Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 34: Reward

Chapter 34: Reward

“Well, I don’t want to waste any time.”

Uehara propped up Hoshigaki Kisame into a sitting position. Looking straight at him, he opened his mouth.

“Zabuza should be trying to assassinate the Fourth Mizukage right now, but he could have never imagined that the Fourth Mizukage of the Kirigakure is under the control of Genjutsu, correct?”

Uehara refused to play along and immediately cut to the chase, exposing the secret hidden deep in Kisame’s heart. —By the way, he also sold out Zabuza. Anyway, there were others nearby, and no one knew what Zabuza would do next.

Within the Kirigakure, only Kisame knew that the Fourth Mizukage Yagura had been controlled by Genjutsu. He even worked for the person who controlled the Mizukage.

Uehara gazed at Kisame, word by word he continued in a low voice, “That guy calls himself Uchiha Madara…right?”


Kisame’s eyes widened, and he looked at Uehara almost incredulously. He didn’t know that Uehara knew so much. The person who controlled the Fourth Mizukage did claim to be Uchiha Madara.

Since Uehara said Madara’s name, it was clear that he knew everything about the Kirigakure.

Kisame controlled his expression and calmly said, “Since you already know so much, what do you want from me? It sounds like you know that person’s identity as well.”


Uehara raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “He has been lying to you, heard it just, his real name is Uchiha Obito, he was just one of Konoha’s Chunins!”

“After Awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan, he relied on his Dojutsu and called himself Uchiha Madara. Deceiving everyone in Ninja World, promoting his evil plans… one of which is the Eye of the Moon Plan.”


Kisame’s heart thumped and then fell a little. Since he knew the true identity of the mysterious masked man, he would also know of the so-called Eye of the Moon Plan.

Kisame felt frightened at heart.

When he first saw Uchiha ‘Madara’ appear, the Uchiha had revealed he was the one controlling the Fourth Mizukage, so Kisame thought that he found the mastermind manipulating the Kirigakure.

However, Uehara, in front of him, knew all of this well!

This youngster, who seemed to be only twelve years old, now seemed more like the real behind-the-scenes mastermind than the fake Mr. Madara.

Kisame felt his trust in the world fade. This world was always deceiving him.

Just when he thought he understood a part of the truth, another layer of fog would be lifted, forcing him to face his ignorance and weakness once again.

But now, he had another chance to uncover the truth!

Although it was Uehara’s so-called truth, there had to be countless secrets hidden within!

Kisame pondered for a while, lifted his head firmly, looked towards Uehara, and opened his mouth full of teeth, “Then can your Excellency tell me the truth behind the Eye of the Moon Plan. Do you know?”

“Do you really want to know?”

Uehara gave him a faint smile. He quickly bought a piece of equipment from his system’s store. The spear of darkness was thrown on the ground, “If you really want to know, just pick up this spear of darkness and sign a soul contract with me!”

[Spear of Darkness: Using the Spear of Darkness, you can sign a contract with someone. If they accept the agreement, the Spear of Darkness will enter their bodies and bind to their soul. If they betray the contract, the soul of the betrayer will be absorbed into the Spear of Darkness and strengthen its power. (Only one person can be bound, but it will be released automatically upon their death)]

“If I can see the true face of this world, death, as far as I’m concerned, will be an insignificant price.”

Without hesitation, Kisame gave a low laugh when he leaned over to grab the spear of darkness that laid on the ground, deep green energy wrapped around him. The other end of the deep green energy was connected to Uehara’s body.

Once the two of them became encased in deep green energy, a proud female voice rang out in their ears, like a goddess sighing.

“The agreement has been signed.”

Uehara looked at his status, noticing a skill that had automatically appeared on his status screen after completing the soul contract.

[The Spear of Darkness (contracted):

The life energy of both parties +10% (activated)

The Chakra of both parties +10% (activated)]

[Destiny of the Contractor: When the contractor is near you, you can summon them to your side for 4 seconds. For the duration of this skill, the contractor is invincible and cannot be targeted. Once this skill ends, the contractor is returned to their original position. The duration is equivalent to the amount of Chakra used, with a minimum of 100 Chakra. Cooldown, 120 seconds.]

Whether it was the increase in life energy and Chakra or the Destiny of the Contractee skill, Uehara suddenly realized that this item was quite amazing!

Uehara felt that the Destiny of the Contractor was born to protect Kisame. He now wanted to cancel his soul contract with Kisame and bind the Spear of Darkness to Konan.

Kisame naturally didn’t know all of this. If he knew what Uehara thought, he might have immediately torn up the contract…

In addition, he completed several side missions…

[Side mission: Gain a subordinate (1/1)]

[Reward: 100 Gold Coins.]

[Side mission: Gain a Kage Level subordinate (1/1)]

[Reward: 1000 Gold Coins.]

Seeing the mission’s reward, he felt an uncontrollable need to compliment the system. Not only did it give him a great reward, but it informed him of something really important.

Kisame would only have been accepted as his subordinate by the system if he genuinely accepted it in his heart. In this way, he could judge the true opinions of his subordinates, solely relying on the system’s mission panel.

After all, Haku, who he thought had become close with earlier, must not have regarded him as a boss in his heart. Perhaps Haku still regarded him as a friend to beg with!

This feeling was a bit strange…

Uehara glanced at his Coin balance. Suppressing the ecstasy in his heart, he quickly purchased one of his favorite items for 2850 Gold Coins.

[Equipment: Fanatic Armor]

[Magic Armor:

Life Energy +800

Life Energy Recovery +200%

Skill Cooldown -10%]

[Passive skills: Heart of the Fanatic. If the user has more than 3000 max Life Energy, this skill is activated. If the user receives no damage within 6 seconds, 5% of their maximum life energy will be restored every second. (Activated)]

After getting this piece of equipment, Uehara felt relieved at heart. Although he had the skill, Moment of Sacred Judgment, that made him invincible, it still had a cooldown. The Fanatic’s Armor’s presence made him feel even more secure.

Uehara glanced at his attributes. He had an inexplicable feeling that he had reached the pinnacle of his life.

[Life Energy: 3301/3301 (standard Quasi-Kage’s have 3000 – 10000)]

[Chakra: 3575/3575 (standard Quasi-Kage’s have 3000 – 10000)]

[Life Energy Recovery: 6/s]

[Chakra Recovery: 3/s]

[Remaining Gold Coin: 320]

After reading his attributes, Uehara’s mood immediately improved, and his attitude towards Kisame became friendly. He looked at his first subordinate with a gentle face, “Okay, what do you want to know? I’m all ears. I can answer any questions you have!”

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