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Chapter 16: Akatsuki Organization Meeting

Chapter 16: Akatsuki Organization Meeting

Vengeance must have a sense of rhythm.

Konan knew that Hanzo the Salamander had always been scheming and evil brewed in his mind. It was very likely that he set traps in the other ninja strongholds.

Although traps were basically clay chickens and pottery dogs to Konan, their purpose was to force Hanzo the Salamander to summon all of his trusted aides back to Amegakure to protect his life and not to make him afraid of the strength of his enemy and then quietly run away.

In the meantime, Konan decided to temporarily return to the Akatsuki’s base and then continue to make surgical strikes on the Amegakure’s strongholds.

Something trifling like the Amegakure could be dealt with as long as you use your heart.

The Akatsuki was different. They fought for their future and their dreams.

There were always many messy issues within the organization. The issues they faced this time were particularly troublesome even considering that. After Konan left the base, the three teams all faced problems and they lost three members during this period.

First of all, another one of Kakuzu’s partners died in battle.

During the execution of the mission, the poor teammate was killed by Kakuzu when he used fire-style Ninjutsu. He died alongside the enemy, and his corpse was replaced by a box of money at the money exchange.

This incident was not very surprising. The members of Akatsuki were used to the operating style of Kakuzu. It was only for the sake of money so they didn’t have much to say.

But what was more surprising was the fact that the newcomer, Itachi, had lost his partner, Biwa Juzo, in battle in his own hometown, the Kirigakure!

According to Itachi’s report, their team encountered the Fourth-Mizukage Yagura and his hunter-nin troops during their mission in the Kirigakure.

As one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist who defected from Kirigakure, Biwa Juzo knew the consequences of falling into the hands of the Mizukage and hunter-nin forces. Even if they fled desperately, they were still surrounded by Yagura’s people.

Yagura was not only the fourth generation Mizukage but also the three-tail Jinchuriki.

During the battle, Yagura entered a semi-tailed beast transformation state. Biwa Juzo used his Kubikiribocho forcibly to block the tailed beast ball and saved Itachi…but Juzo himself was not so lucky and was slain. His Kubikiribocho pierced his own chest and abdomen.

These were just trivial things. To Pain, the death of a member in a mission would only mean that they were too weak.

The last incident, however, was unbearable.

Orochimaru attacked the returning Itachi and was defeated by Itachi’s genjutsu, perhaps because he was worried that he would be dealt with, the snake defected.


When Konan returned to the base with Uehara, the remaining members of Akatsuki discussed Orochimaru’s flight and the recruitment of more manpower.

“Konan, you are back.”

Pain glanced at Konan and the youngster next to her, whispering, “We are discussing the issue of replenishing members of the organization, and we’ve settled on two suitable candidates to be the partners for Kakuzu and Itachi, we just need someone to win them over.”

“Understood.” Konan frowned and nodded.

“The first one is a Jashinists from Yugakure. His name is Hidan. It is said that he has an immortal body so that he and Kakuzu can act together.”

After Pain finished explaining the first person’s background, he turned his head and looked towards Konan, “Konan, you take Uchiha Itachi and Kakuzu to win over Hidan…”


“Zetsu, tell me about the next person’s information!”

“The second person, his name is Hoshigaki Kisame.”

After mentioning the information of the first person, he turned his head to look at the mysterious masked man. He continued with a hoarse voice, “He is a member of the Hoshigaki clan of Land of Water, known as the Kirigakure’s weirdo, and, like Biwa Juzo, he is also one of the Kirigakure’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist…”

“Hey, hey, Kisame, I found it!”

The mysterious masked man suddenly interrupted, waving his hands, volunteering to open his mouth, and said, “Let me recruit him into the organization, he can be Itachi’s partner!”


Pain pondered for a while, lifted his head, and looked at the masked man questioningly, “I remember hearing this name…. Hoshigaki Kisame, is he not a missing-nin?”

“You can lure him to our side at any time!”

The mysterious masked man waved his hand happily, “Hoshigaki Kisame’s job as part of the Kirigakure has always been to slaughter his own companions. He’s probably wanted to defect for a long time!”

Pain nodded and didn’t doubt his methods and just assigned tasks to him according to his request, “Then you can go and recruit Hoshigaki Kisame!”


After the mysterious masked man laughed and agreed, he wriggled his fingers and said embarrassedly, “Well, this task may be a little troublesome. Can another intern of the organization go with me?”


‘O, shit! Isn’t Hoshigaki Kisame yours?’

Akatsuki’s other intern, Uehara Naraku, felt an alarm go off in his heart. Why did this insidious and despicable guy want to go with him?

Before Uehara could respond, Konan took the lead in rejecting him. “No .”


The masked man waved his hands repeatedly and said, “But if I want to execute the mission, my strength is a little too little! The Kirigakure is a very dangerous place…”

“He is my dísciple. “

Konan frowned and looked towards the masked man who coveted her dísciple. Her eyes were a bit cold, “I don’t think he needs to perform a mission with you… If you think the Kirigakure is dangerous, I can replace you and win over Hoshigaki Kisame myself!”

The masked man hesitated to open his mouth and said, “Senior Konan, he is also a member of the organization, and we are all interns… Why can’t he join me in the mission? “


Konan’s face immediately became a little impatient.

She knew that the mysterious masked man was the extremely evil Uchiha Madara. Naturally, she didn’t want her dísciple to have any interactions with the masked man.

Not only the mysterious masked man, but Konan also didn’t want anyone from the Akatsuki to interact with Uehara.

It’s just that at this moment, everyone’s gaze turned over, looking at Konan in surprise and with strange expressions.

Although this group of S-rank missing-nins was not afraid of danger, Konan clearly showed favoritism.

‘She doesn’t let her own dísciple go, so, she just lets them do it?’

This seemed unfair to them.

Pain looked at everyone present and the final decision was made, “Konan, you, Kakuzu and Itachi will win over Hidan… As for Uehara, let him and Tobi contact Hoshigaki Kisame! “

Konan looked towards Pain unwillingly and saw him shake his head slightly. She could only lower her head and agreed, “…Yes.”

Uehara raised his eyes to look at everyone present and whispered, “Since my senior is worried about the danger, it is better for me to go to the Kirigakure by myself! It’s just to draw someone into the organization, it’s not a particularly dangerous task.”

“Hey? Okay! “

The mysterious masked man suddenly applauded and shouted, “In that case, I can use my time to help Senior Sasori find his partner…”

“Yes.” Pain agreed.

However, Sasori of the Red Sand had different opinions. A hoarse voice came out of the puppet, “Go ahead, I don’t want to look for someone in an aimless manner…”

After speaking, Sasori of the Red Sand turned his head and looked towards Pain, “Now that Orochimaru has defected, can I kill him? “

When Orochimaru was still in Akatsuki, they always quarreled because of ideological and financial issues. Now that Orochimaru had defected, Sasori of the Red Sand naturally wanted revenge and to kill him!

“Of course you can.”

Pain asked softly, “Do you have any idea where he might be?” “

Sasori of the Red Sand nodded, said in a gloomy voice, “I have placed a spy next to him, and he will be able to send out news soon.”

“Then the investigation of Orochimaru will be left to you.”

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