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Chapter 26: Haku

Chapter 26: Haku

Terumi Mei had given that pack of biscuits to Uehara. He was already angry and depressed, and being robbed of his biscuits made his mood tumble further.

Uehara Naraku walked to the orphan who snatched his biscuits. Perhaps it was because they were too hungry, but they had hurriedly swallowed them after a couple of bites.


Uehara frowned, he wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it. After all, he didn’t lack a few biscuits, he was a rich man with a net worth of 100 million Explosive Tags.

“I’m done.”

The orphan hurriedly stuffed the cookie’s crumbs into his mouth, curled up into a ball, and carefully raised his head to look at Uehara, “Sorry, I have been starving for three days, and so there are no biscuits now. If you want to beat or kill me, please go ahead!”

” …”

When he looked closer, Uehara saw a delicate and pretty face that was barely hidden by the orphan’s dirtiness. Two words, beautiful woman, subconsciously appeared in Uehara’s mind.

Why is everyone in the Ninja world’s face so high quality?

Even a roadside orphan looked so cute?

When Uehara noticed the orphan lowered their head again, he decided to forgive them. He stood beside them and asked in a low voice, “Hey, what is your name, are you still hungry?”

“My name is Haku.”

The orphan shrank back, shook his head and hugged his knees tightly. Was this little fellow terrified of being beaten?


Uehara looked up at the sky.

What kind of luck did he have today!

He searched for the Land of Water painstakingly for three days, but no trace of Haku was found. It just happened to be that Terumi Mei gave him a bag of biscuits, which lured out the hungry Haku.

In fact, Haku had been hiding here for a while, but he was afraid of the ninjas finding him. He didn’t dare to come forward until he saw Terumi Mei and the two ninjas leave.

Uehara looked at the orphan squatting in front of him, still wanting to confirm his identity, “Well, do you have an Ice-Release Kekkei Genkai? Can you create ice or something…”


Haku’s body trembled, and he got up, staggered a few steps before quickly moving towards the alleys of the town and rushing away.

He knew that, in this country, those who owned a Kekkei Genkai were considered evil, and Uehara might be the ones who advocated for the eradication of Kekkei Genkai.

“Hey, don’t run!”

Uehara had determined Haku’s identity in his heart and hurriedly chased him, grabbing Haku’s collar. Frowning he whispered, “Did you think you could just escape?”

Haku lowered his head and hesitated for a while, then whispered softly, “Then…If I can pick up some food tomorrow, can I give it back to you? It may be the day after tomorrow. Come four days later to pick up your food, I can pick up that much food in about three days…”

“I’m not talking about food!”

Uehara’s face was a bit unpleasant.

Haku glanced at him cautiously and whispered, “But I saw you secretly looking for food near the garbage dump yesterday…”

“I didn’t come to the garbage dump to look for food.”

Uehara looked helplessly at the dirty Haku in front of him, and said solemnly, “I’m here to find you, I need your ice ninjutsu… the ability to condense ice and snow in your body.”

Haku raised his head curiously, frowned, and asked softly, “But I don’t know, what can I do with it?”

“Let me think about it.”

Uehara touched his chin and thought for a while, then gave his own suggestion, “Well, you can help me make iced juice in summer.”

” Huh?”

A light flashed through Haku’s eyes, and he grabbed the corner of Uehara’s clothes whispering, “Then will we have to look for food in a garbage dump together in the future?”

Uehara, “…”

Damn it, what was with him and looking for food in the garbage?

Uehara suppressed the helplessness in his heart, patted Haku’s shoulders, and sighed, “We are not going to go to the garbage dump to find food… No, we won’t need to go to the garbage dump to find food ever again. If you follow me in the future, you can enjoy delicious and spicy food!”


Haku thoughtfully nodded, and pulled Uehara’s clothes again, and whispered, “Then…we are going to find food now?”

Uehara rubbed his cheeks and put on a gentle face, “Anyway… just follow me, less nonsense!”


Haku subconsciously covered his lips.

Although both of them were peers, Uehara still felt that the communication between him and Haku was slightly unusual. It may have been because of the cookies that Terumi Mei gave Uehara earlier that made Haku constantly assume that Uehara and himself were the same kind.

When Haku saw Uehara sitting on a rock by the sea, holding a new homemade fishing rod in his hand, fishing leisurely, a trace of surprise flashed through Haku’s eyes as he praised, “You know how to fish? That’s amazing!”

“… It’s just a basic skill, don’t exaggerate.”

Uehara’s expression was wooden, and his heart felt slightly strange. It felt a little odd taking the current Haku to Zabuza.

The fishing line trembled violently!

Haku looked at Uehara, who was steady and motionless, lightly pushed Uehara’s shoulder, and urged, “Uehara, a fish is hooked!”

“Slow down, wait for a while.”

Uehara smiled and shook his head. Just as he was about to explain the little fishing knowledge he had learnt from Konan, he saw a cold light flash towards him!


A shuriken shot through the fishing line suddenly, and without slowing down became embedded deeply into the rock next to it!

The appearance of that shuriken made Haku’s confused as he nervously tried to step back. Still, out of fear for his little partner, he tightly grasped Uehara’s sleeve and whispered, “Uehara. It’s one of Kirigakure’s ninjas, let’s go!”

“No, he’s looking for me.”

Uehara patted Haku’s arm and motioned for him to calm down. looking at the broken fishing line with regret, he whispered under his breath, “Zabuza, you scared away the fish I wanted to catch, so you will have to pay the price!”


Behind a rock, someone grunted dully and threw a scroll toward Uehara’s location!

Uehara Naraku caught it with his hand, opened it, and glanced at it. There was a map with the Land of Water drawn on it, and a red line was scribbled through it. It was a travel route, and a red circle was drawn at the end of the route. That should be the final destination of their route.

Zabuza emerged from behind a rock, gazed at Uehara, opened his mouth, and said in a cold tone, “This is the information you want…Tomorrow morning, the person you are looking for will lead a group of Hunters-nin troops and set off to the northern outpost of the Land of Water.”

Uehara Naraku nodded, and raised his own question, “Is this their route? Are you sure?”

Zabuza explained disdainfully, “This is the Land of Water‘s territory, so the Hunter-nin troops will definitely choose the fastest route.”

This was considered common sense in the Ninja World.

If a ninja had to choose the safest route in his own country. Wouldn’t that mean the Ninja Village was useless?

After seeing Uehara put away the scroll, Zabuza looked at Haku next to him, coldly accusing Uehara, ” Little demon, we agreed on a place and to keep it a secret. Yet You brought this little girl here, are you not worried about her leaking our secrets?”

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