Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 28: Those Following Their Trail

Chapter 28: Those Following Their Trail

“The dead deserve respect.”

After Uehara uttered these words, the faces of the Kirigakure ninjas became complicated. The little guy in front of them who had blocked their Shurikens using wind ninjutsu was weird. He was only one person, yet he was so confident that he could kill all four teams?

“…What an arrogant little demon!”

Whether it was Kakashi or Kirigakure Ninja hiding in the dark, their first thought was that Uehara was too arrogant!

Even Kakashi, a ninja who had been famous for a long time, didn’t dare to enter the formation of Kirigakure Ninjas head-on, but the kid was provoking them face-to-face. Was he looking for death?

Kakashi poked out his head slightly and quietly watched Uehara, who had clasped his hands together. His eyes were instantly attracted to his hands.

Uehara was slowly finishing the seals required for a technique, and he could see his movements clearly without using his Sharingan. Still, Kakashi did not know this particular sequence of seals.

‘Is that kid going to use ninjutsu I had never seen before?’

Kakashi immediately concentrated his attention, carefully using Sharingan to copy down Uehara’s hand seals. He wanted to copy Uehara’s Ninjutsu secretly!

Uehara didn’t know any of this, but he didn’t care either. After a bunch of messy hand seals, his palms pushed into the sky as he gazed that the group of Kirigakure ninjas said with a slight smile, “We’re fated to meet again if you can survive… LIGHTNING-RELEASE · MYRIAD HEAVENLY THUNDER PRISON!”

A thundercloud appeared around Uehara. One after another, lightning suddenly surged out of the thundercloud, scattering down on the heads of the Kirigakure Ninja!

Several Kirigakure Ninjas were instantly smashed into coal by the lightning. The other Kirigakure Ninjas avoided the first bolt of lightning, but a second fell, then a third…

Lightning continued to fall, one after another!

One of the Kirigakure Ninja dodged too slowly and he was struck by a bolt of lightning, falling to the ground. He didn’t have a chance to stand up again!

The frequency and speed of lightning attacks meant it was not easy for them to deal with. The Kirigakure Ninjas finally realized their predicament. It was difficult for them to escape, they did not even have time to form hand seals to cast defensive Ninjutsu.

Faced with a crisis, human nature suddenly erupted.

The Jonin Captain jumped to the side of a subordinate, grabbed his body, threw him into the air, stopping two lightning bolts, as his subordinates turned into coal. After seeing this scene, the other Chunin Captain grabbed the bodies of his subordinates and companions as a shield for his own escape!

If the lightning attack frequency were to increase anymore, the ninjas of the Kirigakure Ninja unit might even start a fratricidal civil war!

Uehara stared at Kirigakure Ninja under the thundercloud, and the smile at the corner of his lips gradually shrunk. In the face of death, the Kirigakure Ninjas performed awfully compared to Amegakure Ninja. They were too far behind.

The Blood Mist policy of the Kirigakure, which had not forbid killing ninjas of the same village and even encouraged it for many years, was finally showing its evil results. No one dared to trust their companions!

Uehara fought one of the easiest battles he had ever faced. He did not have to use any more powerful skills, instead, he just threw cards randomly and began a unilateral massacre.

Kakashi, who was peeping at all of this, was sweating profusely!

‘The youngster only used one Ninjutsu and killed four Kirigakure Ninja teams, including an Elite Squad led by Jonin!’

However, Kakashi felt a little happy at heart. He not only escaped the entanglement of the Kirigakure Ninja but also copied a powerful Lightning-Release Ninjutsu. It just so happened that Kakashi was best at Lightning-Release Ninjutsu.

[Advanced mission 3: Kill ten official Chunins (10/10)]

[Reward: 1000 life energy, 1000 Chakra, 1000 Gold Coins, Life Energy Recovery rate increased by 100%, Chakra Recovery Rate increased by 100%.]

[Advanced mission 4: Kill ten official Jonin (1/10)]

[Reward: Unknown.]

Uehara looked on in surprise, he had just completed Advanced Mission 3.

In addition to the regular life energy and Chakra increase, and the gold coin reward, there was also an increase in his life energy and Chakra recovery rate.

[Life energy: 2201 (standard Jonin’s have 1000~3000)]

[Chakra energy: 3250 (standard Quasi-Kage’s have 3000-10000)]

[Life Energy Recovery: 4/s]

[Chakra Recovery: 3/s]

[Remaining Gold Coins: 2070]


Tears of the Goddess: Chakra +250, Chakra accumulation +750, returns 10% of the Chakra spent on Ninjutsu.

Embrace of the Seraphim: Chakra +1400, Skill Cooldown -20%, Chakra Consumption -25%.]

After observing his own attributes, Uehara sighed in relief. In addition to his body’s strength, his physical stamina also increased a lot. His Chakra also broke past 3000 points. Finally, he could carve out his own path and survive in the Ninja World.

In addition to these standard rewards, he also gained additional life energy and Chakra recovery. The increase in his Chakra recovery rate meant that Uehara could use his Dancing Air Technique and Mayfly technique without restrictions, which means he could travel around safely and worry-free.

All that remained was for him to await the arrival of Kisame.

Uehara thought of several ways to solicit Kisame but was worried by Kisame’s loyalty to the mysterious masked man. Uehara didn’t want to expose his knowledge too easily.

In the end, Uehara decided to first severely wound Kisame and then forcibly bring Kisame back to the Land of Rain.

‘Isn’t this also a way to complete the mission?’


Outside the forested mountain.

A shark-faced youth led a Kirigakure Hunter-nin troop with more than twenty people and appeared at the foot of the mountain. In addition to them, a brown-haired woman also brought three ninja teams, among them was a powerful investigative ninja.

Ao was the only Byakugan Kekkei Genkai who was not part of the Hyuga Clan. —Due to a coincidence during the war, he obtained a Byakugan. Thus he became the ninja with the strongest detection ability with the Kirigakure.

The combination of Terumi Mei, the high-end combat power of the upper echelons of the Kirigakure, and Kisame had appeared here. This highlighted the importance of Kakashi and Kirigakure’s desire for Konoha’s intelligence.

Hoshigaki Kisame scanned the mountain and whispered, “Senior Ao, let’s get started! Our group of guys can only speak with ninja swords, so we’ll be troubling you to search for the enemy!”

“Understood…Byakugan ·open!”

With his two fingers together, Ao activated his Byakugan, carefully searching for the traces within the mountainous forest, looking for a silhouette.

After a while, during Ao’s searches and his face suddenly became ugly, said he solemnly announced, “All the ninjas in the northern outpost have been killed! There are still two living people on the mountain. One of them is a little kid who is not tall, and the other is Kakashi. He is in the eastern forest!”

“Ha, it seems like we’re lucky!”

Kisame perked up, grabbing at the Samehada Greatsword on his back. He looked at Terumi Mei said, “Then we will arrest Kakashi. Your Excellency Terumi Mei will assist us in the encirclement. Is this plan okay?”


Terumi Mei waved his hand indifferently, covering her lips lightly and said with a smile, “Our purpose is to catch the Copy Ninja. It doesn’t matter who is responsible for the attack and who is responsible for the encirclement.”

“Then please!”

Kisame did not tarry, dragging Samehada Greatsword in his hand into the forest, as the Hunter-nin troops followed him closely from behind, rushing in.

Terumi Mei led her subordinates towards Kakashi’s location within the mountainous forest to encircle him, forcing Kakashi to move in the direction of Kisame.

As for Uehara’s existence on the mountain, they didn’t care.

After all, he was only one person. Who would really care about him?

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