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Chapter 312 - News of Romo's Dead Wife

Chapter 312: News of Romo’s Dead Wife

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This was the name of Romo’s deceased wife!

Upon hearing the name “Hera”, Romo could not remain calm. Even his magical power was surging layer by layer. He grabbed Corsia’s wrist tightly, his arms trembling with excitement. “Did you say ‘Hera’?!”

“Yes! I saw her inside!” Corsia said excitedly, but also hesitantly. “It’s just that… Sister Hera… is already a soul…”

Romo could not believe it. His heart was beating violently, and he was panting heavily.

“Hera! His wife, Hera, is still here!”

Upon hearing the word ‘soul’, the joy in Romo’s eyes froze. “You mean a ghostly creature with a sickle?!”

“There are many souls inside, and one of them has Sister Hera’s aura…” Corsia hesitated. “It’s very likely that it’s Sister Hera…”

“Let’s go and find her!!”

Romo could no longer maintain his calm. He exploded his magical power and charged directly into the giant spatial vortex with Corsia!

The old woman, who was supporting her seriously injured companion, discovered the shocking action of the people behind her and shouted, “Come back quickly!!”

Romo did not turn around. He shouted, “You guys leave first! I’ll protect her!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the two of them had already charged into the center of the vortex!!

At the same time, the already precarious seal barrier immediately shattered, and a terrifying suction force erupted again. The old woman’s expression changed drastically, and she dared not stay any longer. She had no choice but to continue flying upward.

… . .


As soon as Romo and Corsia rushed into the center of the vortex, the barrier shattered and the suction force returned. Chains and sickle hooks attacked them!!

A powerful magical power at the peak of the Divine Realm suddenly charged out from Romo’s body and shook off the sickle hook net. With a wave of his hand, those human ghosts who had wanted to attack again were all annihilated!

Romo protected Corsia with one hand and flew into the depths of the vortex at the same time. He said in a low voice, “What’s going on?”

At this moment, Corsia was completely shocked. To be able to reunite with a dead person was already extremely shocking. In the end, Romo was even a top Divine Mage…

In a daze, she seemed to have relived the surprise and admiration she had when she saw the Great Mage Romo when she was still an ordinary Mage.

Upon hearing Romo’s voice, Corsia regained her senses. She suppressed the surging waves in her heart and explained quickly.

“This mystic realm is called Laha Island. It is said to be the ruins of a powerful faction from the primordial era. The entire Lost Spirit Sea outside had been formed by this mystic realm space.

“There is a Soul Gathering Formation left behind by the primordial era on Laha Island. It can suck all the souls of the dead from the Lost Spirit Sea outside over. Among the large number of souls of the dead that have been sucked over, a small number of them will mutate into puppets to protect Laha Island…”

“Sister Hera’s soul… also mutated into a puppet guard.”

After listening to Corsia’s explanation, Romo came to a realization.

It turned out that the strange multi-limb human ghosts outside were the soul puppet guards…

Romo recalled his experience. The strange suction force of the Lost Spirit Sea had come from this mystic realm. In the beginning, he did not see souls being sucked away. It was only when he broke the seal of the six-limb human ghost that he saw the astonishing phenomenon of countless souls being sucked in.

As for why the human-ghost puppet had sealed the door, it should have been to stop Corsia and the others from leaving the mystic realm.

Romo had previously destroyed the ghost puppets and broken the barrier sealing the surface of the giant spatial vortex. He had inadvertently helped Corsia and the others escape from the spatial vortex.

Of course, the subsequent people rescue, the suppression of people, and the sealing of the barrier had naturally helped a lot.

The sealing barrier, the spatial vortex, the mystic space, the Soul Gathering Magic Formation, and the outermost region of the Lost Spirit Sea were actually all connected into a ring.

The entire Lost Spirit Sea was on the ancient Soul Gathering Magic Formation. If the secret of such a shocking world were to be known by the outside world, the entire magical world of the magic continent would probably be in chaos.

However, for the current Romo, the most important piece of news was “Hera”.

At this moment, the person he was most concerned and anxious about was none other than his wife.

As Romo swept forward, he sorted out the information he had obtained. It seemed that after Hera had been killed in the Lost Spirit Sea, her soul had been sucked into the mystic realm by the suction force of the Soul Gathering Formation, and she had even mutated into a… puppet.

No matter what, Hera was still alive and had a soul. It was not impossible for her to cultivate as a ghost!

As long as the soul was around, she might be able to recover in the future!!

Moreover, Romo had the System now. There was nothing impossible for him in the world. He just could not do it for the time being!

At this moment, he just had to find his wife… There was still hope!!

Romo continued to fly forward with a determined gaze. He passed through the vortex area and arrived at a wide and unfamiliar place.

This was another mystic realm space!

This mystic realm called Laha Island was very different from the mystic realm of the Red Rose Sea which Ron and the others had previously gone to.

The mystic realm of the Red Rose Sea was only a square size of 50 kilometers. At this moment, the Laha Island mystic realm, which had unfolded in front of Romo, was a square size of more than 500 kilometers!!

In this mystic realm space, there was a very small sea area at the edge, and a huge island stood in the middle!

The ruins of the ancient faction called Laha Island in front of him were more shocking than all the buildings in the region which Romo had seen in the past.

There were mountains and forests on Laha Island… However, they were all filled with a heavy aura of death.

In the center of Laha Island, there was a huge tree that towered into the sky. Although it had withered to the point where only the trunk and the branches were left, it was still magnificent!

The whirlpool at the bottom of the Lost Spirit Sea led to the sky above the edge of Laha Island.

Romo and Corsia had just arrived when they immediately saw Freddy, who had been pressed back into the vortex space by a finger.

Currently, Freddy was struggling desperately, surrounded by a group of human-ghost puppets. He was in imminent danger. As for his companion from Earth Origin, he was not seen. He should have been killed by the human-ghost puppets.

Corsia told Romo that Freddy was an elder of the Earth Origin Sacred Land.

The two strongest powers in the entire Magic Continent were the Earth Origin Sacred Land, which dominated the mainland, and the Divine Mountain Immortal Island, which dominated the isthmus Island in the sea. The two sides usually had constant friction.

Previously, in the depths of the Lost Spirit Sea, Corsia had encountered a Divine Mage from the Earth Origin Sacred Land and fought with him. The battlefield was the island where Romo had sensed the aura of Corsia participating in the battle.

Before the outcome of this battle could be determined, the mutual reinforcements had already arrived at the battlefield. The battle then came to an end.

Later on, both sides wanted to enter the place where the vortex led to, so they cooperated temporarily. Apart from Earth Origin and Divine Mountain, the Divine Magi of the other factions also participated. A group of Divine Magi entered the mystic realm space.

The magical world was like this. For the sake of benefits, the two sides that had fought to the death earlier, could cooperate in the next moment.

However, this mystic realm space was different from what everyone had expected.

This mystic realm was not a treasure vault, but more like a burial ground for divine-tier experts.

As soon as they arrived on the island, what greeted them was the attack of a large group of human-ghost puppets… More than half of the Divine Magi had died. The surviving Divine Magi finally broke out of the encirclement. Then, with Romo’s unintentional help, they successfully fled.

Romo had also seen the scene of the “sneak attack”.

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