Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 32: Who is the Best Actor in the Akatsuki

Chapter 32: Who is the Best Actor in the Akatsuki

Kakashi passed out.

There was still a burn mark on his arm and his clothes were corroded. He must have been attacked by the Vapour-Release and Lava-Release ninja. —Throughout the Land of Water, there happens to be a woman who owns both types of Kekkei Genkai.

Hatake Kakashi was evading their pursuit and was spotted by Ao. He was ambushed by Terumi Mei and fought her head-on. Although he was at a disadvantage, Kakashi still managed to win the battle and even drew a tie.

Unfortunately, in addition to Terumi Mei, he also encountered many Kirigakure Ninjas.

In desperation, Kakashi thought of the Lightning-Release •Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison that he had just secretly copied. He wanted to use this move and defeat all of the Kirigakure Ninjas!

However, as Kakashi formed the hand seals, he felt that something was not quite right. Fortunately, he also had his own Raikiri, which allowed him to escape…

After barely escaping, Kakashi met his target, who came to the Land of Water. If he had met a group of Kirigakure Ninja, he would have definitely died. However, he met his old teammate Obito so he might have a chance of surviving.

Kakashi’s nerves were stretched taut earlier and he collapsed the moment they relaxed.

However, the mysterious masked man’s mood was not very good. He looked at Kakashi at his feet in shock!


‘Who told him? How did this guy figure out my identity?’

‘He even called out my name. It can’t have been one of Kakashi’s random guesses!’

Uchiha Obito was going crazy!

Uehara Naraku, next to him, showed a hint of surprise on time and, with doubts in his eyes, he turned to the mysterious masked man “Senior Tobi? The name Kakashi just mentioned…”


The mysterious masked man instantly regained his consciousness. He turned his head and looked towards Uehara. There was a fierce light in his eyes, but he still restrained himself, “I don’t know what he is talking about…”

“He said Obito…” Uehara repeated it innocently. He even added, “Senior Tobi, are you an old acquaintance of Konoha’s Kakashi?” “

After speaking, Uehara’s eyes lit up as if he just realized something, “That’s right! You have a good relationship with Itachi as well. It turns out that you are a ninja from Konoha…”


The mysterious masked man was a little torn, the little demon, Uehara, had analyzed his identity so quickly!

‘Doesn’t he know that the lifespan of a person who knows too many secrets, especially those who poke their noses into other people’s privacy, is very short?’

Right now, the mysterious masked man knew that his identity could not be revealed to other people, especially Nagato and Konan.

They would recognize Uchiha Madara, but not an ordinary Uchiha ninja.

Since Uehara seemed to be aware of his secret, the mysterious masked man’s first instinct was to stop him from spreading the news!

A hand suddenly appeared and grabbed Uehara’s neck. The mysterious masked man muttered in a gloomy voice, “Little demon, I liked you a lot, but in order not to affect the judgment of Nagato and Konan, I can only kill you here!”

“Senior …”

Uehara tried his best to breathe, grabbing at the mysterious masked man. Grabbing the man’s wrist, he tried to break away from his grip as he pleaded in a low voice, “Senior, I won’t reveal your secret!”


The mysterious masked man’s eyes gradually turned scarlet, and a trace of bloodthirst and madness flashed within, “But I want to kill you!”

“No… Don’t!”

Uehara panicked, grabbed some explosive tags, and stuck them on the mysterious masked man with all his strength. His expression was very firm, and he said, “Senior, if you don’t agree, then let’s die together!”

At this moment, Uehara Naraku gave his acting skills a 100 out of 100.

‘Does this guy not have a brain?’

‘Is he stupid?’

The mysterious masked man still didn’t notice anything strange. He looked at Uehara with a, “Hmph, do you think you deserve to perish together with me?”

“Senior …”

The pain on Uehara Naraku’s face suddenly disappeared, and a weird smile appeared, “What makes you think that you’re not worthy to perish with me? You are just a trifling intern within the organization!”

After finishing speaking, Uehara broke free of Obito’s restraint and flew into the sky effortlessly.

The youngster coldly gazed at the mysterious masked man on the ground and said contemptuously, “Since you don’t want to perish together, then you can die alone!”

“What a naive little demon!”

The mysterious masked man laughed instead of getting angry, he wanted to continue to yell at him. At this point in time, the sound of an explosive tag exploding interrupted his words!


One by one, the explosive tags exploded!

Kakashi and Kisame, who were unconscious on the ground, were all blown away by the aftermath of the explosive tag on the masked man!

The mysterious masked man’s face was still calm, allowing the explosive tag bombing to penetrate his body. It couldn’t hurt him at all. His right eye had turned into a windmill-like Mangekyo Sharingan, within which was the weird Kamui space.

Through his Mangekyo Sharingan’s ability, the mysterious masked man’s body could be virtualized at any time and hide in his space to avoid being hurt by outside attacks.

This is his greatest point of pride.


Within the Kamui space.

The body of the mysterious masked man has already appeared within this space. He wanted to avoid the explosive tags and use them to show the gap between Uehara and himself.

Unexpectedly, after his body entered the Kamui space, the explosive tags appeared one after another, continuously following his body!


The Kamui space seemed to be embroiled in a Chinese New Year celebration as the explosive tags continued to explode endlessly!

No matter whether the mysterious masked man was in the outside world or the Kamui space, there would always be an explosive tag following him, leaving burn marks all over him…

“What the hell… what’s going on! What kind of Ninjutsu is this!”

The mysterious masked man raised his head and looked at Naraku Uehara in the air and a touch of anger entered his eyes.

Uehara Naraku raised a finger and whispered, “Hush…senior, don’t worry, I only used 100 million explosive tags, and this firework festival will soon be over.”

“Scoundrel little demon!”

The mysterious masked man spat out a mouthful of blood. His clothes had been destroyed. The mask on his face had become tattered, and his body had been damaged. It was broken, but the bombing of the explosive tag continued…

There was no way to get rid of the explosive tags tracking him through his Kamui space!

Uehara watched the exploding explosive tag in his spare time. The Multiplying Explosive Tag technique was actually a time-space technique, and its fundamental principles were based on Summoning Jutsu.

As long as there was an explosive tag attached to the target, a single explosive tag could summon trillions of explosive tags to continuously bomb the target until the target’s body was blown into pieces!

Even if the mysterious masked man hid in his Kamui space, the Explosive Tag would still follow him into his Kamui space and continue to summon the massive flood of explosive tags, which would make him very uncomfortable…

If he could use Kamui Dojutsu to evade them, 100 million Explosive Tags would just be a firework display but now, even if he used Kamui Dojutsu, he could not escape the explosions of explosive tags.

‘Then you can only use that move!’

Uehara looked on as the mysterious masked man continued to be bombed by the explosive tags and whispered, “Well, if senior dies here, then he can only blame his bad luck… But, if senior is lucky enough to survive in my Ninjutsu, he should return to the organization as soon as possible and confess his identity to teacher Konan and Yahiko -sama!”

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