Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 313 - How to Save My Wife

Chapter 313: How to Save My Wife

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When Romo and Corsia passed through the vortex area and appeared above the island, Freddy also discovered them. Then, he was horrified and furious. However, he was already in danger, let alone doing anything to others.

While he was furious, the fear in his heart became even stronger, afraid that these two would harm him.

In fact, Romo did not have the time to care about irrelevant people.

As he listened to Corsia’s story, he was also flying forward.

Like everyone else earlier, Romo and Corsia had also been attacked by many human-ghost puppets. Surrounding them were more than ten human-ghost puppets of the same Divine Realm!

Romo was so anxious that he wished he could dodge immediately. His gaze when he looked at these ghosts blocking him was extremely cold. The magical power in his body erupted completely. He could no longer care about the energy consumption. In a few seconds, he had annihilated all the blocking ghosts!!

Seeing this shocking scene, Freddy was both horrified and delighted. Most of the ghostly puppets besieging him had charged at them!

This was a good opportunity! He would definitely be able to escape from this damned place this time!!

Freddy unleashed his magical power and killed the two ghost puppets in front of him, charging crazily toward the vortex.

At this moment, there was only that exit in his eyes. He thought, “I’ll definitely be able to escape…”

Before he could finish, he felt something cold hook around his right ankle!

When he realized something, Freddy was horrified. He wanted to break free, but in the next moment, chains and sickle hooks swept toward him, shattering the energy shield and entangling him tightly!

In the next breath, blood splattered.

Freddy’s physical body was minced into pieces.

Even his soul had been hooked out by a black sickle and swallowed by a ghost puppet!!

Originally, after the physical body of a Divine Mage died, he could still fight with his soul alive. However, it was not known what kind of bizarre power the black sickle had. After Freddy’s soul had been hooked, he was powerless to resist.

Romo, who was in the distance, “saw” this scene through his divine sense and retracted it.

As he had already expected the other party to die without a doubt, he did not waste much time killing him personally. In his eyes, this person was already a dead man, regardless of his identity when he was alive.

Romo had already learned all the important information from Corsia, so he had a deeper understanding of the ghost puppets. His original guess had also been pushed a step further.

Since the ghost puppets were still protecting and self-destructing, and the ancient Spirit Gathering Formation was still operating…

Then, there must be a “controller” behind this!!

This ‘person’ maintained the normal operation of the entire Lost Spirit Sea, the mystic realm of Laha Island, the Soul Gathering Magic Formation, and the ghost-puppet guards. It might be the core for a ghost to mutate into a ghost puppet. It might be able to restore the ghost puppet!

As he was thinking, Romo waved his hand and exterminated some of the ghost puppets blocking the way. With Corsia’s lead , he flew toward a spot on the right side of the island.

Looking into the distance, there were a few intense battlefields on the island, and the commotion was huge.

The ones fighting were the Divine Magi who had entered with Corsia and the others earlier.

Initially, there were more than 20 Divine Magi who had entered this mystic realm space. After being besieged by a large number of ghost puppets, some of them were washed away from the main group, which was the few people currently fighting hard on the few scattered battlefields.

These few people were all Divine Magi, and their opponents were also divine-tier ghost puppets!

Romo flew thousands of kilometers with Corsia and arrived at a place on Laha Island.

At this moment, a large group of ghostly puppets had besieged a Divine Mage.

Romo placed all his attention on his divine sensing. Soon, he sensed an aura engraved in his heart—ghost puppet!

The moment he sensed the familiar aura, his heart skipped a beat… It was really Hera!!

The ghost puppet with Hera’s aura were of the same magical power as level-2 of the Divine Realm. Its body was enveloped in thick Yin energy. Perhaps because its level was lower, it did not look as ferocious and strange as the other ghost puppets… It was just that its original appearance could not be seen.

At this moment, the Hera ghost puppet was besieging a level-7 Divine Mage with a few others.

This was also the main reason why Corsia had been in a hurry to get Romo here. If he had been any later, the ghost puppet with Hera’s aura might have been killed!

Not long ago, when a group of Divine Magi were besieged by a large number of ghost puppets, Corsia had accidentally sensed Hera’s aura. She was shocked and bewildered…

She could not believe that this ghostly puppet was Hera, and at the same time, she dared not doubt it.

After sensing the Hera ghost puppet, in order to prevent others from killing it, Corsia took the initiative to hold it back and even tried to communicate with it. However, whether it was using words or divine sense, she did not show any special reaction.

Corsia also did not dare to capture the Hera ghost puppet because once a ghost puppet was restrained, it would invariably self-destruct!

Helpless, she did not dare to make any more moves, afraid that she would trigger something. She could only deal with the attacks from the other ghost puppets as she dealt with this. In such a tiring situation, if she was not careful, she would be seriously injured by the ghost puppets.

After that, when they fought their way out of the ghost puppets’ encirclement, the group of Divine Magi and the group of ghost puppets all had some of their companions scattered from the main group.

The Hera ghost puppet stayed in the mystic realm space, and Corsia could not take her away. She had no choice but to leave.


At this moment, the gray-haired old man, who was besieged by Hera and the other ghost puppets, suddenly gave a shout. The magical power in his body surged, as if he was about to use some explosive magical power to kill the ghostly puppets and break through the heavy encirclement.

At the same time, he suddenly sensed a vast and terrifying might descending from the sky. It instantly enveloped him and even ruthlessly suppressed his magical power, which was about to explode!

Just as he was horrified, the ground beneath his feet became empty, and he was instantly lifted into the air!!

As he was lifted up, the group of ghost puppets that had besieged him earlier were also sent flying by the terrifying might.

The gray-haired old man in the air quickly turned from shock to surprise. He realized that someone had helped him and quickly turned around to look. He saw two middle-aged men, a man and a woman.

The woman was from the Divine Mountain Immortal Island, who had come in together earlier. The man looked unfamiliar.

Feeling the pressure dissipate, the old man heaved a sigh of relief. He rushed toward the two of them with a grateful expression. “Thank you for your help, Seniors!”

Romo ignored him. He frowned as he looked at the ghost puppets below and waved his hand. The surrounding natural energy surged and instantly condensed into a magic formation, enveloping the group of ghost puppets that were charging over.

After being trapped in the formation by the energy shield, these ghost puppets inexplicably became a little strange.

The group of ghost puppets were all confused and struggled to flee from left and right, inexplicably attacking the air.

The ghost puppet with Hera’s aura was in this group of ghost puppets!

Romo pondered as he looked at the magic formation, the light in his eyes flickering.

When the gray-haired old man saw this, he was shocked that this person was a grandmaster of magic formations, and also puzzled as to why the other party had trapped the ghost puppets and not killed them…

At this moment, Romo slowly raised his hand and grabbed lightly. He grabbed a ghost puppet from afar, and it struggled violently.

Just as Romo was about to inject a seal into its body, the ghost puppet exploded!!

Romo’s face darkened. He grabbed another ghost puppet from afar and tried again. It self-destructed again!

The third, the fourth, the fifth…

One by one, the ghost puppets were grabbed from a distance. Romo tried all kinds of methods to restrain or study the secret of their souls, but all of them failed!!

The self-destruction mechanism of these puppets far surpassed the level of the curse of the Mu Guang Pavilion. Even Romo, who was a top Divine Mage, could not undo it!

Seeing this, the two people beside him had different expressions.

Corsia knew what Romo was trying to do and stared at him nervously.

The gray-haired old man, on the other hand, was shocked. “What… is he doing?”

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