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Chapter 13: Seeking Your Own Death

Chapter 13: Seeking Your Own Death

The Thorn of the Amegakure.

At first, he sounded like an amazing guy. However, the title of a Shinobi was actually not worth much.

From his understanding, Uehara Naraku knew that there was a Genin in Sunagakure, who had given himself the name of Red Sand and Kaze no Daimaru.

His actual strength was terrible, but the name he had given himself was quite the bluff.

The leader of the Amegakure ninjas in front of him was not purely bluffing. He was an official Amegakure Jonin, and his name was Hattori Hirakawa.

Hattori Hirakawa felt that he had a bit of strength and his personality was vicious, so he gave himself the name of Amegakure’s Thorn.

Uehara raised his head to look at Hattori Hirakawa and with his voice muffled by his gas mask, he asked, “Amegakure’s Thorn? He sounds like a powerful warrior?”

“Hmph, now you know!”

Hattori was still a bit smug.

Uehara lifted up his gas mask and said with a straight face, “Actually, I was teasing you, I was just joking… the name Amegakure’s Thorn sounds stupid!”


Hearing the little demon’s disdain for him, the triumph on the Amegakure’s ninja captain’s face instantly faded. He drew his ninja sword and flew towards Uehara.

At the same time, he did not allow his subordinates to approach, “I will deal with this little demon, you guys should go chase and kill the enemy who led the salamander away!”

“Yes, Captain Hattori !”

A group of Amegakure ninja turned their feet and spun around to face in the direction where Konan and the salamander were moving.

“Lightning-Style ·Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison!”

Uehara symbolically formed a hand sign, stretched his palm to the sky, and thunderclouds accumulated on his head.

As Uehara released the Chakra in his body to strengthen his ninjutsu, a circle of lightning rapidly spread out from his body, and the ​​thundercloud storms became larger and larger.

As the thundercloud covered the Amegakure’s Ninjas, thunder and lightning suddenly fell from the sky and struck Hattori!

Hattori created a water clone in an instant to absorb the blow instead of himself and said with a lingering fear, “That kid, how did he release such a powerful lightning style Ninjutsu with only one hand seal?”

If it weren’t for him creating a water clone, he felt like he could not avoid the lightning strike. Even if the lightning bolt was extremely small, he would not dare to try!

However, this was just the beginning.

As the thunderclouds spread to cover the entire area, waves of thunder and lightning fell from time to time. The Amegakure’s ninjas couldn’t judge whether it was them being attacked or not.

Some of them had to use body substitution Jutsu to evade the lightning, and some people hid in bunkers to avoid lightning attacks… but no one could be sure when the ninjutsu would end.

Who would the next lightning bolt of lightning strike?!

Uehara secretly calculated in his heart, “The duration of Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison is 3 seconds, and lightning strikes every 0.5 seconds but that is using the minimum amount of 100 Chakra. Now, using 1000 Chakra, the range has increased tenfold. Time should have also increased tenfold, and within half a minute, 60 bolts of lightning should have fallen on their heads…”

It didn’t even take half a minute.

Soon, the first ninja who couldn’t endure appeared, as the lightning continued to fall every 0.5 seconds. He was unable to resist and was struck by the next lightning bolt, knocking him to the ground!

Perhaps it was because that ninja was still alive, but the thunder and lightning continued to strike down until he was turned into charcoal.

Immediately afterwards, the second, the third, the fourth… In just a few seconds, more than a dozen Amegakure’s ninjas had become casualties!

“The interval between lightning attacks is about 0.5 seconds!”

Hattori tried to avoid lightning attacks while loudly instructing, “Quick, everyone gather together under the cover of my Earth Style Ninjutsu defense!”

He was right.

No matter which ninja it was, 0.5 seconds was not enough to complete a hand seal, even one second wasn’t enough to form the hand seals necessary for defensive ninjutsu.

If everyone gathered together, as long as someone managed to use Water Release: Water Wall to help everyone block the next attack, then they could use defensive ninjutsu in rotation!

Three Amegakure’s ninjas who knew they were bound to die chose to sacrifice themselves, one by one they helped Hattori block the lightning, giving him time to complete a hand seal!

“Earth-Style ·Earth Dome Prison!”

Hattori shouted loudly, and rocks flew in his direction quickly, enclosing him and his remaining subordinates, forming a safe house made of stone.

Originally, this Earth-style Ninjutsu was used to imprison the enemy, but he was forced to use it to protect himself and his teammates.

Four or five more bolts of lightning fell!

Sparks were splashing off the rock house!

One after another, the rock was being broken into pieces by the lightning!

Hattori hurriedly infused his Chakra, restoring the thickness of the rock house, his subordinates also moved over and inserted earth attribute chakra into the rock house.

However, this was not sustainable.

With the intensity of the lightning, even if they had a lot of Chakra left, it was basically impossible for them to rely on the stone house and block the lightning forever!

Sooner or later, it would be breached…

Hattori turned his head and glanced at his subordinates sadly. There were four complete ninja teams at the beginning, but now only five ninjas were left…

“Captain Hattori…”

“Captain Hattori…”

A pair of determined eyes looked towards Hattori, and one of the Amegakure’s ninja whispered, “Captain Hattori, we’ll cover you, please escape!”

“I can’t escape.”

The man named Amegakure’s Thorn shook his head and explained in a deep voice, “I observed the lightning just now, every lightning bolt comes from the thunderclouds in the sky. If you want to survive this ninjutsu, there are only two ways. …”

The first method, naturally, was to use techniques to escape the attack range of the thunderclouds. The range appeared to be several hundred meters, which made escaping very difficult.

The second way was to rush and kill the boy who released the ninjutsu with all their might. They were only a few tens of meters away from the boy.

The Amegakure’s ninjas had no time to waste.

Hattori quickly formulated his strategy and said, “We’ll charge over and kill that little demon!”

As soon as his words fell, the entire safe house collapsed due to his lightning!

The five Chunin ninjas quickly rushed towards Uehara Naruto. Each ninja also threw large and small stones continuously, using their body substitution Jutsus to resist the lightning strikes, while shortening their distance from the enemy.


Uehara looked at the charging Amegakure’s ninjas in amazement, they looked so angry, did they want to kill him?

It was unfortunate…

As long as they held on for another second, the Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison would end. If they dispersed and escaped, there was a high chance that they would be able to escape alive.

However, they made the wrong choice.

The thundercloud storm in the sky gradually dissipated, so Uehara used his Chakra to condense a small magic doll in his hand. With his facial expression hidden behind his gas mask, in a low, muffled voice, opened his mouth, “You are seeking your own death!”

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