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Chapter 25: People of the Land of Water have poor Eyesight

Chapter 25: People of the Land of Water have poor Eyesight

The boat arrived at the Land of Water.

Along the way, Zabuza tried to test Uehara many times, but he was still not sure whether the name Hoshigaki Kisame was true or false.

If it was not Hoshigaki Kisame, was it Hohzuki Mangetsu?

But the guy, Hohzuki Mangetsu, was an out-and-out genius and the most likely person in the village to succeed as the Fifth Mizukage. Would he be willing to take the risk and assassinate the Fourth Mizukage?

Of the current Seven Swordsmen of the Mist in Kirigakure, Momochi Zabuza still believed that only he wanted to assassinate the Fourth Mizukage Yagura. As for Hohzuki Mangetsu and Hoshigaki Kisame, they seemed to be very loyal. If he accidentally let his thoughts out, it would hinder his plan.

After they set foot on the land of Water, Zabuza took the initiative to ask Uehara, “I can only help you provide you with the route to Hoshigaki Kisame, and will not take you to see him. If I take you to see him, won’t you believe me?”

“Well, Mr Zabuza’s credibility is indeed worrying.”

Uehara frowned and nodded and disregarded Zabuza’s face that had turned ugly, and he continued softly, “Then let’s make an appointment for our next meeting! It will be in three days, and the location will be here!”


Zabuza agreed to his proposal.

The reason why Zabuza was willing to agree to help was not that he wasn’t afraid of dying, it was because he saw Uehara’s strength and wanted to take advantage of Uehara.

Hoshigaki Kisame was the ninja who was the most loyal to the Fourth Mizukage in the entire Kirigakure. In a serious fight, his strength was stronger than his. If Uehara could delay Hoshigaki Kisame, Zabuza could immediately put the plan to assassinate the Mizukage into action.

Within the Kirigakure, only Hoshigaki Kisame was willing to protect the idiot Mizukage, Yagura. Who else dared to approach him?

This was a rare opportunity.

“Then I wish us a happy cooperation.”

Uehara looked at Zabuza and stretched out his palm.

Zabuza glared at him. Instead of shaking hands and making peace, he opened his mouth and said in a cold voice, “We are not cooperating, I’m just providing you with information.”

“That’s a pity…” Uehara sighed and said faintly, “Before parting, I want to remind you, although I like to cheat people, I don’t like it when others lie to me.”

“…I know.”

Zabuza responded and secretly cursed in his heart. This little demon was not very old, yet he was so arrogant.

Uehara didn’t worry about Zabuza lying to him. Even if this guy brought a group of Mist Ninjas to encircle him, Uehara was confident that he could escape, he was invincible when he used a Moment of Sacred Judgment. Then he would use the Mayfly Technique to sneak into the ground and escape.

There were still three days before Zabuza exchanged information with him. Now that he had come to the Land of Water, there was naturally no reason for him to enter it without returning.

On the map of the Land of Water, the two most popular characters are Terumi Mei and Haku. Uehara did not expect to meet the future Fifth Mizukage but he wanted to try to find his own Ice-Release Kekkei Genkai user.

Right now, Haku should be wandering and begging on the streets of Land of Water, cautious and solemnly hiding his identity as a descendant of the Ice-Release Kekkei Genkai.

His range of activities was a little large.

Uehara looked at the simple missions related to Haku on the system panel and insisted on searching for the dirtiest, messiest, and worst areas of the Land of Water for three days. In the end, he found no traces of Haku.

Uehara left the garbage dump with a sense of sorrow and decided to temporarily give up looking for Haku and wait for Momochi Zabuz’sa information. Suddenly, a ray of brown appeared in the corner of his eye.

Following the strand of brown hair, the teenager slowly raised his head and saw a gentle face of a young female ninja with long brown hair. She looked at Uehara with a smile and suddenly spread out her hands. Like magic, in the palm of her hand was a bag of biscuits.

The woman bent down, spread the biscuits in her hand, and stretched out her hand, “Little fellow, hurry up and eat, this is for you!”


Uehara was full of question marks.

This young woman with long brown hair was Terumi Mei, the future Fifth Mizukage. Uehara did not expect to meet her at this time and place.

The real question was, what did Terumi Mei mean by giving him cookies?

Uehara tilted his head, looked towards the two followers behind Terumi Mei. One of the ninja’s faces was flushed, and her eyes gazed at the female ninja in admiration, “Ahhh… She truly deserves to be Terumi Mei-sama, so gentle. It’s really exciting!”

The other ninja’s face was a little stiff as he muttered, “If it weren’t for Terumi Mei sama’s terrifying technique, there would be many people in the village who admire her! “

The air suddenly fell silent.

“Shut up, it’s so noisy!”

Terumi Mei, who was initially gentle and watery, heard slander from one of her subordinates and instantly turned furious. She turned around and kicked the person away with a knee strike!

Terumi Mei coldly glanced at another ninja who had become sweaty, coldly-snorted, fiddled with her long hair, turned her head, and looked towards Uehara. Her face returned to the gentle and pleasant look she had moments earlier.

Her face changing speed was too fast!

The brown-haired female ninja felt that her behaviour just now was a little out of style. She walked towards Uehara with her tall figure, raised Uehara’s arm, and placed the cookie in his palm. She rubbed his head affectionately.

“Little brother, don’t be afraid, elder sister is a good person!”

Terumi Mei showed a warm smile filled with a mother’s love and squatted down and said softly, “Have you been starving? These are all for you, hurry up and eat!”


Listening to her urging, Uehara dumbly put a biscuit in his mouth. His brain was blank. Was it because his youthful looks were too handsome so he caught Terumi Mei’s attention?

Seeing the youngster eating the biscuits, Terumi Mei nodded with satisfaction and continued softly, “Little fellow, do you have a home?”


Uehara silently shook his head, and then he nodded again. Well, the Akatsuki was his home, right? Whether it’s Konan or Pain, they treated him well.

“I got it.”

Terumi Mei patted his head, not knowing what was going through his mind, she sighed and said, “If you have difficulties in the future, you can go to the Kirigakure to find me. Don’t pick up food from the garbage dump anymore. I’m the Jonin Terumi Mei from Kirigakure, remember?”

“…I’ll remember.”

Uehara took a bite of the biscuit, and his face gradually became unsightly.

How could this woman tell that he was picking up food in the garbage dump? He was a rich man with 100 million explosive tags on him!

“That’s good.”

Terumi Mei nodded with satisfaction, turned around and took her men, and left here, “Okay, let’s go.”

One of the ninjas praised, “I have never seen Terumi-sama so gentle! If Terumi-sama is half as gentle to everyone as that little fellow just now, no, one-tenth, there would be many people who are willing to woo Terumi-sama!”

“Hmph, there are no good men in the village!”

Terumi Mei raised her head disdainfully as her voice gradually faded into the distance. Uehara could still vaguely hear her voice in his ears, “Don’t you find that little fellow very interesting? Obviously, he’s just an orphan who’s looking for food in a garbage dump yet the clothes on his body are rough yet clean. Even though he’s down in his life, he still has plenty of motivation…”



Uehara squeezed his palms abruptly and accidentally used too much force and crushed the biscuits in his palms into pieces. This woman’s eyesight was so bad. Did the Fourth Mizukage fall under Genjutsu? How did you become the Mizukage in the future?


When the depression in Uehara’s heart was not over yet, a silhouette suddenly rushed in front of him, grabbed the broken biscuits from the palm of his hand, and ran away!


Uehara was dumbfounded and glanced at the stray child who gobbled up the biscuits not far from him. The corner of his eyes couldn’t help being twitched.

‘Are the people of Land of Water so lacking in insight?’

Someone dared to snatch his things!

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