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Chapter 14: I Want to Hear a Manly Story

Chapter 14: I Want to Hear a Manly Story

“Earth-Style · Moving Earth Core!”

An Amgeakure Ninja quickly put his hands together to form a hand seal, slapped his palms onto the ground, and released a surge of chakra that swam swiftly into the ground in the direction of Uehara.

This was ninjutsu that could change the terrain!


Before Uehara could react, he felt his underfoot sink, and his whole person stumbled and fell into a huge square pit.

It was a pity just that the huge pit made by the Amegakure ninja using the Moving Earth Core ninjutsu was a bit narrow. Uehara could even reach the rock walls on both sides by just reaching out.

The Amegakure’s ninja next to them saw their companion’s ninjutsu effects and began to form hand seals, the connection between the two was almost seamless. “Water-Style · Water Shockwave!”

Three waves of water spouted out of their mouths quickly merged into a long river, and rushed toward the large square pit where Uehara fell!

Uehara jumped off the bottom of the pit and stood in the sky with the help of the Dancing Air Technique. After easily avoiding the water waves on the ground, he lightly applauded, “Your cooperation is really good. I was almost buried by you…”


His applause was undoubtedly to humiliate the Amegakure’s ninjas!

The Amehakure’s ninja captain, Hattori, didn’t care at all, but he put together his hands and formed a seal. He was forcing his hands to form seals faster!

‘Hurry up!’

The ninjutsu he was trying to release required a lot of hand seals, and it may even be the technique that requires the most seals in the ninja world.

He wanted to use Water-Style · Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu.

After all, his companions had created such a favourable environment for Water-Style Ninjutsu. Of course, he had to use this powerful Water-Style Ninjutsu!

Hattori kind of wanted to swear at the Second Hokage of Konoha. Why did it require 44 hand seals to activate such a complicated Water-Style Ninjutsu!

Uehara stood in the sky and scanned everyone on the ground. His eyes slowly stopped on the crazy hand-seal Hattori, “Hey, releasing a ninjutsu will end the hand-seal, are you still a real ninja?”


Amegakure’s Ninjas were full of question marks.

Hattori ignored Uehara’s provocation but continued to bow his head and form the hand seals for the Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu. They waited another six seconds, as he formed eighteen hand seals, so he could complete this Jutsu.

Uehara wrinkled his frowned head and gazed at the ninja who was dedicated to forming hand seals and threw the chakra ball he just condensed. “Command…shock wave!”

‘With so many hand seals, Isn’t it a strange Forbidden Jutsu?’

‘For safety, just interrupt him!’

The small chakra puppets landed at the feet of the group of Amegakure’s ninjas and suddenly began to rotate, and the space around it was even distorted…

A group ofAmegakure’s ninjas were pulled by the distorted space and bumped into each other. Everyone felt their heads spin.

The Jonin, Hattori Hirakawa, who was interrupted in the middle of a hand seal, scolded Konoha’s Second Hokage in his heart. Why couldn’t that guy invent ninjutsu that improves the speed of forming hand seals?

Forty-four hand seals, even if he could produce three seals a one second, it would take about fifteen seconds!

Uehara stepped on Hattori’s body, snatched the ninja sword from him, and threw the sword away, whispering, “Come and make a bet with me.”


Hattori opened his mouth and spat out blood!

Uehara avoided the bloody spit and couldn’t help but chuckle at him, “This world is a terrible place. You are so sensitive, can you survive?”


Hattori gritted his teeth for a while, then suddenly said, “You kid, you’re not acting your age at all!”

Uehara spread his hands and said helplessly, “It’s not because you guys? You are doing too much evil in the Land of Rain, so I can only become precocious!”


Hattori froze for a while and then said solemnly, “Everything we do now is to make Amegakure and the Land of Rain greater. The pain of a few people is just a price that we must be willing to pay!”

“Well, I am not interested in your dreams.”

Uehara pointed to the four Amegakure ninjas next to him, “Let’s talk about what’s right in front of you! Which of you are Chunin?”

The four Amegakure ninjas glanced at each other.

Uehara had already distinguished the truth just by observing their gazes. Among them, the two ninjas that had received the most attention must be Chunin captains.

Suddenly two cards came out of Uehara’s fingers, and two of them shot into the chest of the Chunin captains. Blood flowed out of their hearts!

When Hattori Hirakawa, who was stepped on by Uehara, saw this scene, a wave of powerlessness and hatred rose in his heart and he immediately shouted, “Scoundrel! I must kill you!”

There were only four ninja teams under his command, three of which were standard Chunin captain + Genin member team, and the other was three Chunins under his direct command.

The ninjas Uehara killed just now were two of his subordinates who have been with him for more than ten years of battles. They were teammates who could be relied on during life and death battles!

“Don’t be too anxious to die!”

Uehara stepped down and pressed Hattori hard, pointed his finger at the remaining two Amegakure’s ninjas, and asked, “In the future, there will be more companions who will be accompanying you to the underworld. We are going to talk about the remaining two Genins… Now, do you want to gamble with me?”

“What bet?”

Hattori’s face was cold.

Uehara looked very interested and said softly, “Tell me a story that makes me happy, I will let you go, how about it?”

This bet sounded very strange.

‘What does it mean to tell him a story that makes him happy?’

‘What kind of standard does he have?’

Hattori’s mind was a little overwhelmed for a moment. His idea was not to resist, but what kind of story did this teenager like to listen to?

Hattori was silent for a while and looked at Uehara with an incomprehensible expression, “I did a lot of things, but… you have to tell me, what kind of story do you like?”

“If I tell you, this bet will be meaningless, so just pray that the story you tell will make me happy, for the sake of those two Genins and yourself…”

While talking, Uehara squatted down slightly, his voice gradually becoming cold and penetrating, “If your story doesn’t satisfy me… Then pray that your death is normal!”


Hattori’s face was extremely ugly, but he glanced at the two Genins who were trembling with fear, bowed his head, and said solemnly, “Will you really keep your promise and won’t humiliate me, will you?”

“Of course not.”

Uehara nodded and suddenly said, “By the way, you’re not a Chunin, right? If you are a Chunin, we don’t have to go through the process, I will send you directly to the underworld…”

Hattori couldn’t understand Uehara’s emotions and quickly opened his mouth and said, “No, I am Jonin in my village.”

“Oh, then I’ll keep you alive for now.”

Uehara was delighted that Hattori was a Jonin. He patted Hattori’s hand and said, “Then, please let Lord Jonin tell me a story. Let’s be a romantic story for a man!”


Hattori Hirakawa nodded numbly, and his brain was spinning.

Why did they encounter such an insane person?

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