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Chapter 12: A Titled Enemy

Chapter 12: A Titled Enemy

After Uehara and Konan entered deep into the mountains, with the naked eye they could see purple poisonous gas drifting and gathering in several areas, and withered bushes everywhere.

Those areas had been contaminated by the poison gas that naturally emanated from the salamander.

This place was incredibly poisonous, no wonder no one set foot in it.

Konan frowned and said in a low voice, “There are poison sacs that grow in the salamander’s body. Once toxins leak from it, if accidentally inhaled into your body, you will almost immediately die of poison.”

“Un…” Uehara nodded.

The salamander’s toxin was highly poisonous. Even Hanzo, who was the most resistant to its poison, may be poisoned. It was said that, except for Tsunade in Konohagakure and Chiyo in Sunagakure, no one else could quickly detoxify the salamander’s poison.

“Let’s talk about our plan first.”

Konan observed the surrounding terrain and began to talk about their plans, “I’ll go and find the location of the salamander, attract its attention, and pull it to a safe place to kill. You are responsible for delaying the response of the stronghold’s ninja, this can mean killing them.”

“Understood.” Uehara nodded.

There were no blatant shortcomings in this plan.

The only issue with this mission was the salamander’s poison sac. If it caused a toxic flood before dying, it would force both side’s ninjas to withdraw from the battlefield.

To ninja’s in battle, the gas mask’s limited field of view was very unfavorable for observing the battle and finding traces of an opponent.

Moreover, the mask itself was relatively fragile, it was easily destroyed by an enemy during a life and death battle.

A Jonin might not be able to notice a Genin’s shuriken due to the limited perspective of the gas mask. If his gas mask was cut as a result, he would have been killed by a Genin.

Before Konan took the lead, she turned around and whispered to the boy, “Naraku, everything is on me. There will be no issues if you fail your mission. Remember, you must protect yourself.”

“Yes.” Uehara nodded seriously.

Perhaps it was because he was a child of the first generation of Akatsuki members, he had received more care from Konan.


The battle plan was progressing very smoothly.

Konan quickly found the salamander’s hiding place within the toxic fog, buried several explosive tags on the ground, and quickly detonated it.


The mountain shook a few times.

A huge salamander jumped out from the ground. Its brown body was covered with lumps. It looked a little ugly and dumb.

But its actions were not at all silly!

Faced with Konan’s attack, this Salamander opened its huge mouth and suddenly ejected a purple poisonous mist, forcing Konan to spread her paper wings behind her and escape the torrent of poisonous mist.

The movement just now was very loud so the Amegakure’s ninjas stationed here quickly reacted, fully armed and rushed out of their stronghold.

At least twenty Amegakure’s ninjas came out.

These ninjas stood densely packed on a tall rock, and they quickly found the enemy who was attacking. It was a ninja wearing a red cloud black robe, and they were drawing the salamander out of this area.

“Someone is attacking Hanzo-sama’s summoned beast!”

“No, she wants to lure the salamander away!”

“Quick, stop her!”

The Amegakure’s ninjas rushed over quickly, trying to reach Konan and the salamander, but a few cards blocked their way!

First, three cards shot through the bodies of three ninjas, and the last card fell on the ground and burst apart, forcing the other Amegakure’s ninjas to stop their chase plans.

“Pay attention to concealed enemies, there are other enemies!”

The leader of the Amegakure ninjas waved for his subordinates to disperse, and turned his head to see a boy wearing a gas mask, “Hmph, it turned out to be a little demon…”


Uehara heard the sound of a ding in his brain. It was the sound of mission completion. He killed three Genins just now, so he should have completed his advanced mission.

[Advanced mission 2: Kill ten genins (1010)]

[Reward: 500 life energy, 500 Chakra and 500 gold coins.]

‘The reward is quite plentiful.’

Uehara frowned. In the previous month, he killed many wandering-ninja who caused harm to the common folk. After completing Advanced Mission 1, the system only rewarded 100 life energy and chakra energy.

Now, he completed Advanced Mission 2, but the system had generously given him 500 life energy, 500 Chakra, and even 500 gold coins.

If his guess was correct, the 100 points of life energy and Chakra should correspond to an ordinary ninja student promoting into a Genin. That means 500 points of life energy and Chakra should correspond to the difference between a Genin and a Chunin.

—In other words, as long as he completed an advanced mission, such as killing ten Genins, even if he did not complete those strange side missions, the system would increase his stats to the standards of a Chunin.

The odd thing was after he completed Advanced Mission 2, a reward of 500 gold coins was added. This could be regarded as an extra reward. Uehara guessed that the system wanted him to buy some upgraded equipment from the store but didn’t want him to be confused by everyone’s strange requests.

Now his data was finally a bit interesting.

[Name: Uehara Naraku

Gender: Male

Birthday: Konoha April 4th, 44th

ID number: ( Mosaic)

Life energy: 1201 (standard Jonin’s have 1000-3000)

Chakra energy: 1350 (standard Jonin’s have 1000-3000)

HP Recovery: 1 every 2 seconds

Chakra recovery: 1 every 1.5 seconds

Available Skills: (omitted)

Equipment: (omitted)

Remaining Gold Coin: 2070]

The number of gold coins he had increased by a large margin. After losing to Itachi, he got 100 gold coins. When he became Konan’s disciple, he got 150 gold coins. And he got 500 gold coins today.

Unfortunately, his current stockpile of gold coins could only buy useless garbage equipment in the store. Uehara was ready to save money obediently and honestly since he wanted to buy a powerful piece of equipment. It was called the Fanatic’s Armor and it could increase his life energy.

Uehara, hiding behind the gas mask, licked his lips. Now that his life energy had been greatly enhanced, his strength, speed and physical strength would be able to meet the standards of an ordinary jonin.

It was also true that it was only the minimum standard of a Jonin.

For example, there was a Konoha female Jonin named Kurenai Yuhi in Konohagakure, who was listed as the weakest Jonin by the two-dimensional hobbyists.

The boy’s gaze moved little by little and stopped on the group of Amegakure’s ninjas who were dismissive of him. There were more than a dozen Amegakure’s ninjas left, including a minimum of four or five Chunin captains, possibly more.

[Advanced Mission 3: Kill ten official Chunins (2/10)]

[Reward: Unknown.]

Uehara’s Advanced Mission 3 was to kill ten Chunin. Within a month of being transmigrated, he once destroyed a ninja team and killed a Chunin captain. When he executed a mission to destroy the stronghold a few days ago, he killed another Chunin captain.

“Hey little demon, if you obediently surrender and tell me where the guy wearing black clothes went and why you attacked the salamander, we might give you an easy death. You might even keep your life…”

The Amegakure’s ninja leader looked at the young boy who was standing still and continued contemptuously, “If you dare resist, when we catch you, I will show you the cruelty of the Amegakure’s thorn!”

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