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Chapter 15: Confiscated by Konan

Chapter 15: Confiscated by Konan

Hattori Hirakawa was still thinking.

Since Uehara only gave him one chance, there was also a hint that this twelve-year-old youngster gave him, he wanted to hear a story full of a manly romance.

However, there were many categories of manly romance.

As a ninja born to kill, Hattori’s favourite story was, of course, the story of “Icha Icha Paradise”!

The story inside was not suitable for children.

Hattori pressed his brow firmly.

‘At this little demon’s age, he probably doesn’t understand the beauty of “Icha Icha Paradise”…’

After thinking about it for a long time, Amegakure’s Thorn looked at the young man who seemed to be getting a little impatient and asked first, “Well, have you heard of “Icha Icha Paradise”?”


Uehara’s impatient expression suddenly disappeared, and he slowly lifted his head, his eyes full of curiosity, incomprehension, and desire.

Even through the gas mask, Hattori could see the curiosity in his eyes. He didn’t know why, he felt that he and the two Genins would survive.

“Give me the book, then get out of here.”

Uehara stretched out his palm.

In fact, he was not particularly curious about what was written in “Icha Icha Paradise”, he mainly did this because there were several side missions related to the “Icha Icha Paradise” series.

There were a lot of side missions regarding those books.

It’s just that these side mission rewards were unknown.

When Uehara had just been transmigrated, he bought the unsellable book “The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi”. After reading it, he got a 100 Chakra as a reward.

Perhaps this also proved that there were a lot of people who like to read amongst the second dimension hobbyists, so many side missions like this had appeared in the system.

Hattori Hirakawa gritted his teeth, took an orange book out from his ninja bag, and handed it to Uehara. “Icha Icha Paradise is very popular in Amegakure. I… It took a long time for me before I bought this one.”


Uehara Naraku reached out and took the supreme treasure.

When Uehara took “Icha Icha Paradise”, the system in his brain made a ‘ding’, he didn’t expect that, just by getting the book, he would complete a quest.

[Side mission: Get a copy of “Icha Icha Paradise”]

[Reward: 100 gold coins.]

There was actually such a simple mission, turns out some people have such a simple wish.

‘This book… is it that interesting?’

Uehara Naraku subconsciously opened the title page of the book, and after a few casual glances, he whispered, “Well, this book is a bit interesting…”

Hattori clutched his chest and slowly stood up: “So, can we leave now?”


Uehara stopped reading the book in his hand and lifted it up.

Looking at Hattori and leaving with the two Genins, he suddenly stopped him and opened his mouth and said with a smile, “Wait, after you return to Amegakure, don’t forget to tell Hanzo the Salamander, today we kill his salamander and it will be his turn soon!”


Hearing that the kid insulted his leader, Hattori Hirakawa just gritted his teeth and didn’t look back instead he led the two subordinates away.

There was no communication between the three ninjas who escaped by chance. Some scattered words floated over in the wind into Uehara’s ears.

“Captain Hattori, that guy seems to be very young, but he already has such immense strength…”

“Well, he is only twelve or thirteen years old depending on his size!”

“But did you start reading “Icha Icha Paradise” at such a young age? This little demon will definitely be single in the future.”


Uehara was too lazy to pay attention. He spared the lives of these two Genins and Hattori on a whim. They wouldn’t dare to disturb the battle between Konan and the salamander anyway.

Sending away the group of rain ninjas, Uehara reviewed the rewards he gained this time. Advanced Mission 2 has been completed, and Advanced Mission 3 was only two Chunin ninjas off being complete.

In addition to this, he received the precious “Icha Icha Paradise”.

In line with the principle of not wasting natural resources, Uehara started searching for missions related to “Icha Icha Paradise” on the system panel. Uehara soon found a few simpler ones.

[Side mission: Collect two volumes of “Icha Icha Paradise”]

[Reward: Unknown]

[Side mission: Read “Icha Icha Paradise” in full]

[Reward: Unknown]

[Side mission: Read “Icha Icha Paradise” emotionally]

[Reward: Unknown]

When Uehara saw the second side mission, the corners of his eyes couldn’t help but twitch, “…How come there’s such a shameful mission?”

But such a simple task was not impossible to do, however, a suitable location must be selected, and had to be a quiet place.


A light breeze swept over.

Uehara felt his hands become.

When the youngster looked up again, he only saw sheets of origami overlapping, forming the appearance of Konan. It was very easy for Konan to kill a salamander ninja beast without the master’s assistance.

Konan held the “Icha Icha Paradise” in her hand, frowning tightly, her face was ugly.

Uehara hurriedly asked to explain, “Konan-sensei…”

“No need to explain.”

When Konan came back, she saw the cover of “Icha Icha Paradise” at a glance, making her find it a little familiar. It seemed like she had seen it in an advertisement at the entrance of a bookstore. It was a top-rated book. Of course, she has also heard that it was her master’s masterpiece.

Out of curiosity, Konan also secretly lined up to buy a copy. Naturally, she was disappointed by the content and even thought that someone had borrowed the name of Jiraiya.

After all, Jiraiya had been a single dog for so many years. How could he write a normal love story? —It turns out that Jiraiya actually wrote it, and the contents were more exciting than the love story.

Because she knew this was not a serious book, she snatched it from Uehara’s hand just now.

“This kind of book is not something you should read at your age.”

The light blue hair covers the woman’s profile. She lowered her head and looked at Uehara and continued earnestly, “No, you should never read this kind of book.”


The “Icha Icha Paradise” turned into countless scattered papers flying as though they were countless gold coins leaving him.

Konan stretched out his palm and took off Uehara’s gas mask, looked at the boy’s immature face, and asked softly, “Naraku, where did you get the book?”

His teacher was a bit too strict!

Uehara took a deep breath and quibbled, “I let a few people away, and they gave me this book. I wanted to give it to you, Konan-sensei. You should want your own teacher’s work very much. They said it’s not easy to buy…”

“I see,” Konan sighed and rubbed his hair with her hands, “If someone gives you this book in the future, just kill him…remember?”


Uehara agreed with a tender face.

She was obviously speaking softly, but the contents were extremely bloody.

‘Furthermore, I thought the “Icha Icha Paradise” series side missions were all very simple. Now that I think about it, this mission is actually not that easy to complete.’

The “Icha Icha Paradise” series of books has always been very popular. He guessed that, until those publishers find Jiraiya and he agrees to large-scale printing of “Icha Icha Paradise”, he wouldn’t be able to buy it.


Konan concluded the incident satisfied and mentioned their mission, “Hanzo the Salamander should know of our revenge by now. Let’s go back to the base and hide for a while to avoid him setting up traps… There are also several things back in the organization that I need to handle.”

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