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Chapter 24: Zabuza Defeated in Battle

Chapter 24: Zabuza Defeated in Battle


Being insulted by a young man in this way, Zabuza secretly cursed from within the water prison, but he was not fooled and continued to quietly hide in the mist, waiting for the thundercloud storm to dissipate.

In just a few seconds, Zabuza had already calculated the frequency of the lightning strikes. As long as he poured chakra into the water prison, he could ensure that he could definitely outlast it.

But that kid has found him by following the trail of thunder and lightning!

Uehara held a stack of explosive tags in his hand and threw it at the ball of water. He mumbled, “These are the one hundred explosive tags we agreed upon in the Land of Waves. I’ll pay you now!”

Zabuza, “…”

What kind of payment method was this?!

One hundred explosive tags were approximately equivalent to one hundred Jonin Level fire-release Ninjutsus. If they exploded together, the explosion could directly evaporate the water that formed the Water Prison Technique!

Uehara waved his arms, raised his hands, and shouted seriously, “Art is an explosion…Hah!”


Zabuza was unable to hold his mind together.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions resounded across the sea, as hundreds of explosive tags bombarded the defensive water ball. A trace of horror flashed through Zabuza’s eyes, and the explosion slammed into his whole body.

A huge splash of water accompanied the explosion!

That was the water clone!

The Zabuza in the water prison was a water clone. As for his real body, he had long disappeared. The thundercloud in the sky gradually dissipated, and it was no longer possible to track Zabuza’s actual position without recasting it.

Uehara frowned and watched the surrounding mist vigilantly, then he suddenly heard Zabuza’s violent shout!

“Water-Release ·Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu!”

Zabuza’s chakra quickly formed a huge monster that raised its head and broke through the mist. The huge water dragon rushed towards Uehara’s position!

“Wind-Release · Barrier of the wind!”

Uehara did not panic when he saw it, and after symbolically forming a hand-seal, a wall of wind was released. He only watched the splashes of the water dragon slamming into the wind wall and said softly, “That technique is formed after forty-four hand seals, it’s very hard, right?”


A red light reflected at Uehara’s feet!

Zabuza’s body practically turned in colour as his Chakra emanated from him. His whole body fell down from the sky, and the Kubikiribocho in his hand was also cut down in a decisive and imposing manner!

Was that move; Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu just used as a feint? The current silent killing technique was the actual ultimate move against Uehara!

The Kubikiribocho in Momochi Zabuza’s hand only took a second to land on Uehara’s arm. This was also his goal. As long as Uehara lost his arm, he would no longer be able to form hand seals smoothly and could only be killed by him.


A golden barrier floated around Uehara’s body, and the huge impact forced cracks to spread all over the Kubikiribocho!

Several golden Chakra lightsabers floated around the barrier, which quickly pierced into Zabuza’s body!

It was the ultimate skill, Moment of Sacred Judgment!

Zabuza, stabbed by the Chakra swords, looked at the unharmed young man in astonishment. There was a trace of unwillingness in his eyes, “Asshole! It turned out to be a trap, you hid it so deeply!”

“You sneak attacked me first!”

Uehara twisted Zabuza’s wrist with one hand, took the Kubikiribocho that fell from his hand and kicked him on the chest. He kicked him onto the boat.

[Side mission: Defeat the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist (1/7)]

[Reward: Unknown]

[Side mission: Defeat Momochi Zabuza (1/1)]

[Reward: Secret Art · Redmist Wave]

Secret Art · Redmist Wave: Release a cloud of smoke that makes you invisible for 5 seconds. While invisible you cannot be hit. Restore 40% of your Chakra. Cooldown 20 seconds.

This skill filled Uehara with confusion.

That’s it? What is this?

He defeated Momochi Zabuza!

Throughout the entire runtime of Naruto, only three people had ever put the complete Team-7 protagonist group in danger. The first was Momochi Zabuza, the second was Six Paths Uchiha Madara, and the third one was Otsutsuki Kaguya.

However, his new Redmist Wave skill was not bad. It was a life-saving skill, even more importantly, this skill came with Chakra recovery.

Uehara returned to the boat, sat down calmly, and looked at Zabuza, who was pressing down on his wound, and whispered, “I advise you not to provoke people who shouldn’t be offended.”


Zabuza couldn’t help but grind his teeth. This little demon said this again. Was he still boasting his own identity and strength?

Uehara, hearing his cold snort, continued with a slight smile on his face, “Mr Zabuza, I am a kind-hearted person, if you just wanted to sneak attack me, I still want to let you live. After all, you still have some use, albeit not much…”


Zabuza was angered by his words. He was forcefully suppressing his anger; he sneered, “It sounds like I am really lucky!”

“That’s right.”

Uehara nodded earnestly and looked at him, “Well, I want to see one of the Seven Swordsmen so I’ll have to rely on Mr Zabuza!”

Zabuza’s figure slowly relaxed and glanced at the youth opposite him. “Since you need my help, you have to tell me the name of the person you want to meet?”

“Hoshigaki Kisame.”

Uehara said the name without hesitation.

Throughout the history of the Ninja World, there were very few people who could be called the real ninja. Hoshigaki Kisame was undoubtedly a qualified ninja.

If possible, Uehara even wanted to try to bring Hoshigaki Kisame to his side. The man with the shark face was a rare ally, his only flaw was his obsession with the higher-level mission, so letting him go was a reckless waste of natural resources.

As for how to instigate a rebellion, it was a big problem.

If he did nothing, Hoshigaki Kisame would become a chess piece under the control of the mysterious masked man. He might even be convinced by the Eye of the Moon plan the mysterious masked man proposed. Well, he still maintained his loyalty until the moment he died in battle.

Aside from that, no matter what ninjutsu he was released, he had to use a hand seal, but he couldn’t really consider that a shortcoming of Hoshigaki Kisame.


When Zabuza heard Hoshigaki Kisame’s name, he couldn’t help but sneer and gaze at Uehara contemptuously, “If you mentioned any other name, I might still have some doubts, but that guy, Hoshigaki Kisame, it’s absolutely impossible for him to betray the Fourth Mizukage!”

Hoshigaki Kisame was the trusted aide of the Fourth Mizukage Yagura.

When Yagura wanted to seize power in Anbu, he instructed Hoshigaki Kisame to kill the previous Anbu leader Suikazan Fuguki and then promoted Kisame to the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and gave him the Samehada.

The entire Kirigakure knew of Hoshigaki Kisame’s loyalty to the Fourth Mizukage Yagura. Aside from Yagura’s orders, Kisame would not pay attention to anything else, even if someone privately contacted him in an attempt to propose abolishing the unreasonable blood mist system.

If Fourth Mizukage Yagura was overthrown, the last person standing in front of him to protect him would definitely be Hoshigaki Kisame.

How could such a man be a traitor?

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