Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 21: Yes, I am an Uchiha!

Chapter 21: Yes, I am an Uchiha!

Complicated relationships were the strongest fetters in the Ninja World.

Uehara and the mysterious masked man didn’t know of the other’s actions right now, but the gifts they planned to prepare for each other were actually precisely the same in nature. They both use human emotions to achieve their desired goals.

The mysterious masked man wanted to use Yukimi as a spy to form a bond with Uehara, to break the bond and force Uehara to fall into the darkness.

Uehara believed that, instead of allowing the mysterious masked man to move around secretly and set up a conspiracy, it was better to cause him considerable trouble.

Humans, sooner or later, had to face their own past.

Moreover, Uehara and the mysterious masked man had full self-awareness and had a strong belief in their IQs. Both believed that their plans were impeccable.

Currently, within the Ninja World, those that knew the identity of the mysterious masked man could be counted on one hand.

The mysterious masked man would have never have imagined that Uehara could cross the border with Mayfly Technique and rush to the Land of Fire. Additionally, as long as Uehara did not reveal his true face, the mysterious masked man would never find out that he did it.

Hatake Kakashi stepped forward and looked at the mysterious masked man under the tree and asked aloud, “Who are you? What is the purpose of sneaking into the Land of Fire?”

“Here? It’s my homeland.”

The masked man, incarnated as Uehara Naraku, spread out his arms. He whispered, “Konoha’s Anbu-sama, can’t I go back to my hometown?”

Uehara felt that his acting skills were perfect. He vividly and thoroughly acted as a wanderer who had been away from home for many years.

Unfortunately, there were only two spectators around him and they didn’t know the complete truth.

Konoha’s Anbu didn’t believe his reason at all.

Uzuki Yugao brandished a ninja sword and aimed at him, and said solemnly: “Hey, Take off your mask first!”

“That’s not quite fair.”

Uehara touched the patterned mask on his face, lifted his head, looked towards the white-haired ninja, and whispered, “Since it’s a meeting between old friends, we should take off each other’s masks. Don’t you think, Kakashi?”


The white-haired ninja abruptly pulled out his ninja sword, arched his waist, and assumed a fighting stance. His words were still casual though, “Well, since you know that I’m serving in Anbu you’re able to recognize me, we must be quite familiar with each other.”

Kakashi’s brain was spinning quickly!

The masked man in front of him hid his identity, indicating that his identity was sensitive. Most likely, he was a missing-nin of Konoha or one of Danzo’s Root ninjas.

However, after the collapse of the Uchiha Clan in Konoha not long ago, Shimura Danzo was imprisoned by the Third Hokage, and the entirety of the Root was completely broken up.

That means it could only be one of Konoha’s missing-nin.

It just so happened that Kakashi did know a suitable candidate.

Kakashi’s former teammate in the Anbu, Uchiha Itachi. He destroyed his own clan and became one of Konoha ‘sS-Rank Missing-nin.

But in Kakashi’s perception as Uchiha Itachi’s tutor had always been very good. Whether facing the enemy or facing the companions in the village, he had always been very polite.

The mysterious masked man in front of him was not like this. Itachi should not be able to do such a thing, but those of the Uchiha clan were always neurotic. Who knows what he would become?

Aside from Uchiha Itachi, he really couldn’t think of anyone else.

Kakashi clenched his ninja sword tightly, staring at the masked man with his Sharingan.

After taking a deep breath, he asked in a deep voice, “Are you Uchiha Itachi?”

“… …”

After a moment of silence in the air, the masked man stretched out a finger and shook his head, “You guessed it wrong… Kakashi!”

After hearing what he said, Kakashi was silent for a while and suddenly rushed up with the ninja sword in his hand and said indifferently, “Since you are still pretending to be a fool, let me take off that mask for you now!”


The mysterious masked man seemed to be frightened. He dodged in a hurry to avoid Kakashi’s attack and jumped onto the tree with a shout. His voice gradually became gloomy, “As expected, it is you, Kakashi…still so ruthless when killing teammates!”

Kakashi’s figure suddenly froze!

At this moment, he once again remembered Rin, who he would dream of every night. The girl with a face full of pain as she died drenched in blood under his Raikiri.

Uzuki glanced at Kakashi stiffly and said loudly, “Asshole! What garbage are you talking about? Senior is not that kind of person…”

“Huh…really isn’t it?”

The mysterious masked man looked down at the two people underground and slowly took off the mask from his face, revealing a face that was half intact and half full of scars.

This was Uchiha Obito’s true face.

The Charming Transformation used by Uehara could be used to imitate and pretend to be any living creatures so naturally, he could also imitate the appearance of Uchiha Obito.

Uehara held a mask in his hand, and a mocking smile appeared over his face, “Kakashi, do you still recognize me?”


Kakashi’s palm veins popped out from holding his ninja sword forcefully. It was as if he was trying to crush his ninja sword into pieces!

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Even after all these years, Obito’s appearance had long changed. However, Kakashi could still recognize his outline, but how could the person he buried himself many years ago still be alive.

Kakashi took off the mask on his face, and his eyes widened in disbelief: “Are you…Obito?”

“Hahahahahahaha …”

Uehara, who was pretending to be Obito, laughed loudly and said, “I didn’t expect the copy ninja Kakashi to still remember my lowy name, that’s quite unusual!”


Kakashi’s voice was a bit dry. He didn’t know how to face the ridicule of his old friend but he couldn’t say any of the many words in his throat.

Uzuki stood by Kakashi’s side, solemnly said, “Senior, is he the hero who died in battle? Is he now…is he defecting?”

Uzuki’s words instantly pulled the two back into reality.

Almost ten years had passed. Since Obito was still alive, why didn’t he return to Konoha? Was it because of Rin’s death in battle?

“Obito, why didn’t you go back to the village at that time…if the teacher knew that you were alive…” Kakashi paused again.

Their teacher Namikaze Minato died early during the nine tails attack on the village eight years ago.

“Teacher Minato and Kushina, I killed them!”

Obito, disguised by Uehara, lowered his head and stared at Kakashi’s stiff face, and said with a smile, “Surprised? I opened the seal on the nine tails, and I controlled it with my sharingan…… You noticed it, too. The gift I gave you that made you a Jonin that day hides amazing power, right??”


There was chaos in Kakashi’s brain.

What Obito said was too shocking, his originally calm thinking became chaotic. He even thought that Obito was an auditory hallucination.

“Well, Kakashi, cherish that Sharingan, it has power beyond your imagination, I want revenge for Rin. Goodbye!”

Uehara beckoned and jumped up and down and moved into the distance. Before Kakashi and Uzuki could react, his silhouette had disappeared.


Uehara hid in the jungle, and with the help of the Mayfly Technique, he sneaked into a big tree, glanced at Kakashi, who was frantically looking for Obito trails, and quietly sank under the ground.

Today, he did a good deed.

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