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Chapter 36: Don't Show Off In Front of Me

Chapter 36: Don’t Show Off In Front of Me

“Is this where the Fourth Mizukage lives?”

Uehara and Kisame arrived at the lakeside residence of the Fourth Mizukage. There they saw a bunch of Kirigakure Ninja’s corpses lying on the shore, and previously clear lake water had turned scarlet.

Kisame nodded, looked at the surrounding environment, and exclaimed, “Zabuza has killed so many of the Mizukage’s ninjas! It looks like he prepared quite a bit for this!”

Judging from the traces of battle and the blood’s temperature, it hasn’t been long since Zabuza assassinated the Fourth Mizukage Yagura. He may even be hiding nearby.

As for the result of the battle between them, whether it was Uehara or Kisame, they did not feel very optimistic about Zabuza’s chances of killing Yagura. The Three-Tails’ Jinchuriki couldn’t be killed using standard assassination techniques.

Suddenly a ripple appeared on the lake’s surface!

An ugly giant beast rushed out. The thorns on its back were dripping with water droplets as its three steel-like tails swayed behind it. A pair of weird eyes stared at the two people on the shore.


Kisame did not show any fear as he confronted the giant beast. Instead, a smile appeared on his face, “He was able to force Lord Mizukage into using his Tailed Beast Transformation. Zabuza’s strength cannot be underestimated!”

This giant beast was the Three-Tails, Isobu of Kirigakure.

A moment later, the giant beast, who looked like a tortoise, glanced at Kisame, and it turned into a cloud of smoke, disappearing from the two’s sight.

Suddenly a young-looking ninja walked out of the smoke. There was a stitch-like scar on his face. It didn’t look particularly scary, it was actually rather cute.

It was the Fourth Mizukage Karatachi Yagura. His eyes were dark, and he coldly muttered, “Hmph, that guy Zabuza is just a coward. I didn’t need to use Isobu’s power at all. I just let Isobu out to stretch for a bit…”

Kisame spread his palms, looked towards Uehara, chuckled, then opened his mouth, “Since you’re going to face Uehara-sama next, please don’t hold back Mizukage-sama. Use the power of Three-Tails. Otherwise, Uehara-sama might not enjoy the fight!”

“Is that so?”

Karatachi Yagura took a look at Uehara before nodding seriously, “I understand. I won’t hold back then.”

“Hey hey hey, don’t listen to Kisame nonsense!”

Uehara glared at his new subordinate, then turned his head and looked towards Karatachi Yagura. “If you use Three-Tails Isobu, you will die very painfully… It’s better to remain in this form and let me kill you. It will be more convenient for everyone. “


Uehara’s comment made Karatachi Yagura’s face turn ugly.

‘Why is this little demon so arrogant?’

This Fourth Mizukage didn’t look at him but instead looked towards the shark face ninja, “Kisame, it seems like you also want to assassinate me? Is this little demon your helper?”

“No, Mizukage-sama, don’t get me wrong.”

Kisame shook his head and denied Yagura’s accusation. He chuckled and continued, “I will not intervene in this battle. I’m just an innocent person who was threatened into assassinating Mizukage-sama!”

According to the plan he made with Uehara, he would not participate in this battle.

Part of the reason was so he could see Uehara’s power.

Defeating or killing someone at the level of the Five Kages was a clear sign of strength.

“Then I’ll deal with you after I’m done with him!”

Looking at Uehara, Yagura flipped his palm, summoning an odd weapon. It was an iron staff that was thicker on end than the other, with hooks on both ends. A green flower was attached to the thicker end, bringing color to the otherwise all-black weapon. Once it appeared, he rushed over to attack Uehara!

Uehara blocked his strike with one hand. His life energy had increased significantly, and he now had over 3000 points, so both his power and speed had been greatly enhanced. Thus, he faced no difficulty blocking Yagura’s attack!

“Your strength isn’t bad.”

Uehara Naraku sighed, and he didn’t know whether he was complimenting himself or Yagura, but what he said undoubtedly angered the Fourth Mizukage.

Yagura’s palm suddenly turned blood red, and he slapped Uehara’s chest. A clump of coral quickly solidified on Uehara’s body!

This was one of Three-Tails Isobu’s abilities, Coral Palm!

Only the Jinchuriki, who could borrow the power of Three-Tails, could use Coral Palm. Once it hit something, coral would quickly sprout out.

As a perfect Jinchuriki, all parts of Yagura’s body could enter the semi-Tailed Beast Transformation. Yagura had caught many ninjas off guard by borrowing one of the Three-Tails Isobu’s abilities and incorporating it into his Taijutsu.

This Fourth Mizukage did not break his promise. He had promised not to hold back, so he immediately used the power of Three-Tails on Uehara!

“This is quite troublesome…”

Uehara looked at the coral growing on his body. It covered his whole body almost instantly. “Well, I’ll just have to have a face-to-face encounter. Have you seen this before?”

The moment of the sacred judgment!

The golden shell surrounded Uehara’s body, instantly dispelling Coral Palm from his body. A Chakra lightsaber appeared with a wave of Uehara’s palm, stabbing at Yagura!

Yagura’s iron rod spun, and a stream of water shot out from the green flower, turning into a mirror in front of him!

“Water-Release ·Water Mirror Jutsu!”

A ninja that looked exactly like Uehara appeared in the mirror. The chakra lightsaber instantly pierced through the Uehara in the mirror.

Yagura flipped as he avoided Uehara’s attack. Wrinkling his forehead, his face revealed his frustration, “How did the Water Mirror Jutsu fail?”

It should have formed a clone of the enemy that could even use the enemy’s Ninjutsu. However, the copy just now had obviously failed.

Uehara hit Yagura’s jaw with a fist, smashing him into the air. Then he twisted his wrist and said, “I wonder. Maybe the reason why I can’t be copied is because this world can only accommodate one me?”

“Little demon, you’re far too arrogant!”

After Uehara knocked Yagura down onto the ground, Yagura quickly began to form his hand seals, “Water-Release · Water Dragon!”

Uehara quickly stomped on the ground, causing the ground to crack!

Uehara’s speed was too high, forcing Yagura to stop forming hand seals. Who expected the Fourth Mizukage not to be surprised at all? Instead, a thick tail sprang out from his back!

That was the tail of the Three-Tails Beast!

Yagura shook the tail behind his back and fiercely struck Uehara’s body to knock him out. He had used forming hand seals to lure Uehara to attack!

The dirtied Uehara slapped the ground as he flew upside down before landing on his feet. He noticed that his life energy had dropped by more than a thousand points, which meant that Yagura’s attack power was enough to kill an ordinary Jonin easily.

Kisame, who was watching the battle, shook his head and looked at Uehara, “There are many ways to interrupt the formation of hand seals, but you chose the most dangerous way. You can block the force of the Three-Tails, so it’s no wonder that you’re so confident…”

“I wanted to fight you as an ordinary ninja, but you used the power of a Tailed Beast ….”

Uehara clenched his and calmly began to form a hand seal. He looked at Yagura and whispered, “Your Excellency Fourth Mizukage, I forgot to tell you. I hate it when others show off in front of me…”

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