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Chapter 18: Find him a friend

Chapter 18: Find him a friend

The number one female tycoon in the Ninja World was wealthy to the point of being unreasonable.

With this, Uehara left the Akatsuki’s base with 100 million explosion tags and a Chakra Sensor for summoning Pain in his arms, as Konan waved goodbye.

In addition to him, the other ninjas began to carry out their own tasks.

The light blue-haired woman stood at the base’s entrance, watching Uehara’s figure fade away, the sadness on her face still hadn’t faded.

The expressions of Kakuzu and Uchiha Itachi next to her were a little more subtle.

Kakuzu was the oldest person in the Akatsuki organization, and he had the most extensive knowledge. Looking at Konan’s appearance, he couldn’t help but say, “Humph, how could a ninja never encounter danger on their journey?”

After glancing at him, Konan frowned and said, “Naraku is different from us, he is only twelve years old, he is still a child…”

“I’ve been on solo missions since I was twelve!”

Kakuzu’s face was even more dissatisfied, and he glanced at the Uchiha, “Hey, Uchiha clan brat, Konoha’s Ninja graduate at the age of twelve, right?”


Itachi nodded, he graduated from ninja school at the age of seven, at the age of eleven, he had already become the captain of the Anbu. At the age of thirteen, he became Konoha’s S-rank missing-nin because of the clan extermination incident.

Looking at Konan’s appearance, Itachi decided to say a few words on the side, “Konan, he’s only one year younger than me, but he’s very strong… If it weren’t for his carelessness when we first met, maybe I would have lost too.”


Konan’s brow suddenly smoothed out and she nodded, “Good, then let’s go to Yugakure now!”


Itachi closed his eyes and sighed.

Sure enough, no matter the age or personality of the woman, as long as you go along with them, you could achieve what you want.

Konan led Kakuzu and Itachi away from the base and headed to Yugakure to look for traces of Hidan when a spatial vortex appeared where they were initially standing.

The silhouette of the mysterious masked man slipped out of the space-time vortex. He opened his mouth, and spoke to his empty surroundings, “Black Zetsu, I’m going to observe the new intern of our organization. How on earth is he going to win over Kisame and get him to join the organization…”

His voice was no longer contained the humour he had during the Akatsuki’s meetings. Instead, it carried weight, and there was some gloom and majesty in his voice.

A pitcher plant was drilled out of the ground, and a half-white, half-black monster appeared from the ground. With a hoarse voice, its mouth opened and said, “Obito, don’t pay too much attention to a little demon, OK? His presence will not hinder our plan. In the future, he will become a thug who collects the tailed beasts.”

“The little demon called Uehara doesn’t have a dark past!”

The mysterious, masked man sneered, lowered his head and looked down at the monster on the ground, and continued, “Will he agree with our ideas in the future? Since Pain and Konan are the ones who found him, they have been protecting him. This time he may not do anything. Next time this happens it may not be the case!”

“En? What do you want to do to him? If you kill him, Konan and Pain will become suspicious of us…. Obito, this is not in line with our plan. “

Zetsu shook his head. Currently, everything was proceeding according to their plan. He really hoped that the mysterious masked man in front of him would not continue to raise their suspicion.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill him!”

The masked man reached out and grabbed the patterned mask on his face and whispered, “I will manipulate him as I did Uchiha Itachi in the past. I will manipulate Uehara Naraku into the darkness…”

“You saw it earlier. He was only twelve years old yet he easily defeated a team led by a Jonin. Now, at a minimum, he has the strength of a Jonin. In the future, he will be stronger, and he must not be allowed to be loyal to Nagato!”

When Konan and Uehara attacked Amegakure’s stronghold outside, Black Zetsu and the masked man secretly observed Uehara’s actions.

They watched as Uehara used his Lightning-Style Ninjutsu to easily defeat a team of more than 20 people, Black Zetsu was in a good mood, as he saw many big scenes.

Black Zetsu’s hoarse voice was a little puzzled. He looked up in surprise and then at the masked man, “A twelve-year-old has Jonin Level Chakra and power. It seems like there is nothing worth paying attention to, we’ve already seen that in that Hatake from Konoha. Kakashi …”

“He is different from that loser, Kakashi.”

The masked man interrupted Black Zetsu coldly and cursed Konoha’s genius ninja, who was promoted to Jonin at the age of twelve.

Obviously, Uehara would reach the Kage level strength in the future. Unlike Akatsuki’s Kakuzu, Itachi and Sasori, he did not belong to the Akatsuki’s middle management. Still, he belonged to Nagato and Konan.

Uehara’s existence might cause the masked man to lose control of the Akatsuki in the future. He was a hidden danger that was neither too big nor too small.


The masked man suddenly realized that if he instigated Uehara, he might be able to make use of the little demon in a broader range of events.

The masked man could even use Uehara in reverse, making him spy on Konan and Nagato, stealing their information. He could also use Uehara to influence Konan and Nagato’s course of action.

For example, in the future, when the time was right, Nagato could be induced into attacking the five great ninja villages, stealing their ninjutsu and forcing both sides to suffer!

“It’s not easy to change that little demon…”

Black Zetsu whispered the information he collected, “Naraku’s father, twelve years ago died in battle to protect Konan. His mother died a few months ago… He has no bonds aside from Nagato and Konan.”

Break a ninja’s bonds to make the ninja fall. This was the quickest way to induce someone into the darkness, and they had practical experience.

The problem was, Uehara was an orphan!

So far, Uehara and Konan had the deepest bond. Still, if something happened to Konan, Nagato might give up collecting tailed beasts and directly incarnate as the Demon King.

If something went wrong with Nagato’s Rinnegan… it would be an understatement to describe it as a loss…

Even without considering Black Zetsu, the mysterious masked man would not allow this to happen. So he intended to guide Uehara using another method, “Fetters, such useless things, can be cultivated.”

Black Zetsu looked towards the masked man, feeling that he heard something extraordinary, “Obito, do you want to arrange a friend for that little demon? It is easy to break a bond, but it is much more difficult to cultivate one…”

“Hmph, there is always a way.”

The mysterious masked man grabbed his palm and whispered: “Help me prepare a White Zetsu, I will prepare a suitable identity for it!”

Black Zetsu helplessly nodded, “Okay, as long as you are happy.”

Anyway, this was not an important topic. Success would be good but it didn’t matter if they failed.


Uehara didn’t know that someone wanted to arrange a friend for him. He immediately got into more trouble. Since he had never left Land of Rain, he was not familiar with the geography of Ninja World.

And now his mission was to go to Kirigakure’s Hoshigaki Kisame.

Not only did he go abroad, but he also had to cross an ocean.

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