Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 19: White Zetsu's Disguise

Chapter 19: White Zetsu’s Disguise

In front of the bookstore.

Uehara lowered his head to take a look at the Ninja World map he had just bought and couldn’t help but complain, “Boss, your map is very abstract…”

“Ah hahahaha…”

The bookstore boss scratched the back of his head and said with an awkward smile, “I don’t really have a choice. The detailed map can only be drawn by Great Country Ninja Villages. This kind of map won’t delay your journey anyway!”

Ninja World’s lifeblood was actually controlled by ninja, aside from the Ninja Villages that were willing to send ninjas to gather information about the terrain. Why would anyone else be willing to pay a high price to make a more sophisticated map?

Uehara glanced at him speechlessly and tapped his finger on the location of Land of Water on the map. Its location in the sea in the picture was only a circle. He finally couldn’t help but complain, “Is this really the size of the Land of Water? Isn’t it a bit bigger?”

“Is little brother going to the Land of Water?”

The bookstore owner’s expression instantly became tense, and he leaned down and said to Uehara’s ear, “Don’t go to that place. I heard that many merchants had gone and never come back! Whoever goes to the Land of Water will definitely be killed by the ninjas there!”

“…Okay, I get it.”

Uehara put away the map quietly.

The Land of Water’s Kirigakure still had the Fourth-Mizukage Yagura in power. He was a Puppet Mizukage manipulated from behind the scenes. He implemented the blood mist policy and kept the Land of Water from the outside world for a long time. Isolating. Theoretically, this would deny all outsiders from entering the Land of Water.

The Kirigakure in the blood mist, instead of prohibiting combat between ninjas from the same village, encouraged their ninjas to continue this behavior.

The man behind Yagura seemed to be afraid of the Kirigakure not perishing. Through the blood mist policy, he depleted the vitality of Hidden Mist Village little by little and tortured all of the Hidden Mist’s ninjas.

They treated themselves incredibly harshly, let alone outsiders.

Uehara Naraku flipped through the abstract map in his hands, planning his route to the Land of Water and picking the fastest and safest route.

Currently, the fastest path to the Land of Rain was all the way east from the Land of Fire, from Land of Fire to Land of Wave, and then taking a boat across the sea to the Land of Water.

This route was perfect.

Although he might encounter Konoha’s Ninja along the way, he didn’t have to worry about being in danger. Aside from the Third Hokage and Might Guy, the other people didn’t really pose a threat to him…

Well, except for Kakashi.

If he had a way to sneak into Konoha with a different identity, he could also even go to Konohagakure and complete a bunch of strange side missions.

Of the side missions released by the system, Konoha had the most ninja missions, which was not surprising. No matter how you cut it, it was the home of the Ninja World’s protagonists!

Uehara considered this largely because his route led directly to the Land of Wave.

‘If the Land of Waves is currently occupied by Gato, the smuggler must know how to get to the Land of Water, and he must have a connection with the Kirigakure.’

Uehara could control Gato and use him to enter the Land of Water, or he could use Gato and attempt to get some information on Kisame.

The Akatsuki’s mission was really troublesome. Recruiting Kisame into the organization would require all of his brainpower.

The system would not care one bit, and it would only continue to release missions. If only there was White Zetsu by his side, he would be the best at detecting information…

This thought only flashed briefly through Uehara’s mind.

If there was really White Zetsu by his side, it meant that the mysterious masked man and Black Zetsu must have started to scheme against him and Uehara had to cut off that White Zetsu’s head immediately.

At this moment, someone suddenly reached out and patted Uehara’s shoulder.

When Uehara turned his head, he saw a sweet girl with an exaggerated smile.

Seeing Uehara turn his head, the girl blinked her eyes curiously, opened her mouth, and asked, “Hello…Do you know what it feels like to poop?”

“… …”

What the devil is this?!

It just so happens that Uehara thought of White Zetsu and now he hears an insanely strange question from a girl. He instantly remembered that Obito had encountered this particular thought process in a White Zetsu that was sealed in an underground base!

Uehara’s expression suddenly became cold, and he pinched the girl’s neck with one hand, pressed her against the wall, and whispered, “Hey, are you White Zetsu?”


When the girl heard Uehara’s words, her face stiffened, her eyes rolled around, and she quietly mumbled, “What are you talking about, I don’t understand…”

Uehara didn’t believe her at all.

Because the system sound ‘ding’ in his mind rang, reminding him that a side mission had been completed.

[Side mission: See through the disguise of a White Zetsu (1/1)]

[Reward: Charming Transformation technique]

[Charming Transformation: You can disguise yourself as any living creature. The disguise will last until it is broken or until this skill is used again. Consumes 100 Chakra. Cooldown, 2 seconds.]

Uehara Naraku’s brows suddenly stretched out.

After seeing through White Zetsu’s disguise, he actually got a skill similar to White Zetsu’s magical Transformation Jutsu, except it was even more magical.

Charming Transformation, this skill came from a survivor of the foxtail tribe, and it could make him look like any kind of creature in Ninja World.

For example, becoming a kitten.

White Zetsu, who had turned into a girl using a Transformation Jutsu, didn’t know it. He was still pretending to be frightened and wanted to bluff through this, “Let me go, I don’t know what you’re talking about, I just wanted to say hello to you…”

“Of all the many people around, you just came to me!”

Uehara pinched her neck and twisted it off. She touched her neck, couldn’t restrain her emotions, and cursed, “damn it.”

The small-town residents stared wide-eyed in panic when they saw Uehara killing someone on the street.

One of them bravely asked, “Hey, little demon, why did you want to kill her?”

“Because she insulted my IQ.”

Uehara spoke without looking back, but the girl’s corpse had become a ferocious white humanoid monster.

It was White Zetsu’s true appearance


The system in Uehara’s brain rang out.

[Side mission: Kill a White Zetsu from Ninja World (1/1)]

[Reward: Mayfly Technique.]

[Mayfly Technique: Fuse yourself with the soil, allowing you to move underground with ease. This technique hides all traces of your aura whilst active. Consumes 3 Chakra per second spent underground..]


The villagers in most small towns have never seen such an ugly monster before and, upon seeing such a bloody scene, they screeched and scrambled to scatter and flee!

Uehara ignored it, just took out a sealing scroll and sealed the corpse in the scroll. —Whether it was given to Konan and Pain and used to slander the masked man or saved for the future Impure World Reincarnation as a sacrifice, both were acceptable.


When Uehara left this small town, a space-time vortex quietly appeared on the roof.

The mysterious masked man pressed his mask with a headache, “That group of White Zetsus, they really are useless and can’t do anything themselves! If it doesn’t work, let’s find another guy who is suitable as a spy…”

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