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Chapter 29: Summoning Jutsu

Chapter 29: Summoning Jutsu

A space-time vortex appeared on the mountain foot and the silhouette of the mysterious masked man appeared. After a while, an adorable girl jumped out of the time vortex and appeared by his side.

The mysterious masked men glanced at the Kirigakure ninjas charging into the mountain’s forest before turning around and looking at the girl beside him, “Wait for a while, that little demon must be severely injured, after that, you can join the fight and save his life. Do you understand?”


The girl lowered her head and continued softly, “As long as I make him fall in love with me, you promised to release my hometown and let me see Kakashi…”

“Of course.”

The mysterious masked man patted on his arm. He said in a gloomy voice, “I have never broken a promise, but this is unbelievable. Some women like losers like Kakashi.”

“Mr Kakashi is not a loser!”

The girl bit her lip, she was obviously afraid of the masked man next to her, but she still mustered the courage to refute his words.

The mysterious mask man snorted and ignored her.

Naturally, the mysterious masked man would not tell Yukimi that Kakashi was also in the mountain’s forest and being hunted by a group of Kirigakure Ninja.

The crisis this time was not at the same level as in the past. There would be people who came to rescue him this time…


In the mountain’s forest.

The Kirigakure Hunter-nin troop led by Kisame had just entered the forest and were still tracking Kakashi.


A card was nailed to the tree!

Just as the ninjas looked towards the source of the card, another card flew in. —The target of this card was Kisame, the leader of the Hunter-nin troop.

Even if Kisame escaped the card’s attack in time, it was inevitably slid past his face, leaving a long and narrow wound, and a few drops of blood slowly dripped out.

That card’s lingering force cut down a wild tree that was as thick as a thigh!

Kisame’s face was still very calm, and he waved at his subordinates, “En? Tell Terumi Mei that I am a little bit occupied here dealing with a trivial matter. You go help Terumi Mei catch the target.”

“Yes, Captain!”

The Kirigakure Hunter-nin troops accepted the order in a deep voice and continued forwards. They didn’t worry about their Captain encountering an enemy.

Since Kisame took over as Suikazan Fuguki, they had become Kisame’s subordinates. They had witnessed the terrifying strength of this Hidden Mist weirdo. So far, whenever Kisame led them on a mission, they had never failed at anything!

However, they didn’t know that Kisame had long been a subordinate of the mysterious masked man standing behind the Mizukage.

On the surface, Kisame received the mission to capture Kakashi, but Kisame actually received a mission to severely injure Uehara. —The more miserable, the better, then let a little girl save him.

Although Kisame did not understand why the mysterious masked man gave him such a weird mission, he would accomplish it as long as it was a mission.

“Come out, Little demon!”

Kisame showed a mouthful of shark teeth and put on a terrifying smile, “Little demon, I haven’t fought with all my strength for a long time, if I can enjoy myself today, I can pick a comfortable way to die for you.”

“Hoshigaki Kisame.”

A youngster’s silhouette appeared in front of Kisame. His body floated in midair, and his fingertips dexterously spun a few cards.

Uehara looked down at Kisame and said, “Well, although we all know what the final result is going to be, the process still has to be gone through. I’m here to invite you to join a just organization that maintains the peace of Ninja World, are you interested?”

“Of course not.”

Kisame laughed contemptuously and put down the Samehada Greatsword in his hand and coldly said, “Little demon, I am a murderous ninja!”

“That’s really unfortunate, I’m a peace-loving person!”

Uehara’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the card in his hand suddenly shot towards Kisame.

The speed of the cards was so fast that, as they swept through the air, they formed shockwaves!

Due to the reward gained by completing Advanced Mission 3, Uehara’s body had been greatly strengthened, and his card throwing power and speed was much faster than before!

However, Hoshigaki Kisame was faster!

When he saw the cards fly out, he avoided the card’s attack, but one of the cards suddenly exploded like an explosive tag!

It was too late to block it, and his whole body was blown away. —Not only was his clothes destroyed by the explosion, but he also had gained a few wounds. However, the Samehada* gave him super self-healing power.

[*TL Note: Samehada (literally meaning: Shark Skin) is a sentient sword utilized by the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and is regarded as the most terrifying out of all the Seven Swordsmen’s blades.]

Soon Kisame’s injury recovered.

“Hey, how do you feel?”

Uehara danced around in the sky and said, “If you die, our organization will have to find another person!”

“…You want to kill me? These are not enough!” Kisame responded in a cold tone. The Samehada Greatsword in his hand was stuck in the ground. He thoroughly recognized the enemy’s troublesomeness!

If Uehara’s stayed in the sky, it would be difficult for him to strike back. At the very least, his strong Taijutsu and the Samehada’s characteristic of absorbing chakra were difficult to bring into play.

‘Then let’s change the terrain!’


Kisame quickly clasped his hands and formed seals. A torrent of water gushed out of his mouth. The waves that appeared under his feet almost reached Uehara standing in the air.

Following that Kisame continuously formed hand seals and bit his finger.


A water shark appeared next to Kisame, wrapped his body, and jumped out of the water. —Unexpectedly it rushed into the air towards Uehara Naraku with great agility!

‘This guy actually figured out a way to allow himself to attack an enemy in the sky.’

To Kisame, as long as he could smack Uehara out of the sky, he could immediately take advantage of his strong Taijutsu.

As Kisame approached Uehara, he still saw Uehara panic as he formed hand seals, one of the hand seals was not even correct…

“Hmph, little demon, your Summoning Jutsu hand seals are wrong!” Kisame sneered. His wrist suddenly exerted force and he was about to grab Uehara’s neck before slamming him down on the ground!

Suddenly, Uehara shouted in a low voice, “Ninjutsu ·Summoning Jutsu!”

A tall monster appeared among them. The monster suddenly threw the iron anchor in his hand and accurately hit Kisame’s body, slamming him back down again!

Kisame only felt an irresistible force, before he fell from the sky and returned to the lake.

After a while, he finally saw what the monster the little demon summoned looked like…

A monster that was almost three times his height. Its whole body was tightly sealed by iron armour. Only two eyes glowing with yellow light could be seen. It held a huge anchor in its hand. The chain connected to the bottom of the anchor was tightly bound to its body.

What surprised Kisame was that this monster could also act like him. Not only could it breathe freely in the water but even move without hindrance.

Uehara folded his hands, landed near the lake, smiled lightly and opened his mouth, and said, “Mr Kisame, let me introduce it to you. This is something I prepared specially for you in aquatic combat. Your opponent is…. Titan of the Depths Nautilus …”

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