Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 35: Let's Assassinate the Fourth Mizukage

Chapter 35: Let’s Assassinate the Fourth Mizukage

At this moment.

Kisame’s face warped in shock. He had just signed a contract, yet he gained a lot of Chakra and physical energy from the deep green energy!

Thus, Kisame’s first question was about his newly acquired power, “I want to know about the Jutsu you used to improve my strength and chakra…”

The first question raised by Kisame stumped Uehara.

A slight embarrassment appeared on the youngster ninja’s face, and he quickly waved his hand and explained casually, “This is a gift from the Spear of Darkness. Let’s talk about the Eye of the Moon plan proposed by the liar Uchiha Obito!”

Kisame nodded and solemnly spoke, “This is my biggest question. Can the Eye of the Moon Plan lead to peace in the Ninja World…”


Uehara shook his head and explained in a deep voice, “The Eye of the Moon Plan is a huge conspiracy. It is a plan that Black Zetsu came up with, and he has used this plan to deceive Madara for many years. Madara used this plan to deceive Obito, and Obito is using this plan to deceive my teacher…”


Just listening to it made Kisame’s scalp feel numb.

‘Isn’t this Eye of the Moon Plan a nesting doll?’

‘It also sounds like a pyramid scheme…’

Uchiha Obito, who lied to him, was also a being lied to!

Kisame widened his eyes and said in a low voice, “Then what will the Eye of the Moon project ultimately lead to?”


Uehara spread out her hands and said helplessly, “Probably an old woman who has lived more than a thousand years and gave birth to two sons but still looks a little cute!”


Kisame was perplexed. He finally got an answer to his question, but it simply led to more questions. Frankly, he stopped asking simply because there were too many things he couldn’t understand.

The truth of the so-called Ninja World was too complicated, and he and Uehara couldn’t unravel it in a moment.

Kisame’s brain spun quickly, thinking for a while before asking aloud, “Then what can I do? Kill that Obito and ruin the plan?”


Uehara shook his head and whispered, “What you have to do is join the Akatsuki, bunker down, and pretend to monitor Uchiha Itachi as a spy sent by Obito. When I need you, I will ask you for information on Obito and Itachi.”


After a while, Kisame understood the meaning behind Uehara’s words and laughed. He opened his mouth, “So I’m actually a spy you sent, but I have to pretend to be one of Uchiha Obito’s spies and monitor Itachi who exterminated his own clan, right?”

“You are very wise.”

Uehara praised Kisame and added, “After we return to the Akatsuki, don’t be too polite to me. For a couple of reasons, I am still just an intern within the organization.”

“How many interns are there in Akatsuki?”

Kisame looked at Uehara a little speechless, “The guy named Obito found me and ordered me to wound you severely. He also told me that he is only an intern in the Akatsuki right now.”

“I am different from him.” Uehara waved his hand and explained softly, “Uchiha Obito just hid under the guise of an intern and secretly monitored the Akatsuki’s every move. I am a real intern within the Akatsuki.”

Kisame shook his head silently. Naturally, he wouldn’t expose his new boss, who was much more hidden than Uchiha Obito. He didn’t understand how the Akatsuki could have so many spies and conspirators with different plans, yet survived to this day…

This organization’s vitality is truly miraculous!

Uehara mulled over his current situation. Apart from Zabuza and Haku, there was nothing else left to do in the Land of Water. Realizing this, Uehara asked Kisame, “You do you have any unfinished business in the Land of Water?”

“No, shall we leave the Land of Water now?”

Kisame shook his head. He was always something of a loner.

After a while, Kisame seemed to have thought of something. He smiled and opened his mouth and said, “I heard that Zabuza was going to assassinate the Fourth Mizukage. It wouldn’t be fair of me not to leave Uchiha Obito a gift… How about killing the Lord Mizukage he’s controlling?”


Uehara was silent for a while, thinking about Kisame’s bloodthirsty nature. He couldn’t help mentioning, “Kirigakure is your hometown…”

“That’s why I want to help them end the Blood Mist Doctrine before defecting!”

Kisame put the Samehada Greatsword onto his back, whispering softly, “As a ninja who has killed many of my companions, I know the pain of killing a companion… Lord Fourth Mizukage issued many orders to kill his companions. He should have been in pain for a long time, right?”

Who could bear the pain of killing a companion?

Even Kisame, who was now numb at heart, once felt this pain. When he was the loneliest, he met a female ninja who was kind to him, but he personally killed the female ninja since it was his boss’s order.

If Fourth Mizukage Yagura escaped his Genjutsu and learned that the Kirigakure’s ninja had been killing each other because under his orders, he would surely lose himself to grief, right?

Uehara looked at the excited Kisame, deciding not to douse the enthusiasm of his new subordinate, agreed. “Sure, do what you want!”

After killing the Fourth Mizukage Yagura, Obito, who secretly controlled Yagura, would likely vomit blood in his heart, which was also a good outcome.

However, Kisame shook his head. Revealing a mouth full of shark teeth, he lightly refuted, “No, this cannot be done by me… I still have to join Obito’s camp, so personally killing Lord Mizukage will arouse his suspicion.”


Uehara understood what Kisame meant. This was an opportunity for him to borrow Zabuza’s hands to assassinate the Mizukage while contributing to their hometown.

If Kisame hadn’t said something reasonable, Uehara would not be able to tell who was the boss between him and Kisame…

Uehara Naruko frowned and said, “It’s not that easy to assassinate the Fourth Mizukage, especially since there is a Tailed Beast in his body. Let’s uncover his information first…”

“Don’t worry. I know Lord Mizukage’s whereabouts.”

Kisame chuckled and shook his head, providing information to his new boss, “Ever since Uchiha Itachi and Biwa Juzo seriously injured Yagura, he has been living in his own home. His residence is in one of the Kirigakure’s forbidden areas, and only his confidants can approach.”


Uehara sighed.

He wanted to assassinate the Fourth Mizukage anyway. In addition to blocking Obito, he could also complete several side missions.

The reward for assassinating Mizukage should be fairly bountiful, right?

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