Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 33: Believe it or not, I chopped Samehada and feed it to the dog!

Chapter 33: Believe it or not, I chopped Samehada and feed it to the dog!


The mysterious masked man ignored the pain caused by the explosions, looked towards Uehara in the sky, and slowly closed his fingers, “Izanagi must be used…so it must kill everyone present!”

The mysterious masked man felt a little thankful for the fact that both he and Itachi participated in the clan extermination operation. He collected plenty of 3-Tomoe Sharingan from the Uchiha Clan which would allow him to have enough consumables to use Izanagi.

As long as he used Izanagi, he could turn all the damage he had received into illusions, and since he was an Uchiha clansman, the Izanagi’s duration would be maximized.

“When all of your 100 million explosive tags are blown up, it will be your death, little demon!”

The flames and sounds of the explosive tag exploding attracted other people’s attention to the mountains and forests, including the girl Yukimi and the Kirigakure ninjas who were here to hunt down Kakashi.

After seeing Kakashi, Yukimi rushed out of the dense forest and quickly fled the scene with the seriously injured Kakashi on her back.

Uehara glanced at the strange girl who was going away in surprise, picked up Kisame by his neck and flew into the sky, bringing Kisame away.

Explosive tags roared constantly.

The mask on the mysterious masked man’s face had been completely peeled off, revealing his true appearance. He didn’t care about the damage caused by the explosive tags. He stared at the shadow that flew away into the distance and hoarsely muttered, “Little demon, you can’t escape…”


After the Kirigakure Hunter-nin troops rushed out, they looked on in surprise.

‘This man is being bombed by explosive tags.’

‘This man is a ruthless character!’

But now, they could neither catch Kakashi nor save Captain Kisame so the Hunter-nin forces decided to stay. They planned to wait until the explosive tags stopped exploding and take Obito back to the village to torture him.


Once the explosion of the explosive tag of the mutual multiplication ended, the 3-Tomoe Sharingan transplanted in Obito’s left eye became completely gray.

Even with the guided summoning of explosive tags, the bombing time of hundreds of millions of explosive tags was too short. Izanagi could easily convert all the damage Obito received during this period into illusions.

With this in mind, Uehara decided to run away from Obito. He was absolutely sure that he could not defeat this guy.

Obito glanced at the Kirigakure Ninjas present. To the surprised eyes of the ninjas, his body gradually dissipated… Just as the Kirigakure Ninjas paused in confusion, a hoarse shout awakened them!


Obito’s silhouette suddenly appeared behind a Kirigakure Ninja, stabbing a wooden thorn into the heart of Mist Ninja.

Wood thorns grew from the Kirigakure Ninja’s heart and pierced into his body!

Uchiha Obito pushed the corpse of Kirigakure Ninja in front of him out of the way, and looked at the other Kirigakure Ninja, as another wooden thorn appeared in his hand… These guys would let him vent his suffocating anger!

Uchiha Obito felt like he had gone back to the past, back to the night Nohara Rin died in battle. That night he was as angry as he is now, he would kill until blood flowed like a river!

The screams were endless…

Once the last Kirigakure Ninja Hunter-nin’s head was removed, Obito gradually recovered his calmness and rethought his next plan.

First of all, the issue of identity being exposed was due to Kakashi. If it weren’t for Kakashi revealing his identity before falling unconscious, Uehara would not know that he was Uchiha Obito…

‘Then Kakashi… How did you know that I am Obito?’

This answer must be found.

Obito didn’t believe that Black Zetsu would confide his information to Kakashi since it would not benefit their plan at all.

If someone had figured out his identity long ago, wouldn’t they have clearly understood all of his plans?

This was the biggest issue.

The exposure of his identity was a crisis that must be resolved as soon as possible.

Anyone who knew his identity, including Yukimi and Uehara, were on his Must Kill List. Still, before Uehara was killed, he must extract all of his knowledge of the explosive tag summoning technique. Was it a technique Konan created as a killer move against him?

As for how he would escape the infinite summon explosive tag, Obito had already figured it out. As long as he didn’t allow anyone to attach an explosive tag onto his body, he would not experience any more near-death situations like the one just now.

In addition to Uehara and Yukimi, there is also Kisame.

However, Kisame had always believed that he was Uchiha Madara so he could test Kisame a little later. If Kisame was still loyal to him, he could stay.

As for Kakashi… Kakashi must not be killed, he still needed to find out who told him…

If his identity was completely exposed… And after Konan and Nagato learned that he was not Madara, what could he do to regain their trust?

One of Uchiha Madara’s successors?

No, any strong Uchiha was enough!

Anyway, Obito didn’t want to be Uchiha Madara’s puppet and live under his shadow forever. That old man was already dead!

After all, in the Ninja World, only strong ninjas had the right to speak.

If Nagato couldn’t break his Kamui ability, he could only continue to act according to his plan.

As long as he continued to own his Kamui Mangekyo Sharingan, he could still control everything in the dark.

“Let’s find Hatake Kakashi first, and take advantage of this opportunity to extract important information from him, most importantly I’ll find out who is behind him and plotting against me!”

Obito grabbed one of the Kirigakure Ninja’s headbands, casually wiped the blood off his hands, and threw the bloody headband onto the Kirigakure Ninja’s corpse.

Then he stepped past the corpses, step by step, stepping through the pools of blood on the ground and walking forward. A space-time vortex appeared next to him and sucked him into the Kamui space, leaving only a terrifying scene of Mist Ninjas lying everywhere.


While Uchiha Obito slaughtered the Mist Ninja, Uehara took Kisame to a secluded barren mountain and threw the shark-faced man onto the ground with a single arm.

Kisame didn’t mind at all, staring at the youngster standing in front of him. He even smiled and opened his mouth and said, “Ha, I thought you would kill me…”

“That’s too wasteful of natural resources.”

Uehara glanced at Samehada Greatsword, which climbed onto Kisame, and continued quietly, “I want to persuade you to give up the idea of resisting and tell me all of the information you know about the mysterious mask man.”

“Want to get information from me?” Kisame released the Samehada’s handle and asked Uehara with a smile, “Obviously, you’re part of his organization, yet you’re still asking me, an insignificant person. Don’t you think that’s a little unwise?”

Uehara lowered his head silently and gazed at Kisame on the ground. His small eyes and face suddenly twisted into a smile, “Mr Kisame, since when did you like to say so much nonsense?”

A second later, Uehara’s smile disappeared, and he said coldly, “Okay, Let’s not waste our time. Kisame, do you really think that you understand the mysteries of the Ninja World?”

Kisame looked calm and he seemed accustomed to facing life and death. He said, “What do you think is the truth? You are just an ignorant person. You just want to get incomprehensible information from me!”

Kisame’s trying to form a hand seal secretly. However, Uehara kicked his palm away and stared straight into Kisame’s eyes, saying solemnly, “Hoshigaki Kisame, don’t try those little tricks in front of me… if you do, I’ll chop up your Samehada and feed it to a dog!”


After hearing those words, Kisame loosened his grip on the sword’s handle, and Samehada Greatsword shrank and moved its body behind Kisame.

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