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Chapter 31: Senior Tobi, Your Name...

Chapter 31: Senior Tobi, Your Name…

Uehara’s body emerged from the smoke. The golden shell that wrapped around his body blocked Samehada’s attack. —It was his ultimate skill, the Moment of Sacred Judgment.

A golden Chakra lightsaber hovered beside him, faintly reflecting the youngster ninja’s invincible posture.

Uehara suddenly reached out his hand, grabbed the barbs on Samehada’s body, and wrenched at it with force. He kicked Kisame’s neck, knocking him to the ground. The golden Chakra lightsaber followed closely from behind and nailed Kisame to the ground!

“How is this possible…”

Kisame fell to the ground and could not move. Looking up at the young man who had no wounds after being hit by Samehada, the surprise on his face could no longer be concealed.

“Nothing is impossible.”

Uehara kicked Samehada out of Kisame’s grasp and looked down at Kisame’s face as he laid on the ground. He grabbed the card stuck to his Kirigakure headband. “From now on, you are Hoshigaki Kisame of the Akatsuki. Do you have any complaints?”

At this point, the system had determined that Hoshigaki Kisame had no ability to resist and a reward was issued.

[Side mission: Defeat the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist (2/7)]

[Reward: Unknown.]

[Side mission: Defeat Hoshigaki Kisame (1/1)]

[Reward: Great Shark Bullet Technique.]

[Great Shark Bullet Technique: Summon a giant shark that, after 2 seconds, surges out of the ground to attack. The shark will attack all targets within the area. Consumes 100 Chakra. Cooldown, 80 seconds.]

Uehara Naraku accepted the system reward but continued to force Kisame to surrender.

The mysterious masked man who had been observing the battle couldn’t sit still, ‘How did Kisame lose to Uehara?’

Yukimi stood next to the mysterious masked man and watched a battle between Kisame and Uehara in amazement. She had never thought that a ninja could be so powerful!

Yukimi opened her mouth slightly and asked in a low voice, “That youngster seems to have won…what will we do now?”


The mysterious masked man fell silent. Since Uehara won, his plan naturally couldn’t proceed.

‘The most important thing now is to rescue Kisame from Uehara’s hands!’

‘If Kisame refuses to surrender, Uehara would never avoid killing a Kirigakure ninja.’

That would mean that he had lost one of his carefully selected subordinates!

The mysterious masked man didn’t hesitate any longer. He entered a space-time vortex before he appeared beside Uehara and Kisame.

The mysterious masked man grabbed Uehara’s arm, laughing, and said, “Ah, it seems that the battle between you guys is over!”

The sudden appearance of the mysterious masked man startled Uehara!

Sure enough, this guy had been stalking him.

“Senior Tobi…”

Uehara hurriedly threw his arm away and said solemnly, “If I remember correctly, your mission should be to find senior Sasori’s partner. That should not be here, right?”


The mysterious masked man scratched his head embarrassedly. He shamelessly explained, “I’m actually worried about your safety… so I planned to help you persuade Kisame in advance. I didn’t expect to come too late, ah, fortunately, nothing happened to you…”


Uehara’s expression became a little awkward.

‘What a lie!’

‘This guy’s face sure has thick skin!’

If his fight with Kisame had not been at the mysterious masked man’s command, Uehara would make Samehada sashimi on the spot and feed it to Kisame!

The mysterious masked man didn’t know what Uehara thought. After hastily explaining to Uehara, he squatted down to investigate Kisame’s injuries.

After confirming that Kisame’s body was not in serious trouble, the mysterious masked man laughed and opened his mouth and said, “Hehe, Mr Kisame, Uehara and I are both members of the Akatsuki. You should be willing to join our organization now?”

“Hmph, do I have any other choice?”

Kisame was surprised for a second after hearing the name Akatsuki and then suddenly sneered. Playing along with the masked man, he slightly nodded and officially agreed to join the Akatsuki.

“Or… you can choose to go to hell!” Uehara smiled and lowered his head. He choked Hoshigaki Kisame.


Even the masked man next to him was a bit daunted.

Uehara turned his head, looked towards the mysterious masked man, and continued, “Senior, this is my mission…I think I should kill Hoshigaki Kisame and invite a different person into the organization… After that, I’ll go back to teacher Konan!”

“Hey hey hey, this isn’t a good idea, little demon!”

The mysterious masked man spoke out in protest, “Let’s accept Hoshigaki Kisame into the organization. We’ve secretly observed him for quite a long time before making this decision! There is no more suitable candidate from Kirigakure than Kisame!”

“Those of the Kirigakure are not suitable, but it doesn’t mean the Land of Water doesn’t have one suitable!” Uehara looked at the mysterious masked man dissatisfied and pointed to the depths of this mountain forest. He loudly said, “Konoha’s Copy Ninja, Kakashi, infiltrated the Land of Water. He is now surrounded by a group of Kirigakure ninjas. We can save Kakashi and recruit him into the organization…”

Such words were pure jokes.

In fact, Kakashi’s reputation was much greater than that of Kisame. If Uehara really invited Kakashi into the organization by rescuing him, the Akatsuki would get another chip against Konoha, a spy.

The mysterious masked man didn’t take Uehara’s words as a joke. He very firmly objected, “Hatake Kakashi isn’t good, he’s a loser. Our organization can’t accept someone who kills his own comrade!”

“Tolerate it!”

Uehara spread out his hands innocently, “Senior Tobi, you forgot that our senior, Kakuzu. Every time he leaves base with a partner, he comes back carrying a box of money…”

“I think Kakashi is different from Kakuzu.”

The mysterious masked man found Uehara very annoying. He regretted the plan he had rashly implemented. If this continued, this little demon might give up on Kisame and pull the asshole, Kakashi, into the Akatsuki!

“It’s not different, right?” Uehara tilted his head and explained softly, “I heard that Kakashi has a Sharingan, wouldn’t that make him Itachi’s perfect partner!”

This was a reasonable idea. Uehara couldn’t help internally giggling at his evil thoughts. He had come up with the idea of ​​recruiting Kakashi and making him and Itachi’s partner on the spot!

Unfortunately, if he recruited Kakashi, who now knew the identity of the mysterious masked man, the Akatsuki may explode.


At this point, an unbelievable voice entered everyone’s ears, it was Kakashi, the one they had been discussing.

Konoha’s Copy Ninja was riddled with wounds, but he didn’t care about his injuries, instead, rushing towards Uehara and the masked man with excitement!

Kakashi staggered a few steps and fell beside the mysterious masked man, groaning in a low voice, “Obito… I finally…find you.”

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