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Chapter 30: Starting from today. You are Hoshigaki Kisame of the Akatsuki

Chapter 30: Starting from today. You are Hoshigaki Kisame of the Akatsuki

Kisame had never seen such a weird summoned Ninja Beast like the Deep Sea Titan before. He could only stare at the huge anchor vigilantly and avoid being hit by the anchor again.

After experiencing an anchor’s attack just now, Kisame had personally felt the terrifying power attached to it! As a Hoshigaki clansman, Kisame’s physical fitness far exceeded that of an ordinary person, but it was still far from the Deep Sea Titan!

“It must move slowly then…”

Kisame grabbed his Samehada Greatsword and glanced at the Deep Sea Titan brandishing its anchor. A light flashed in his eyes, “Good opportunity!”

Kisame rushed through the water towards Uehara’s summon Ninja Beast like an arrow unleashed from the string. With a flourish, the Samehada Greatsword’s handle transformed into a chain and entangled the neck of the Deep Sea Titan!


A dull voice echoed out of the water!

Kisame flinched in surprise, but his eyes were drawn to the Deep Sea Titan lifting his foot, iron nails visible on it before the huge foot slammed onto the bottom of the water.

Kisame instantly felt a tremor in the water, which seemed like an earthquake.

Under the force of its shaking, the waves of water surged outwards and flushed him away with his sword!

Looking at the frustration on Kisame’s face, Uehara smiled lightly and looked towards him, smugly commenting. “Hey, Mr. Kisame, are you having fun? If you want to survive, you can start begging now!”

“Huh, naive kid!”

Kisame stubbornly wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, but his face became extremely solemn.

The Deep Sea Titan’s attack just now was terrifying. Many of Kisame’s internal organs were damaged.

Initially, he thought that this mission was just to give the little demon a lesson. It didn’t seem that simple anymore!

Hoshigaki Kisame no longer dared to hesitate. He put his hands together and formed seals quickly. His palms then slapped the water, “WATER-STYLE · FIVE FEEDING SHARKS!”

Five Feeding Sharks!

The Water-Release sharks quickly appeared in the water and moved towards the Deep Sea Titan. They opened their mouths, biting at the iron armour on its body!

Sadly, their teeth were not sharp enough, so they were all smashed into splashes by the anchor a moment later.

A new shark would appear next to Kisame whenever a water shark was smashed, swarming around the Deep Sea Titans!

One after another, the regenerated water sharks were killed.

Kisame’s face was becoming more and more ugly. His Ninjutsu, which had always placed his enemies into a deadly situation, seemed to have encountered a nemesis today.

This move, Five Feeding Sharks, was originally meant to conserve Chakra while torturing the enemy, but now it seemed like it was wasting his Chakra for no reason!

“Samehada, I’m going to rely on you!”

Kisame grabbed the Samehada Greatsword with one hand, leaned over, and rushed at the Deep Sea Titan. A shark’s fin appeared on the back of his muscled body, revealing his true nature.

The ninja sword was in his mouth.

The steel monster in the lake water was not afraid at all. The anchor in his hand suddenly pointed at Kisame, emitted a shock wave into the water.

The lake acted as though it was a volcano erupting as huge waves of water spurted out!

There was no way to avoid this deep-sea impact!

Whether it was the surrounding water sharks or Kisame, they were all hit by the waves brought by the shock wave!

Kisame was shot out of the lake before he could even react, and he was left lying on the ground in a difficult situation!

The shark-faced young man opened his mouth and spat out a stream of blood. The pain spreading across his body was uncontrollable, but he just clenched his teeth and endured it.

Kisame did not rest but just looked towards the anchor that flew towards him. If he tried to block this blow, he might lose his life!

Kisame quickly clasped his hands to form another seal. He glanced coldly at Uehara on the tree and said solemnly, “Little demon, just pray that you can find a stronger summoned beast in the future! WATER-RELEASE · GREAT SHARK BULLET TECHNIQUE!”

A huge shark appeared around him.

After circling Kisame once, the whole shark gradually became extremely large, larger than the Deep-Sea Titan. This giant shark opened its mouth full of blood and swam towards the Deep-Sea Titan.

To ensure that the shark could swallow the Deep Sea Titan, Kisame did not hesitate to infuse his own Chakra into it so that it could grow to its immense size!

However, he watched as the shark ate the Deep Sea Titan in one bite and swallowed it into its abdomen before it exploded spectacularly, stirring up one wave after another!

A cloud of smoke dispersed in the water.

Uehara’s summoned creature, the tall Deep Sea Titan, disappeared without a trace as its summon time had reached its limit. Although it restrained Kisame during their usual clashes, it happened that Kisame had the strongest restraining Ninjutsu.

Water-Release · Great Shark Bullet Technique was a kind of Ninjutsu that continuously became stronger by devouring the enemy’s Chakra. It could restrain practically any enemy who had an abundance of Chakra.

Although Kisame defeated Uehara’s summoned beast, his own appearance was not very good.

In order to destroy a summoned beast, Kisame’s Chakra had become depleted. His body was also heavily injured, and he did not know how many bones he had broken.

“Samehada, come here!”

Kisame grabbed the Samehada’s sword handle, and it greedily consumed the scarce Chakra in Samehada’s body, trying to heal his injuries, but it was far from enough!


Kisame quickly formed a hand seal, and a shark was summoned. He ordered the Samehada to swallow the shark to supplement its Chakra and heal his wounds.

At the beginning of the battle, Kisame wanted to kill Uehara’s summoned beast, teaching this little demon a lesson. However, he didn’t expect to need to rely on devouring his own shark to heal his body and recover some Chakra.

Uehara did not stop him. He just watched Kisame’s movements with interest. “Mr. Kisame, do you need help? I can help you bake the shark’s fin. I learned a great barbecue technique from my teacher…”


Kisame ignored his humiliating comments and just squeezed the Samehada Greatsword firmly before slowly standing up. —The Samehada swallowed up the sharks, healing the wounds on his body slowly.

His body could probably support him in a battle for a little while longer.

The battle was not over yet!


Kisame’s palm quickly formed hand seals and slapped his palm onto the water’s surface. Thousands of water sharks jumped out of the water and rushed in the direction of Uehara.

“It’s a pity… I’m not good at Fire-Release Ninjutsu…”

The corners of the youngster’s mouth were still tilted upwards. He just threw out a few explosive tags by hand, slowly raised his fingers, and whispered, “Ninjutsu · Multiplying Explosive Tags Technique!”

A string of explosions roared in the sky!

Each explosive tag was equivalent to a Jonin Level Fire-Release Ninjutsu. Thousands of explosive tags detonated one after another. The scorching fire wave instantly evaporated the Thousand Feeding Sharks into water vapor!

Kisame involuntarily swallowed his saliva.

‘This guy has too much money to burn…’

‘Tens of thousands of explosive tags could be sold for hundreds of millions of ryo in a scarce place like Kirigakure.’

Kisame felt a pain in his shoulder before the smoke and water vapor dissipated. A card penetrated the smoke and stuck it on his body!

“Little demon, do you really think you can hide from me?!”

Kisame waved the Samehada Greatsword in his hand and slashed towards somewhere in the smoke. He could tell from a glance that someone was in that position!


Samehada Greatsword bounced back like it had been hammered onto a steel plate!

Kisame’s mouth opened wide, and the Samehada screamed in pain!

An immature voice came from the smoke, “Mr. Kisame, wouldn’t it be better not to be too arrogant in front of me?”

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