack of the Admiral in Sabaody, those guys actually encouraged their captain to challenge the Admiral just because they were both Logia-type.

They don’t know the other’s information or even know the enemy’s strength, but they still directly went to challenge the Admiral?

As a result…

If not for him, the vice-captain, who made a move and used the Celestial Dragon against the Admiral, the Spade Pirates might have been forced to disband today!

A group of retards.

Among this group of retards, Sasuke, who was obviously reliable, seemed to stand out a little. He was called the vice-captain but was actually a nanny of the group.


Uehara fell silent.

Some people in this world were indeed more simple than imagined. They would never doubt their companions, so they were easily used.

However, Sasuke was more capable than he imagined!

But why did this guy become a vice-captain just a few days after joining the Spade Pirates? He joined the Baroque Works for a while now but was still only an intermediate agent…

Crocodile this bastard!

Can’t he learn from Ace?

At the very least, he should at least give Uehara a Vice-President of the Baroque Works! Although the Baroque Works Vice-President, Nico Robin, was his person now…

Uehara said faintly, “Alright, then hide by Ace’s side. Don’t go too far. The power of this world is beyond your imagination…”

“I got it.”

Sasuke nodded and said in a deep voice, “That Admiral Bloodline Limit is indeed very strange, and his character is also very sinister…

But this time, it’s just his luck. I already know his abilities. Next time I meet him, I will definitely kill him! “

Sasuke already knew about Kizaru’s ability, but he still stubbornly believed that Kizaru’s ability was just an ordinary Bloodline Limit.

“Oh, there is no need to kill Kizaru.”

Uehara shook his head in boredom, “Maybe the next time you meet, he is already our companion…”

After saying that, Uehara looked at Aokiji, who was standing next to him, and continued, “Right, there might be an Admiral named Aokiji who will go after you, remember to show mercy to him because he is now one of us…”


Sasuke fell silent.

After a long time, Sasuke said gloomily, “Uehara, you… are you going to manipulate everyone in the world as your chess pieces again?”

“I won’t.”

Uehara shook his head and sighed faintly, “How could you have such dangerous thoughts… I am a righteous person!”


Sasuke was so angry that he directly hung up the Den Den Mushi.

They were all on the same side, so why was Uehara acting again?


When Uehara heard the sound of the Den Mushi hanging up, he could not help but sigh again, “We are all companions; why don’t you believe me?”


There was a black line on everyone’s forehead.

Aokiji listened to the conversation between Uehara and Sasuke, he couldn’t help but scratch his hair and couldn’t help but say, “The one who injured Borsalino… Is that person… also your subordinate?”


Uehara nodded and did not deny it, “It’s a junior in the family! That child is a little ignorant and wants to join a pirate group to become a pirate… When you go after him, be gentle…”


Aokiji fell into deep thought.

To be honest, if he hadn’t heard it just now, he would have believed Uehara’s nonsense without thinking!

Obviously, he doesn’t want to stay in the Spade Pirates; it’s you who insists on putting people in as undercover!

Uehara, this person…

He really was not a good thing…

“Well, let’s say goodbye here!”

Uehara looked at Aokiji, then looked at Nico Robin, the corners of his mouth slightly curved, “Robin, I will leave the task of contacting Admiral Aokiji to you in the future…”


Nico Robin nodded.

When the few of them separated.

Uehara and Kisame boarded their boat.

Nico Robin went alone to bid farewell to Aokiji. She looked up at the tall Admiral and said, “Aokiji, don’t do anything stupid in the future… No matter what happens, you must live well!”

Once Aokiji does something stupid, he will die!

Nico Robin believed that she already knew Uehara’s character; such a proud person would never let go of the person who betrayed him!

As long as Aokiji really dared to betray the agreement between him and Uehara, even if the result were not as terrible as Uehara said, he would definitely be killed by Uehara!

And Nico Robin also saw…

Aokiji was powerless in Uehara’s hands.

“Ah… forget it…”

Aokiji originally wanted to say something, but when he saw Nico Robin’s expression, he shook his head.

The two of them talked about the past…

The relationship became more and more subtle.

Aokiji stretched out his palm and covered Nico Robin’s hair the next moment. The man who was not good at expressing his feelings patted Robin’s head.

“I know… In the future, you have to live well… Also, don’t do too many dangerous things with them.”

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