Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 17: 100 Million Explosive Tags

Chapter 17: 100 Million Explosive Tags

After the meeting, everyone left the base, one after another.

Konan looked at Uehara with a worried look and gently scolded him, “Naraku, the Akatsuki’s affairs are not something you should be involved in.”

“Teacher Konan…”

Uehara’s face was a little lonely, and his head hung down.

Pain shook his head and softly explained, “Konan, we must be fair. Uehara is a member of the organization, and there can be no exceptions.”

“But he is still a child…”

Konan lowered her head and looked at Uehara, and said, “When we were at this age, we were still following Teacher Jiraiya, and we had not learnt any Ninjutsu yet. Although Naraku’s power is not weak, however, where he is going is the Land of Water, it has been isolated from the outside world. Biwa Juzo died there if Naraku runs into any danger there…”

“Don’t worry, Teacher.”

Uehara spoke out to calm her emotions and avoid her raising any ominous flags.

“Okay, okay… there is no need to worry.” Pain interrupted.

Suddenly, a tiny black receiver appeared in Pain’s palm. He gently broke the black receiver and walked in front of Uehara, “Uehara, have you learned Summoning Jutsu?”

“Uh, not yet…”

The youngster’s look was slightly embarrassed. He hadn’t learned any of the Ninja World’s authentic Summoning Jutsus yet, but he had his own summoning skill that only needed a single thought to activate.

Currently, he only had one summoning contract, Galio the Colossus, but Galio’s summon required three thousand Chakra points, and his Chakra points were far from enough.

“I will teach you a Summoning Jutsu then.”

After Pain finished speaking, he started to form the hand seals needed for the Summoning Jutsu and explained, “Summoning Jutsu is the simplest space-time ninjutsu, before using hand seals… you need to add your blood to the contract with the summoned contract.”

After Pain demonstrated the hand seals for his Summoning Jutsu to Uehara, he saw Uehara nodding so he handed over the tiny black receiver in his hand.

“If you encounter danger in Kirigakure, use this Chakra sensor and plug it into your body, then use the Summoning Jutsu I taught you immediately, understand?”


Uehara’s face was nodded, and a strange expression flashed across his face, at that moment he heard a ding in his mind.

[Side mission completed: Learn Summoning Jutsu (1/1)]

[Reward: Summoning contract: Titan of the Depths Nautilus.]

[Summoning Contract: Titan of the Depths Nautilus. Consumes 2000 Chakra points.]

Uehara felt that the summoning contracts of the system were a bunch of big pits. Whether it was the Justice Colossus or the Deep Sea Titan, his Chakra was nearly not enough to summon them. He could only find ways to complete his Advanced Mission or pool the money to buy a couple of pieces of Chakra increasing equipment.

Fortunately, he could summon other things.

Uehara took the chakra sensor from Pain’s hands. —This chakra sensor existed in everyone in Six Paths of Pain, and the one hidden behind Pain, Nagato, used these sensors to transmit Pain’s Chakra and manipulated their actions.

In addition to these functions, another function was summoning beasts.

Konan also had one of these, Konan’s small lip studs were also chakra sensors that she could use to summon her creatures. Another was Chikushodo Pain who was the summoner of the Six Paths of Pain.

Due to the existence of the chakra sensors, the Six Paths of Pain, in addition to their own strength, was a summon equivalent to a ninja beast.

Uehara had always had a sneaking suspicion that this might be the case. After seeing Pain hand him the black receivers, he understood that these chakra sensors could help him summon one of Pain’s Paths. No matter which one it was, it could save him.

Pain was not as gentle as Konan and had always had a bad attitude towards him. But he was actually quite caring.

‘Who would have thought that this guy was a tsundere?’

Uehara secretly sighed and looked at the two people present. He asked seductively, “Teacher Konan, Yahiko-sama, do you guys also find the masked intern senior a little strange…”

In order to maintain the illusion of being one of the Akatsuki’s heirs, Uehara could only continue calling Pain, Yahiko. On the contrary, Konan generally called Pain, Nagato.

Pain nodded, glanced at Konan, and explained aloud, “His identity was originally a little different from other people. Like Konan, I suspect that he’s scheming against you…so wait until you reach the Land of Water, I will warn him and will not let him do anymore unnecessary scheming.”


Uehara had a subtle expression.

‘It has already been twelve years since Yahiko died in battle.’

‘Why are you still so naive? You are 27 years old this year!’

If the mysterious masked man wanted to do something unfavourable to him, he didn’t need to do it himself. He could deal with him just by manipulating the Fourth-Mizukage, Hoshigaki Kisame and the others in the Kirigakure.

This was something Konan and Pain never thought about.

Uehara was not afraid of the masked man’s little tricks. Now he had a short-term invincibility skill called “Moment of Sacred Judgment” alongside his flying skill, the “Dancing Air Technique”. Naturally, he came if he wanted to and left when he wished to.

If the mysterious masked man wanted to do something behind his back, Uehara didn’t mind giving him a surprise!

However, Konan immediately gave Uehara a surprise. She took out several summoning scrolls and handed them to Uehara’s hands.

As the boy looked at the scrolls, a little confused, Konan rubbed his hair and explained softly, “There are 100 million explosive tags inside…”

Even if he knew Konan’s techniques, he was scared by the concept of 100 million explosive tags. When would he use this many explosive tags?

Moreover, the system sounded ‘ding’ in his brain and kept ringing, which seemed to be a sign of a crash.

Uehara looked at the system panel in his brain, he only saw a bunch of completed missions, leaving him dumbfounded.

[Side mission: Collect a ninja world explosive tag (1/1)]

[Reward: Multiplying Explosive Tag Technique]

[Side mission: Collect one hundred ninja world explosive tags (100/100)]

[Reward: 100 gold coins]

[Side Mission: Collect 10,000 ninja world explosive tags (10000/10000)]

[Reward: 150 gold coins.]

[Side Mission: Collect one hundred thousand ninja world explosive tags (100000/100000)]

[Reward: 200 gold coins]

[Side Mission: Collect one million ninja world explosive tags (1000000/1000000)]

[Reward: 250 gold coins]

[Side Mission: Collect 10 million ninja world explosive tags (10000000/10000000)]

[Reward: 300 gold coins]

[Side Mission: Collect 100 million ninja world explosive tags (100000000/100000000)]

[Reward: 350 gold coins.]

In addition to the rewards mentioned above, Uehara also noticed that there were four or five remaining explosive tag missions. The final mission required him to collect 600 billion explosive tags.

Uehara couldn’t help but glance at Konan. His teacher’s actions were too generous. She gave him a few scrolls and allowed him to complete a bunch of tasks…

Konan thought he was frightened by the number of explosive tags, reached out to help him stuff the seal scroll into the ninja bag, and whispered, “I made those explosive tags myself. 100 million is not a particularly large number. Everything is for your safety. It’s important.”

“…Yes, teacher.”

Uehara couldn’t help but think of a plan. If there was a chance, he must go to Konoha’s Forbidden Jutsu room and help Konan find the training method for the explosive tag multiplying technique…

If the woman with the most explosive tags in Ninja World got a technique to multiply her explosive tags, he was sure that even the mysterious masked man wouldn’t dare to offend Konan.

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