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Chapter 22: Goodbye Executioner's Blade

Chapter 22: Goodbye Executioner’s Blade

After Obito disappeared, Kakashi searched for a long time but to no avail so, he could contemplate by himself. He leaned on a tree and gradually recovered his calm.

Kakashi tightened his forehead protector and first confirmed that Obito’s identity was real. The sentence Obito said right before his death was that his Sharingan was a gift to congratulate him on becoming a Jonin.

—His Jonin’s gift was only known to him, Nohara Rin, and Uchiha Obito. Rin was dead, so the people in the know were the two parties involved.

As for other things that Obito said, such as the killing of Teacher Minato and Kushina, Kakashi at first didn’t believe it. After all, Minato and Kushina treated Uchiha Obito very kindly…

However, there were indeed many questionable points in the attack of the nine-tails back then.

Kakashi clenched his teeth and hit the tree next to him with a punch, “As long as I find Obito again, I will be able to find out the truth of that year… If Obito wants to avenge Rin, he didn’t kill me, he must have been to the Land of Water, or have been lurking in the Land of Water!”

According to the words, Obito left deliberately, Kakashi quickly deciphered the information he needed.

Kakashi squeezed his fist tightly. His IQ had always been much higher than that of Obito, and he quickly thought that he had discovered Obito’s whereabouts.

Obito now was nothing but revenant filled with grief and resentment. He kept poking their scars without realizing that he had leaked his information.

“Obito, it’s still the same as always…”

Kakashi put on his mask again. He had already determined Obito’s location. As long as he goes to the Land of Water, he would be able to find Obito. At that point, he would be able to uncover all of the truths hidden in the past.

“Senior… shall we go back to the village?”

Uzuki walked up with a tangled look. She seemed to have learnt some incredible secrets today. The purple-haired female ninja mind was still somewhat in a trance.


After Kakashi nodded, he looked at Uzuki and said, “What we encountered today, no matter who asks, please keep it secret. This may cause turmoil in Konoha. Before I find out the truth, it must not be told to other people…”

Uzuki said solemnly, “Senior, among the other people you mentioned, do you also include Lord Hokage?”

“Yes, there are many hidden secrets regarding Obito.”

Kakashi rubbed his forehead and whispered, “The turmoil of the Uchiha clan’s destruction is not over yet, so let’s keep it secret for the time being! After I find out the truth, I will tell the Hokage the whole story myself.”


Uzuki stared at Kakashi closely, at the sadness that tinged his expression, then nodded and agreed to his request.

Scared that Uchiha Obito would encounter undefeatable foes as he got his revenge on the Kirigakure, Kakashi and Uzuki rushed back to Konoha, and then hurried to Sarutobi, who was out on leave.


Uehara didn’t know that he did a good deed, his actions directly contributed to Kakashi’s early withdrawal from the Anbu.

At this point, Uehara had arrived at the Land of Waves.

This little area was close to the Land of Fire and it was really poor. He hadn’t heard Gato’s name on his way over so he knew that the tycoon hadn’t begun to focus on this small country yet.

Uehara suddenly lost interest in this country and walked all the way to the Land of Waves docks. He looked at rows of fishing boats and asked out loud, “How much will it cost you to go to the Land of Water?”


The boatmen looked left and right, and each shook their heads, and one of the leading boatmen replied, “Customer, the Land of Water is an isolated country, and its Kage does not allow us to approach.”

Uehara looked at them curiously and whispered, “Well, how much money will it take to make you willing to take me to the Land of Water?”

“No matter how much money you give, we will not go!”

“Money can still be earned, but we only have one life!”

“How can I lose my life for a sum of money!”

The group of boatmen were more disciplined than Uehara imagined. They were born in a poor country with low consumption levels and less pressure in life. They would not trade their lives for money.

Amid the noise, a voice suddenly came out, “Little demon, how much are you willing to pay? If the price is right, I don’t mind taking you a ride.”


The group of boatmen suddenly quieted down.

Everyone’s eyes moved slowly, and they saw a small boat on edge, on which sat a stranger with a bandage on his face. This person did not seem to be from their Land of Waves.

But that man looked fierce and hard to provoke, and these Land of Waves boatmen did not dare to persuade him.

After Uehara saw the man, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but smile, and a pile of explosive tags fell on his fingertips, “A hundred explosive tags, is this price enough?”


The pupils of the man’s eyes contracted. After seeing the pile of explosive tags, he froze for a while before slowly nodding, “Yes.”

The price of the ninja world’s explosive tag varied.

In some places, due to the war and production problems, the price of an explosive tag was as high as tens of thousands of Ryo; in some places, due to prosperity, the price of an explosive tag could be as low as 2,000 Ryo.

Uehara’s payment was not unreasonable. One hundred explosive tags could be easily sold for 1-million Ryo in places like the Land of Water.

Of course, that was only if the ninja was willing to accept the explosive tag.

Uehara jumped onto the boat and looked at the bandaged man in front of him with a smile on his mouth. It seemed that he was lucky this time. First, he met Kakashi, then he met one of Kakashi’s old enemies, Momochi Zabuza.

The current Momochi Zabuza was still wearing the Kirigakure’s uniform and had not chosen to defect and leave because he did not have a beautiful sidekick by his side.

But this could not be determined that easily.

However, when Uehara lowered his head, he saw a wide ninja sword on the boat and couldn’t help but take a look at Zabuza.

‘Biwa Juzo in the Akatsuki died in Hidden Mist Village not long ago. The Kubikiribocho was recovered by the Fourth Mizukage and now it’s fallen into Zabuza’s hands?’

Zabuza noticed Uehara’s eyes but it seemed like he didn’t care about his peeping. He just activated the ship’s motor and left the Land of Waves dock.


The boat soon arrived in the empty sea.

Zabuza looked at Uehara and finally asked, “Kid, do you know this sword?”

Uehara nodded and whispered, “One of Kirigakure’s seven ninja swords, Kubikiribocho, the Executioner’s Blade. No matter how broken it becomes in battle, it can be restored to its original shape by absorbing the iron in human blood.”


Zabuza became more startled as he listened, and his eyes gradually became colder, “Little demon, it seems like you know a lot!”

“I only know a little bit more than ordinary people.”

Uehara waved his hand modestly, and gazed at the indifferent Zabuza, smiling he continued, “Well, let me think about what I should call you? One of Hidden Mist Village’s new Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, the ninja Mr Momochi Zabuza?”


Zabuza suddenly drew the Kubikiribocho into his hands and slammed it across Uehara’s neck, “You recognized my identity, yet you still dare to go to the Land of Water with me. Kid, what is your purpose!”

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