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Chapter 20: Roadside Encounter

Chapter 20: Roadside Encounter

White Zetsu really couldn’t change their ways…

When these guys came into contact with Uchiha Obito over ten years ago, they were curious and they hadn’t improved the slightest bit over the years.

A single sentence inexplicably revealed a flaw in front of Uehara.

Encountering a fake White Zetsu girl that tried to strike up a conversation also made Uehara aware of one thing. —The masked man was monitoring his movements.

After leaving the small town, Uehara immediately looked for a quiet corner, used the Mayfly Technique he just learned to slip into the ground, and quietly ran off into the distance.

Despite the mysterious masked man losing Uehara’s tracks, he was not in a hurry because he knew where Uehara’s mission was located. As long as he waited idly near Hoshigaki Kisame, he would definitely be able to find Uehara again.

“That kid is really troublesome.”

The mysterious masked man held up the mask on his face, thinking about the following countermeasure, “The woman who misses Kakashi in the Land of Fire, I heard that she was a spy that was cultivated by the Land of Fire since she was a child. Let’s use it…huh!”

That woman was called Yukimi.

The reason why he knew that woman’s information was because of Hatake Kakashi.

When he was a teenager, Kakashi once returned to Konoha from a mission a little late. He also mentioned that he saved a little girl on the road.

Occasionally, when the mysterious masked man went digging for secrets in the Ninja world, he found that the woman, Yukimi, was a spy trained by the Land of Fire as a promising talent, due to this she was never allowed to return to her hometown. As long as she was taught a little, she would come in handy sooner or later.

However, after observing Yukimi for a few days, the mysterious masked man discovered that she was the little girl Kakashi had saved when he was a teenager, and he instantly lost interest.

Due to him, this woman would have clouded vision and would look at other people.

In his opinion, Kakashi, whom Yukimi liked, was an out-and-out loser, so he gave up soliciting her.

Now the masked man needed a qualified spy candidate. Initially, his first thought was Yakushi Kabuto. However, Kabuto was a man and he was still lurking next to Orochimaru and had something to do with Sasori of the Red Sand, which made him unsuitable.

The woman called Yukimi was barely good looking enough to be eye-catching, and she could employ some female techniques. Would Uehara accept her?

The masked man quickly worked out a perfect plan.

He was a little excited even as he pondered over his plan: “hehe hehe…I am the genius!”

The heavy voice of the mysterious masked man faded away. He changed into a funny clown again, “Let Kisame educate that little demon, whether he is alive or dead, let the woman called Hualing save his life!”

‘Even I’m impressed by me. If I didn’t make this strategy, even I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was true or not!’

A space vortex appeared behind him and swallowed him, leaving only his neurotic voice, “Go and find the woman called Yukimi first, and use the Land of Fire as a bargaining chip to threaten her!”


The Land of Fire, in a jungle.

Uehara’s head came out of the tree, and he looked at the surrounding environment. He quietly exited once he noticed that there was no one.

His speed when travelling through the underground was very fast, but it was a bit of a waste of Chakra. In order to be able to travel to the Land of Fire, Uehara also upgraded his equipment.

[Equipment: Embrace of the Seraphim.]

[Chakra +1400, Skill Cooldown -20%, Chakra Consumption -25%]

Originally, after completing an Advanced Mission and a series of side missions related to the explosion tags given by Konan, he had accumulated more than 3,000 gold coins. Now there he only had a little more than 1,000 left…

Uehara was a little distressed. After spending so much money, he only gained 400 Chakra, but it would make his chakras exceed 2000 points. If his Chakra remained at its maximum, he could summon the Deep Sea Titan once.

However, Uehara didn’t really care for using equipment to accumulate Chakra since his Advanced Missions gave out lots of Chakra and life energy. Right now, he was more concerned about the other abilities provided by his equipment such as Chakra recovery, life energy recovery, skill cooldown and so on.

[Life Energy: 1201/1201]

[Chakra Energy: 133/2250]

[Life Energy Recovery: 2/s]

[Chakra Recovery: 1.5/s]

[Remaining Gold Coins: 1070]

After his long underground walk, the Chakra in his body was almost exhausted. He needed to rest here for more than 20 minutes to recover his Chakra.

Twenty minutes was not short.

Uehara thought that he had found a secluded place. He forgot that it was the fastest route from the west of the Land of Fire to Konoha, so many people were destined to pass by.

For example, two Konoha Anbu who were rushing back from a mission in the Land of Rivers. A white-haired ninja wearing a mask was walking along the road, holding a little orange book in his hand, and looking at it as he walked, seeming a little addicted.

Walking next to him was a masked purple-haired female ninja. The Anbu uniform worn on her body made her tall and graceful.

“Let’s take a rest around here.”

The voice of the purple-haired female ninja resembles an oriole, spreading through the silent forest, “Senior, after returning this time, are you going to quit the Anbu?”

“Huh? Well, it’s not wrong to say that.”

The white-haired ninja lowered his head and said softly, “The Sandaime wants me to be a Jonin-Sensei and instruct the graduating class of the village…”

“It’s a pity!”

The female ninja lowered her head, and her purple hair draped indiscreetly onto her chest. She sighed and continued, “I hope I will have a chance to perform tasks with senior in the future.”

“Well, you don’t need to be so frustrated. If I’m not mistaken, your next partner is actually a very gentle guy…”

The white-haired Anbu ninja’s voice suddenly stopped, his footsteps also stopped. He slowly turned his head and looked towards the depths of the forest and saw a man with a patterned mask sitting under a big tree resting.

The purple-haired female ninja couldn’t help but stop as well. After following his gaze and seeing the masked man under the tree, the woman subconsciously pulled out her ninja sword.

This was the instinctive reaction of Anbu ninja.

The population in this area was somewhat sparse. This was due to its proximity to the Sunagakure and Amegakure. The scars left by several Shinobi World Wars were too great. Most of the commoners who settled nearby had migrated to the area near Konoha.

What’s more, this masked man had weird attire and appeared in a dangerous part of the forest inexplicably. He must be a dangerous person!


At this moment, Uehara, who had used the Natural Magical Charm to become a mysterious masked man, was also calming his mind. This was his first grand performance in the Land of Fire.

When he heard them talking just now, Uehara secretly observed them for a while. Despite the mask, he still recognized the white-haired ninja’s identities and the purple-haired female ninja.

Hatake Kakashi and Uzuki Yugao.

So after Uehara recovered his Chakra, instead of using the Mayfly Technique to escape, he thought of a wonderful idea.

This time, he was going to throw the masked man a hot potato.

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