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Chapter 37: Another Swordsmen of the Mist Appears!

Chapter 37: Another Swordsmen of the Mist Appears!

The Fourth Mizukage Yagura couldn’t understand what Uehara meant, but he could see Uehara’s hands forming seals. Yagura was a little unsure whether the youngster in front of him was seriously forming hand seals or wanted to lure him forward to attack.

After all, Uehara’s hand seals were messy, and some hand seals were not even the right shape…

But his expression was solemn.

Kisame, who stood watching the battle, was a ninja who was very particular about hand seals. He couldn’t bear the hand seals Uehara made, and he finally couldn’t restrain himself and interjected, “Uehara-sama, your hand seal is wrong again. It’s not valid if the shape of the seal looks like that…”

“Shut up!”

Uehara’s face flushed, and he retorted, “What is a valid or invalid seal? What’s the point of hand seals? It’s fine if you manage to release Ninjutsu…”

After speaking, Uehara raised his palm to the sky and shouted: “Lightning-Release ·Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison!”

Thunderclouds instantly covered the sky!

One after another, lightning flashed within the thundercloud. One of the bolts flashed and suddenly struck down towards the Fourth Mizukage Yagura!

Yagura’s thick tail blocked the lightning strike. He glanced at the somewhat scorched tail, and his eyes showed his confusion.

This…you can release Lightning-Release Ninjutsu like that?!

Yagura was trying to figure out how Uehara managed to release his Lightning-Release Ninjutsu when another bolt of lightning roared and struck his tail!


Yagura’s mind slowly recovered, watching another bolt of lightning flash out of the thundercloud storm. His face finally became serious, “Does this Jutsu strike twice a second?”

The time interval was too short!

Not to mention release ninjutsu, even if he rushed at Uehara and used Taijutsu to interrupt his Ninjutsu, he probably wouldn’t make it in time.

“No wonder you dare to assassinate me…”

Karatachi Yagura squeezed his fist, and a clump of scarlet Chakra emerged from him. That clump of Chakra was filled with evil and rage and spread over his body almost instantly. It was the Chakra of the Three-Tails!

“This power is far from enough!”

Following Yagura’s roar, the red Chakra completely covered his face. At that moment, Yagura’s body formed a Tailed Beast coat, emitting an aura that startled people.

While watching their battle, Kisame’s face slowly became solemn. He was holding tightly onto the Samehada Greatsword, which wanted to jump out of his grip.

This is the power of Tailed Beast!

For thousands of years, the Tailed Beasts’ power symbolized destruction and fury, and the Jinchuriki, who could use the power of the Tailed Beast, could easily become a Kage Level expert.

A moment later, the ground at Yagura’s feet shattered!

Half-Tailed Beast Transformation! Yagura basically ignored the lightning and transformed into a red monster. He turned towards Uehara and rushed forward. His speed was incredibly fast, and Uehara could hardly see his movements!

A second later, Yagura reached Uehara, and the fist wrapped in tailed beast chakra was about to collide with Uehara’s chest!

“Command·Shock Wave.”

A magic puppet appeared in Uehara’s hands, and the magic puppet suddenly exploded. The surrounding space was quickly pulled into a spatial distortion that was visible to the naked eye!

Yagura was dragged into the distortion of space and shrank into a ball!

Uehara’s eyes fell indifferently on Yagura’s body as a purple energy ray shot out of his eyes, instantly destroying the chakra coat on Yagura’s body!

“Ahhhhhhh …”

The intense pain caused by the stripping of the surface of his body made Yagura roar uncontrollably, and his body slowly regenerated, with patches of scales instead of skin. Yagura was using the power of the Three-Tails to try to resist the energy rays.

Finally, a huge monster suddenly appeared!

The Three-Tails Isobu’s complete body appeared before Uehara, but it was in an extremely miserable state right now, with wounds covering its whole body.


The Life Form Disintegration Ray continued unabated!

Even if the Three-Tails appeared, it was still enduring the pain that eroded its soul with difficulty. An infinite wave of water appeared beneath it, surging towards Uehara, surging away!

The energy ray continued to shine from Uehara’s eyes. Uehara then casually extended his arm and summoned a massive wind wall, “Wind-Release · Wind Barrier!”

Chakra coalesced into a wall of wind, overturned the Water-Release Ninjutsu of Three-Tails, and caused the water to bounce off and slam into the Three-Tails!


Kisame, who had always been calm, looked at this scene, and his facial expression completely collapsed. “It’s fine to release Ninjutsu without hand seals, but …Uehara-sama, is it really possible to release two different attributes of Ninjutsu at the same time?”

Kisame scratched his head as he couldn’t figure out the principle behind his new boss’s actions!

The only thing Kisame was sure of was that if Three-Tails remained under the attack of the purple energy ray, its death was only a matter of time.

The purple energy released by Uehara’s eyes was really overbearing!

However, a splash from under the Three-Tails suddenly turned into a giant man made of water that knocked it flying with a punch, saving it from the energy rays!

Immediately afterward, the huge waterman turned his head and moved towards Uehara. The waterman stretched out a finger, and a clear voice resounded in everyone’s ears: “Water-Release · Water Gun Art! “

A torrent of water shot towards Uehara!

The stream of water hit Uehara head-on, and his body flew away upside down. The purple energy ray swept everything around him without control. Weak creatures such as trees and weeds were turned into nothingness!

“Where did this guy come from?”

Kisame’s face changed. He picked up the Samehada Greatsword in his hand and stood up, looking slowly at the huge waterman.

The huge waterman slowly gathered together and turned into a young ninja with sharp teeth and appeared in front of them.

“Senior Kisame, what’s going on?”

The young ninja glanced at Kisame, who was sitting on the sidelines, then looked at Uehara, who was standing up again on the other side. Frowning his asked, “That guy…is he here to assassinate Mizukage-sama?”


Kisame grabbed the ninja sword in his hand and looked at the young man ninja lightly with a smile, “Are you, like Zabuza, who came to assassinate Mizukage-sama? As the Kirigakure’s hope, it would not be wise to defect…Hohzuki Mangetsu.”

Since he could use the Hydrification technique, the unique ninjutsu of the Hohzuki clan, and possessed such a high strength, he could only be one of the other Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Hohzuki Mangetsu of the Hidden Mist.

He is also one of the youngest and most powerful Seven Swordsmen of the Mist in the Kirigakure.

Seven Swordsmen of the Mist had always selected members based on strength and affinity with the ninja sword. Still, the Hohzuki clan had always been able to gain the favor of the seven swords without difficulty.

In addition, Hohzuki Mangetsu had extraordinary innate talent with water ninjutsu alongside the Hohzuki clan’s noble family background. Even now, many ordinary Hidden Mist ninjas believed that he could lead the revival of Kirigakure in the future.

Mangetsu did not answer Kisame’s question, he just frowned and looked at Kisame’s bandaged wound and asked aloud, “Senior Kisame, please answer me first. Why are you here? Otherwise, I will add you to the list of enemies to be eliminated.”

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